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  1. welcome

  2. Listen and find out word and phrases: 1. too cold to write 太冷都无法写字 2. convenient 方便 3. anyway 不管怎样,无论如何 4. leave…alone 不打扰,不干预;让…独自呆着 5. admit 允许进入,承认,容纳得下 6. do … good 对…有益 7. bring in 收(庄稼);引进,提出,获利,赚钱 8. abundant 丰富的,富足的 9. in want of 需要 10. badly off 穷困,潦倒 11. occupy 占领;占用;忙于(做某事) 12. close up 停业

  3. 1. My hands are too cold to write. too… to.. 太…以致不能 My hands are so cold that I can’t write. • Allen had to call a taxi because the box was _______to carry all the way home.(高考试题) • much too heavy B. too much heavy C. heavy too much D. too heavy much A

  4. ---What do you think of the project Mr. Johnson asked us to do? • ---Well, it is a very important task. You _____ be too careful. • A. must B. can C. can’t D. mustn’t C can’t (never)…too… 无论多…也不过分

  5. 2. If quite convenient, sir. =If it is quite convenient to you, sir. be convenient to sb. be convenient to do sth. 对某人方便.-- 做某事方便-- • Come and see me whenever_______. (2003北京) A. you are convenient B . you will be convenient • C. it is convenient to you • D. it will be convenient to you C

  6. 你明天开始工作方便吗? • Will it _____________________start • working tomorrow? be convenient for you to

  7. 3. Anyway, I suppose I will have to let you have it. anyway=无论如何,至少 D • She wasn’t very polite but____ I helped her. • A. any way B. anyway • C. anyhow D. B&C anyway= anyhow

  8. anywhere anytime someway 无论哪里,任何地方 任何时候 以某种方式,也不知道什么原因 • He may not like my visit, but I shall go and see him _______. A. anyhow B. someway C. though D. therefore A

  9. 4. let me leave it alone. leave alone 让…独自呆着,不打扰,不干预 leave behind 不带,留下,把..抛在脑后 leave off 停止,中断 leave out 省略,遗漏

  10. She doesn’t like Miss Anderson, so she always avoids_______ with her. • to leave alone B. being left alone C. to be left behind D. being left behind B • avoid doing sth. • leave sb. alone with sb. • 留下某人单独和某人在一起

  11. admit 5. But you must admit that it hasn’t, so far! •  允许某人(物)进入: admit sb.(sth.) into(to) sth. •  接受某人入学(入院) sb. be admitted to school (hospital) permitllow forbid sth. doing sth. that-Clause to(介词) doing sth. •  承认 注意:permit/allow/forbid sb. to do sth.

  12. 高考链接 • Sandy could do nothing but _____ to his • teacher that he was wrong. • A admit B. admitted • C. admitting D. to admit A • Children under six are not_____ to school except those of extraordinary intelligence. A . permitted B. admitted C. accepted D. received B

  13. 6.There are many things that do me good without bring inprofits. • 对…有益 do…good = do good to • 对…有害 do …harm=do harm to • 不正当地对待(某人); 虐待(某人) do…wrong = do wrong to

  14. Fill in the blanks: • Eat more fruits, and it will ____________ you. • Excessive drinking will ____ you a lot of ______. do good to do harm

  15. bring in收(庄稼);引进,提出,获利,赚钱bring out 出版;生产bring back带回来,使恢复,使回忆起来bring about带来…变化,造成bring through使度过困难

  16. The company is bringing ____a new sport car. • The old photograph brought ______ many memories. • The war brought _____ a reduction(下降) in the birth-rate. out back about

  17. 高考链接 • Restaurants in every corner of the city not only provide job opportunities but ______ lots of taxes as well. A. bring in B. result from C. result in D. bring about A

  18. Mr. Scrooge, when many of us enjoy abundant comfort,… be abundant in/with.. =be rich in… 富于.. in abundant 大量的 B • China is a wonderful land ______ minerals. • A. is abundant inB. abundant in • C. inabundant D. is in abundant

  19. 8. Many thousands are in want of basic needs; hundreds of thousands are in want of basic comforts, sir. in want of= in need of 需要 • The village was badly struck by the rare flood last night. The villagers were badly _____ food and shelter. • A. in time of B. in charge of • C. in want of D. in possession of C

  20. in…..of 短语: 拥有 in honor of 鉴于,考虑到 in search of 负责 in view of 纪念 in charge of 寻找 in possession of

  21. 9.Those who are badly off must go there. • We shouldn’t complain about being poor-- many families are _____ than we are. A. worse off B. badly off C. well off D. better off badly off : 穷困的 well off :  富裕的 A

  22. be occupied in doing sh. with sth. 10. My business occupies me constantly. A.占领  take possession of B.占据(时间,空间)take up C.忙于(做某事) (busy) be engaged in sth.

  23. The army occupied the enemy’s • capital. • Her time is fully occupied with her three children. 占领 占据…时间 • Mary is _____a translation of a French novel . (2005湖南联考) • engaged with B. occupied in • C. absorbed to D. busy with D

  24. 11. It’s time to close up. • If your children_____ a bit there’d be room for another one on this seat. • tied up B. turned up C. closed up D. kept up C

  25. close up (暂时)关闭,伤口愈合, 向…靠近 • tie up 系好,捆上 • turn up 出现 • keep up 保持

  26. goodbye