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Text Set: American Indians Hayley Engels PowerPoint Presentation
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Text Set: American Indians Hayley Engels

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Text Set: American Indians Hayley Engels
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Text Set: American Indians Hayley Engels

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  1. Text Set:American IndiansHayley Engels

  2. Magic Tree House # 18Buffalo Before Breakfast DRA: 18 Genre: Historical Fiction Citation: Osborne, Mary P. (1999 October). Buffalo Before Breakfast. New York, NY. First Scholastic Printing.

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  11. Poem No. 1 Genre: Poetry Citation: author unknown http://www.blackhawkproductions.com/poetrynative.htm What I am I must become What I see I must try to find What I hear I must play music to What I touch I must leave alone I turn then to all reflections of myself In trees and sacred things That nature gives to me

  12. Indian Children Genre: Poetry Citation: http://americanindiansinchildrensliterature.blogspot.com/2011/11/indian-children-by-annette-wynne.html Indian Childrenby Annette Wynne Where we walk to school each dayIndian children used to play-All about our native land,Where the shops and houses stand.And the trees were very tall,And there were no streets at all,Not a church and not a steeple-Only woods and Indian people.Only wigwams on the ground,And at night bears prowling round-What a different place todayWhere we live and work and play!