pope john paul ii school y ard safety 2012 n.
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Pope John Paul II School Y ard Safety 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pope John Paul II School Y ard Safety 2012

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Pope John Paul II School Y ard Safety 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pope John Paul II School Y ard Safety 2012. Staying Safe In The Spring and Summer. 1. 3. 2. Safety in the Playground. Safety To and From school . Sun Safety. Safety In The Playground. Yard Play Reminders • Bouncing (not kicking ) balls off the back of the gym wall is permitted

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Staying Safe In The Spring and Summer




Safety in the Playground

Safety To and From school

Sun Safety


Safety In The Playground

Yard Play Reminders

• Bouncing (not kicking ) balls off the back of the gym wall is permitted

• Skipping ropes and other stationary games are on the blacktop away from the kindergarten area

• Field games like soccer, football, chase/tag, manhunt etc. are only allowed on the grass field area

safety in the playground
Safety in the Playground

• Hands off rule/no rough play for all games!! Boundaries remain the same for divisions

• Kindergarten coned play area is only for Kindergarteners and their student helpers

• Please do not swing on the trunks of the trees/pull branches, swing on the gate, etc.

• No food, drinks or gum on the yard

play areas
Play Areas
  • While playing on the field… if a ball rolls in to the marshy area or on the parking lot, students are expected to stop playing and ask a supervisor for permission for one person to get the ball and throw the ball back into play. The marshy area is dangerous!
  • If a ball goes on to the blacktop, students are expected to stop playing and get oneperson to go get the ball and throw the ball back into play
  • We have many injured students who get hit with a soccer ball unexpectedly while playing on the blacktop.
play areas1
Play Areas
  • Basketball should only be played on the designated spaces
  • Students can use soccer or basketballs to play Four Square, but these balls are not to be kicked around the blacktop area
  • Students should not be playing around the parking lot side of the portables. They need to be in easy site of the supervisors. No bouncing or kicking balls against the portable
play equipment
Play Equipment
  • Students are welcome to bring baseball

gloves, tennis balls, skipping ropes,

soccer balls, basketballs, etc. to play

  • Please do not bring bats, hardballs, pogo sticks, electronic equipment, etc.
  • Generally, do not bring anything that is valuable because the school is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged articles.

Staff are outside to help students and keep them safe. Supervisors circulate around the yard with orange vests, and have designated areas for duty. Ask supervisors for passes and go to them for help and advice. Supervisors may deem certain areas or games “off limits” for a time due to safety reasons. They need your cooperation.

the yard duty zones
The Yard Duty Zones
      • There are zones outside where supervisors are circulating.
  • Zone 1 – Blacktop
  • Zone 2 – Upper Yard
  • Zone 3 – Lower Yard by the Portables
  • (There are often other adults out to help with individual students who can also help if you really need some assistance.)
  • Students need to stay within the boundaries. No parking lot, no swinging on the gate by the parking lot, no marshy area. These areas are considered “Out of Bounds”.

Safety Inside The School

  • Hallway Reminders
  • Move through the school quietly and safely.
  • Move to the side when walking safely and slowly up or down the stairways.
  • Listen to teachers directions who are situated at various points in the hall and on the stairs.
  • Use the appropriate door for your class.
  • Do not use the front door.
  • • Must be locked at the front of the of the school in the racks
  • • Students must wear a helmet
  • • Students must walk bikes on the school property and at all crosswalks
  • • The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bikes
  • Park your bike at the front but walk around the back.
skateboards in line skates scooters
Skateboards/In-Line Skates/Scooters

We prefer these not to come to school, however they may be considered a legitimate mode of transportation and are not banned unless they prove unsafe to the user.

• Helmets, wrist and knees guards should be worn

• May not be used on school property at any time

• May be stored in the classroom but not on coat racks or in hallways

• The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items

sun protection
Sun Protection

It is a good idea to wear sunscreen on your face every day (even in the winter!) but it is especially important to wear sunscreen on your arms and legs on sunny days as well.

Put your name on your sunscreen and remember that you cannot share it with other students.

sun protection1
Sun Protection

A hat can protect your face and head from harmful sun rays

Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays as well

heat protection
Heat Protection

During really hot weather …

All students might be kept in at recess or lunch for a while to avoid over-heating.

Water bottles may be taken outside only if they are used responsibly.

Students may line up at the back door to come in for a drink when the monitors say it is appropriate.

heat protection1
Heat Protection

Students should also avoid vigorous games or activities so they don’t overheat

Students should try to find some shade for part of the time.