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"Poly Force". Team members: Liam Edey Matt North Alley Poniros Jasmine Trimboli. Musical basketball hoop We are planning to create a musical basketball hoop that plays sounds and lights flash when you score a goal in the hoop.

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Team members liam edey matt north alley poniros jasmine trimboli
Team members:Liam Edey Matt North Alley Poniros Jasmine Trimboli

Musical basketball hoop

We are planning to create a musical basketball hoop that plays sounds and lights flash when you score a goal in the hoop.

The pole would be adjustable so people of all ages and heights will be able to play. Music would be played through speakers when the ball goes through the hoop and lights would also flash. The speakers would be water proof and attached behind the backboard lights would be on the front and around the backboard. It would operate through batteries or a Power point. A sensor would be built into the hoop so when a goal is scored the music and the lights would play. The size would roughly be 2m tall, but it could also be taller or shorter depending on the age.

Action plan concept musical basketball hoop
ACTION PLANConcept - Musical basketball hoop.

Funding Proposal

Project: Musical Basketball Hoop

Team Name: Poly Force

Team Coordinator: Liam Edey


The outcome we hope to achieve is to create a top child toy, a basketball hoop that attracts children from a really young age to their youth years. Our aim is to create a basketball hoop that lights up and plays a range of musical tunes as a basket is scored.

Team Members: Liam Edey, Jasmine Trimboli, Alley Poniros, Matthew North

Total Team Members = 4

Funds available @ $30 per team member = $120

Total Proposed Expenditure for the project = $145

The budget documented by your financial controller must accompany this application

Approved / Not Approved: ______________________ Date: _________

Group Supervisor

Approved / Not Approved: ______________________ Date: _________

c2c Coordinator

Approved / Not Approved: ______________________ Date: _________


Price List

Backboard - $10

Pole/Stand - $34

Ring - $5

Basketball - $5

Speakers - $40

Motion Sensor - $27

Screws/Rivets - $5

Lights - $10/$15

TOTAL - $141

We are currently still searching for cheaper prices to contract the budget to a more suitable amount.

Executive summary
Executive Summary

We are planning on creating the whole basketball hoop, with either metal, wood or plastic ourselves. We would then buy a sensor and build it into the hoop, buy lights and build them into the backboard and buy speakers and attach them onto the back of the backboard.

For our budget each of us get $30 and it equals up to $120 all together. With our budget we are thinking about spending the money on materials to make the prototype, like sensors, lights, speakers, the basketball hoop, the backboard etc.

With the prototype we are going to do the product small so we can experiment with all the different types of technology.

We have done some research on different types of basketball hoops and there are similar ones on the market. The difference is our project has sensors, lights and music and the ones on the market only have the lights.

Executive Summery

The possible consequence for our actions would be that we don’t have a lot of knowledge on electrical components.

We are having difficulties trying to find the prices of different materials at school because we are restricted from websites that we need to use like eBay.

The target audience for our final product is for toddlers to teenagers.

We would have to research in the sporting equipment industry and into the electronic and technology industry.