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Welcome. Thanks for coming. We will get started shortly. Dr. Weidenbaugh - Spring Ford High School 9 th Grade Center Principal. House Office- Class of 2017 Dr. Kollar – House Principal Mrs. Steinmetz – Counselor (A-K) Mr. Rhodes – Counselor (L-Z) Mrs. Ryan – House Secretary

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Thanks for coming.We will get started shortly.

dr weidenbaugh spring ford high school 9 th grade center principal
Dr. Weidenbaugh - Spring Ford High School 9thGrade Center Principal

House Office- Class of 2017

Dr. Kollar – House Principal

Mrs. Steinmetz – Counselor (A-K)

Mr. Rhodes – Counselor (L-Z)

Mrs. Ryan – House Secretary

Mrs. Simmoneau– Guidance Secretary

  • More independence, choices and responsibility
  • Greater teacher expectations (expect 1-2 hours of homework daily)
  • Earn credits toward graduation (each year counts!)
  • No daily SSS
success in high school
Success in High School
  • Organization
  • Assignment/project completion
  • Use SF Fusion (website) and Skyward on a regular basis
  • Commitment to completing homework
  • Test and quiz preparation (study skills!)
  • Good attendance
  • Communication between students, teachers and parents
  • Involvement in the school community
annual requirements
Annual Requirements

Each Year:

  • 5 major courses
  • 2 minor courses
  • Physical Education


  • 6 major courses
  • Physical Education
required courses for 9 th grade
Required Courses for 9th Grade
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Common Core Algebra and/or Literacy*
cc9 common core
CC9 (Common Core)
  • Designed to assist students in skills and Keystone Exams
  • Required for all students who scored Basic or Below Basic on 8th grade PSSA assessment
  • Can be selected as an elective course
major course options
Major Course Options
  • Science
    • Earth Science
    • Earth Science (Honors)
    • Biology (Honors)
  • Social Studies
    • US History to 1900
    • US History to 1900 (Honors)
major course options1
Major Course Options
  • English
    • English 9 – Foundations of Lit
    • English 9 (Honors)
    • English 9 (Gifted) *GIEP Required
  • Math
    • Algebra I
    • Geometry
    • Honors Geometry
    • Honors Algebra II
honors courses
Honors Courses


  • Superior ability
  • History of advanced achievement in the subject area
  • Self-motivation and strong work ethic
  • Ability to meet rigorous course expectations
  • Teacher recommendation and pre-requisites

* Weighted 5% in calculation of GPA for grades above 70% due to extra rigor

Be Realistic!

electives for 9 th grade

Electives for 9th Grade


Family and Consumer Science

English (Affiliated)

Technology Education


World Language


Pumping Ions (Must have GIEP)

art electives
Art Electives:

Foundations Art I Major

  • Starting point for ALL high school art major classes. All ability levels are welcome, beginners will improve and artistic students will be challenged.
  • Projects include: Drawing, Ceramics, Silk Screen Printing, Pen & Ink, Pastel Painting, and Color and Design projects.
  • Must take in 9th grade if you want to take up to Art IV or AP Studio Art major in high school
art electives1
Art Electives:

Studio Art Minor

  • Projects include:Drawing, Pastel Painting, Ceramics, Pen & Ink, Sculpture and Color & Design projects.
art electives2
Art Electives:

Ceramics Minor

  • Coil Pottery
  • Slab Construction
  • Tile Carving
  • Sculpture
english electives
English Electives:
  • Public Speaking and Debate
    • Focuses on the key elements and best practices of public speaking
  • Media Writing
    • Focuses on writing in a multi-media environment
  • Poetry
    • Focuses on composition and analysis of poetic writing
family consumer science electives
Family & Consumer Science Electives:

FCS Major

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Sewing
  • Child Development
family consumer science electives1
Family & Consumer Science Electives:

FCS Minor

  • Sewing
  • Food & Nutrition
family consumer science electives2
Family & Consumer Science Electives:

Child Development-Infancy

  • Development of children birth to 1 year old
  • Parenting skills
family consumer science electives3
Family & Consumer Science Electives:

Clothing & Crafts:

  • Clothing construction, skills and techniques
  • Craft options
technology electives
Technology Electives:

Photography I

  • ½ credit – Minor class
  • Digital photography only.
  • Course includes camera basics and photo composition, photo manipulation with Photo Shop software, design layout and desktop publishing.
  • Offered in grades 9 - 12
technology education electives
Technology Education Electives:

Introduction to Materials

  • ½ credit– Minor class
  • Offered in grade 9 only
  • Students focus on how industrial materials such as wood and plastic are manipulated into useful consumer products
  • Students will learn the safe and proper use of hand tools and machines
  • Project activities include: name plate cut outs, research and design of inventions, vacuum forming, and an overhead router activity
technology electives1
Technology Electives:

Mechanical Drawing

  • ½ credit – Minor class, offered in grade 9 only.
  • Introductory class for students interested in a career of Architecture or Engineering.
  • Projects include: Orthographic and pictorial drawings created with drafting equipment as well as CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).
  • Students will be challenged mathematically through problem solving activities.
technology electives2
Technology Electives:

Technology Systems

  • Full year – Major class
  • Hands on problem solving will be required to fabricate several different types of projects.
  • Learning the proper and safe use of hand tools and machines will be an important part of this class.
  • Projects include: Hydraulic arm, Electric powered vehicles, Magnetic levitation, Crash testing, CAD drawing…
  • Offered in grade 9 only
technology electives3
Technology Electives:

Construction Systems

  • ½ credit – Minor class
  • Projects include: House model, CO2 Cars, Bridges, Catapults, Golf Tee/Maze games.
  • Students will learn the safe and proper use of hand tools and machines in this class.
  • Offered in grade 9 only
business technology electives
Business/Technology Electives:


  • Introduction to Document Processing
    • Works on typing skills and creating documents using those skills in Microsoft Word
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office
    • Introduces you to the basic tools of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, and PowerPoint
business technology electives1
Business/Technology Electives:


  • Personal Finance
    • Introduction into savings and checking accounts, investing, banking, stocks and many other financial topics
  • Accounting I
    • Covers recording business transactions and the preparation and interpretation of financial statements
music electives
Music Electives:
  • Marching Band
  • Freshman Concert Band (non-marching) *minor
  • Music Theory I *minor
  • Chorus *minor
  • Orchestra *minor
world language
World Language
  • French I
  • French II
  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II
  • German I
pumping ions
  • Only for students with a GIEP
  • Focus is on students working collaboratively to produce a final product.
  • Working well with peers is a must!!!!

Sample Projects:

  • Invent a Country
  • Advertisement Project
  • Editorial Cartoon Analysis and Propaganda
western montgomery career technical center half day programs for 10 th 12 th graders
Western Montgomery Career & Technical CenterHalf-Day Programsfor 10th – 12th Graders
  • Automotive Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Collision Repair
  • Commercial Art
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Dental Occupations
  • Diesel Technology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Electro-Mechanical
  • Environmental Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Health Science Technology
  • Heating, Ventilation, &

Air Conditioning

  • Health Careers Academy (Senior option only)
  • Health Science Technology
  • Metal Technology
  • Protective Services
course selection sheet
Course Selection Sheet
  • Will be distributed to students on Wednesday, January 30th.
  • Teachers will make recommendations on Jan. 30th.
  • Parents should review selections and sign course selection sheet.
  • Due Friday, Feb. 8th (to homeroom teacher)
honor roll
Honor Roll

Distinguished Honor Roll

  • A student must earn a 95% or above GPA (no rounding or added weight)
  • All A’s in major subjects
  • No more than one B in a minor subject

Honor Roll

  • A student must earn a 90% or above GPA (no rounding or added weight)
  • All grades of major and minor subjects must be A’s or B’s.
future planning
Future Planning
  • Future Planning Center (FPC)- Mrs. Bhalla

All students will visit during January of 10thgrade year.

  • Naviance

Guidance computer program that will be introduced during January of 9th grade year.

ncaa eligibility center
NCAA Eligibility Center
  • There are specific course, grade and SAT/ACT requirements for students who are interested in playing Division I or Division II sports in college
  • Division I schools (those you typically see on TV), Division II Schools (state colleges)
  • Refer to the website for detailed information at www.eligibilitycenter.org
  • Students should register with the Eligibility Center in the spring of their junior year
important facts
Important Facts
  • Students need 22 credits to graduate
  • All classes are included in calculation of GPA
  • Midterms and final exams each count as 10% of the final grade
  • Extra-Curricular eligibility – students must have a minimum of 70% in at least 4 major subjects
  • Summer School – minimum grade of 60% to enroll with no more than 25 days absent
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

To graduate students must earn:

  • 4 credits in English
  • 3 credits in Social Studies
  • 3 credits in Mathematics
  • 3 credits in Science
  • .4 credits in Health
  • 1.6 credits in Physical Education
  • .25 credits Career Exploration
  • .25 credits Lifetime FCS
  • 6.5 credits Elective Courses
pa graduation requirements
PA Graduation Requirements

Students graduating in 2017 must demonstrate proficiency on Keystone Exams in:

  • English Literature
  • Algebra I
  • Biology
keystone exams
Keystone Exams
  • Keystone Exams are end-of-course exams and graduation requirements.
  • Each exam will take approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete.
  • Keystone Exam questions includes multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions.
  • Algebra I and Biology: 60%-75% of the total score from multiple-choice questions and 25%-40% of the total score from open-ended questions
  • English Literature: 20% of the total score will come from multiple-choice, and 80% from constructed-response questions
  • Accommodations can be provided for students in Special Education.
  • Keystone Exams will serve as the state’s high school assessment measure for compliance with No Child Left Behind.