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Welcome. What are we gong to talk about today???. Classroom procedures C lassroom environment Developing Norms. Classroom Procedures. What should we do?. Sit in your assigned seat when you enter the room. Read the board Take out needed supplies Complete any tasks listed under

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what are we gong to talk about today
What are we gong to talk about today???
  • Classroom procedures
  • Classroom environment
  • Developing Norms
what should we do
What should we do?
  • Sit in your assigned seat when you enter the room.
  • Read the board
  • Take out needed supplies
  • Complete any tasks listed under
      • “Do Now”
  • Copy homework
what do i do when
“What do I do when…”
  • “I need to use the rest room”
  • Just get up quietly, and sign out. You don’t need to announce to the class that you have to go use the bathroom.
  • “I have a pass to guidance”
  • Come to class and show me the pass first.
  • “I have to go to GT”
  • Stop off here first to pick up important papers. The GT room is right next door.
what do i do when1
“What do I do when?”
  • “I have a music lesson”
  • Please let me know ahead of time. Your lessons are scheduled in advance. So you have an idea of when your lesson is.
  • If an assessment is scheduled, you must come to class.
  • You can only miss health once a week. If you are pulled out for another program or for guidance, you will need to reschedule for another period.
what do i do when2
“What do I do when”
  • “I’m absent from school or class”
  • Check my teacher page.
  • Mrs. Blomn's teacher page
  • “I need help”
  • Ask me for help, right away!
  • Make an appointment to get help from me.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask, I’m here to help you.
what do i do when3
“What do I do when?”
  • There is a fire drill
  • If you are in the classroom, you exit the room, turn to your right, and walk out the door.
  • If you are in the bathroom, find the nearest exit. Let a teacher know you are in my class.
  • There is a “Mr. Minor” or “Code Yellow”
  • We continue with our work/lesson until further notice.
  • There is a “Mr. Major”
  • Quietly get up, push your chair in, move to the front of the classroom where my desk is, find a spot on the floor. Most importantly be quiet.
creating our classroom environment1
Creating our classroom environment
  • We need to have a non-judgmental, caring, respectful classroom.
  • We are going to be talking about topics that are not discussed on a daily bases.
  • We will be using vocabulary that we do not use every day.
  • We will be developing life skills to help us in decision making, critical thinking, resistance skills, and self-advocacy.
  • We will be role playing to help us learn how to apply these skills, so that when you are faced with a situation, you will have the confidence you need to make a responsible decision.
how are we going to do this
How are we going to do this?
  • By developing a class set of Norms.
  • Norms are very much like ground rules.
  • They will help us create a safe classroom environment.
  • Everyone will be able to contribute, all voices will be heard.
  • Each of you will have a say in helping create our class Norms.