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Dearborn Public Schools Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System PowerPoint Presentation
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Dearborn Public Schools Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System

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Dearborn Public Schools Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dearborn Public Schools Henry Ford Community College Henry Ford Health System (HFEC) PARTNERSHIP (HFHS) (DPS) (HFCC) The fiscal agency is Wayne RESA Overview Independent early college Operated by Dearborn Public Schools, Henry Ford Community College & Henry Ford Health System

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Presentation Transcript

Dearborn Public Schools

Henry Ford Community College

Henry Ford Health System







The fiscal agency is Wayne RESA

  • Independent early college
  • Operated by Dearborn Public Schools, Henry Ford Community College & Henry Ford Health System
  • Serving students across Wayne County
  • Utilizing HFCC and HFHS campuses
  • 5 year program
  • Focusing on health careers
initial programs of study
InitialPrograms of Study
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Radiographer

CurrentPrograms of Study

  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Radiographer
  • Ophthalmic Technician
  • Medical Practice – Clinical Management
  • Medical Practice – Facility Business Management
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical Technician - Dialysis
funding mechanism
Funding Mechanism
  • Middle College High School Health Partnership Grant - State of Michigan
  • Middle College National Consortium Grant for professional development
  • State of Michigan Foundation Allowance
  • Wayne County RESA – fiduciary agent

Student Profile

  • Students who…
  • May be the first in their families to attend college
  • Qualify for a free and/or reduced priced lunch
  • Earn A’s, B’s or C’s
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have had few, if any, disciplinary problems in school
  • Have an individual motivation to succeed
  • Have an interest in a health related career
  • Are willing to forego some of the social activities found in a traditional high school
student time
Student Time
  • 80% at Henry Ford Community College
  • 20% at Henry Ford Health System
  • First year students attend classes at a dedicated area of HFCC Dearborn Heights Campus and HFHS Main Administrative Center
  • With each year students take an increasing number of college classes.
health careers exploration course
Health Careers Exploration Course
  • Fridays at Henry Ford Health System
  • Science labs and clinical observation experiences
  • Spend time in all clinical areas
  • 3 week rotations with fixed curriculum for each area
  • Integrating experience in the Simulation Center
  • Post-clinical evaluation provided by HFHS staff
  • Service learning project; interview of health care professional; note-taking skills; life planning diagram…
  • CERT training
  • 10th grade intensive clinical rotation
  • The Dearborn Board of Education/Henry Ford Community College Board of Trustees oversee the Early College. (Dearborn is the only district in State with a P-14 governing structure.)
  • HFEC Principal reports directly to all three partners.
  • Operational decisions with representatives from all three partners:
    • Operations Group: meets weekly
    • Oversight Committee: meets 2 times/semester
    • Governing Board: meets once each semester
curriculum development
Curriculum Development
  • Primary focus centered on:
    • New high school graduation requirements
    • College admission criteria
    • Health career certification requirements
  • Careful attention to the integration of requirements at all three partner institutions
  • Sample curriculum plans have been developed for all programs
  • Regular meetings with HFCC and DPS staff
student support services
Student Support Services
  • Individualized advising
  • Student advisee program
  • Counseling through HFHS EAP program
  • Mentoring program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit
  • Tutoring; teacher assigned after school
  • Access to HFCC & HFHS Library support
  • Administrative support
    • Liaisons at HFCC and HFHS
  • Pre-design Focus Groups for parents, counselors, administration
  • Open houses for potential students and parents/guardians
  • Rubric to assist students in self-selection process
  • Active recruiting from Dearborn Public Schools, charter schools and Henry Ford Health System employees
  • Media blitz in local newspapers announcing program
  • Student referral by middle school counselors
  • All applicants and parents interviewed using standardized questions
recruitment cont
Recruitment cont.
  • Application and transcripts reviewed by Interview Committee
  • Individual college entrance interviews with student and parent using standardized questions
  • Presentation brochure in development
  • Web based information and application in development
current data

Currently 72 ninth-graders & 45 sophomores

60% from Dearborn Public Schools

40% from other Wayne County districts

80 female - 37 male

Students are from 14 different surrounding schools/districts

Ethnically and racially diverse


Principal (22 years experience)

.8 Counselor

5.5 Teachers

Social Worker, Psychologist, Teacher Consultant available

Current Data
partnership support
Partnership Support
  • Operations Committee meets weekly
  • HFHS dedicated lab, classroom and computer space; provide hands-on clinical experiences in program areas
  • Dedication of staff from each partner to support and manage project
    • Liaisons identified and dedicated to project from each individual partner
  • HFCC offered dedicated space for classroom usage
  • DPS donating space for HFCC to renovate a lab at the MBCC for HFEC Anatomy & Physiology classes
schedules and calendars
Schedules and Calendars
  • Students will assume the calendar for whatever level course they are taking. A high school required course will dictate the DPS calendar, a college level course will dictate the HFCC calendar.
  • Henry Ford Community College will plan for seat space for HFEC students in curriculum related areas
  • Henry Ford Health System will plan for assimilation of additional students into clinical setting
professional development
Professional Development
  • Planning team attended the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) conference in NYC – July 2007
  • Did extensive consulting with Mott Middle College
  • Ongoing mandatory Faculty book talk using College Knowledge by David T. Conley
  • Faculty had mid-year debriefing session with HFHS Employee Assistance counselors
  • Principal in attendance at annual MCNC Principal’s Academy
  • Project-based instruction, differentiated instruction, and multiple assessments as main teaching practices.
professional development con t
Professional Development con’t.
  • Staff collaboration time built into teacher schedule
  • HFEC team attended MCNC Professional Development Institute Conference – July, 2008
  • Principal and HFCC liaison attending MCNC Technology Conference – November, 2008
  • HFEC team will attend MCNC Professional Development Conference – June, 2009
  • Formative and Summative Assessment initiative as HFEC school improvement focus for 2008-09
  • HFEC Principal appointed to HFCC’s College Council
  • HFCC faculty bridge committee formed
  • Students complete HFHS employee pre-placement process
  • Partners meeting with DPS, HFCC and HFHS leadership
  • HFHS restructured space to house stat-of-the-art biology, chemistry and physics labs
  • Monthly newsletter mailed to parents bi-monthly
  • Parent advisory meeting bi-monthly
  • Parent Connect made available to parents for communication with teachers via internet
  • Parent volunteer program initiated at HFHS
  • HFEC & HFHS staff serve as members on HFCC advisory boards
areas that went well
Areas That Went Well
  • Level of commitment of partners
    • Time
    • Resources
    • Personnel
    • Technology
  • Dedication of partners to the overall vision
  • Developing curriculum as foundation of program
  • Focus of all partners was the achievement of the goal – not self interests or protectionism
  • Transportation - (especially from Dearborn Heights campus to main campus)
  • Textbook costs – (especially at college level)
  • Limited extra-curricular opportunities
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Have leadership and administrative staff onboard during planning phase
  • Buy-in from all partners is essential
  • Trust and tolerance for ambiguity are necessary
  • Additional support is needed for students entering high school environment
  • Membership in Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) is vital to staff
  • Utilize the established models to assist in planning and development
  • Focus on Curriculum FIRST
  • Focus on the GOAL not on self interests
  • Create a “culture of learning” in your school that is data driven and student oriented
  • August 18 – 21 – New Student Orientation
  • September 5 – HFHS Orientation
  • September 2 – First Parent Meeting
  • October 6 – Picture Day
  • October 9 – Oversight Committee Meeting
  • October 20 – Newsletter Mailed
  • December 4 – HFCC Career Exploration Night
  • January 20 – 23 – Final Exams

Sincere thanks to the following for their leadership, encouragement and support:

Mr. Brian Whiston Dr. Gail Mee Mr. William Schramm

Superintendent, DPS President, HFCC Sr. Vice-President, HFHS


22586 Ann Arbor Trail

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Principal: Dr. Jerry Dodd

(313) 317-1584

5101 Evergreen Rd

Dearborn, MI 48128

Contact: Cyndi Scheuer

(313) 317-6575

One Ford Place, Suite 5F

Detroit, MI 48202

Contact: Marva Brooks

(313) 874-5447

18700 Audette

Dearborn, MI 48124

Contact: Paul Smith

(313) 827-4804