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Republic of Moldova Center for Human Rights Children’s Ombudsman - Tamara Plămădeală. CpDOM - public independent institution, formed in 1998

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Republic of Moldova

Center for Human Rights

Children’s Ombudsman -

Tamara Plămădeală

CpDOM - public independent institution, formed in 1998

Aim of the organization - ensuring observance of the human rights by central and regional authorities, by institutions, organizations, companies (public or private), personal or public societies with all kind of responsibilities.

Legal framework - Constitution of Republic of Moldova, The Law on Parliamentary advocates, The Law on children’s rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Convention on children’s rights and other pacts and treaties.

The Child Advocate was named for the first time in 2008.

Ombudsman powers for defending child rights l.jpg
Ombudsman powers for defending child rights

  • Guarantee the constitutional rights and freedoms of children and achieving, by central and local authorities, by persons in charge, provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Defending child rights ,preventing their violation and re-establishing the rights

  • The improvement of legislation

  • Legal education of the population.

Structural organization l.jpg

Avocat parlamentar pentru drepturile copilului

Avocat parlamentar


Serviciulul pentru protecţia drepturilor copilului

Resurse umane

Departamentul de investigare şi monitorizare

Departamentul Programe de instruire şi relaţii cu publicul

Serviciul administrativ


Organul avocaţilor parlamentari

Departamentul de examinare a plîngerilor şi organizare a audienţelor

Structural organization



Avocat parlamentar

Avocat parlamentar

Individual complaints l.jpg
Individual complaints

Art.13 Law on parliamentary advocates – ombudsman from RM examines:

  • Moldovan citizens complaints

  • The complaints of foreigners and stateless persons

  • Child advocate examines petitions and, if he is able, is entitled to act on his own initiative.

2009 child advocate examined 169 petitions l.jpg
2009 – Child advocate examined 169 petitions

January june 2010 158 petitions l.jpg
January-June 2010 - 158 petitions

Legea cu privire la drepturile copilului

Hotline august december 2009 380 calls l.jpg
Hotlineaugust-december 2009 – 380 calls

Legislative changes proposed by ca l.jpg
Legislative changes proposed by CA

11 acts:

  • Contravention Code of the Republicof Moldova

  • Law on exit and entry in Republic of Moldova

  • Child Rights Act

  • Family Code

  • Enforcement Code

  • Social assistance act

Slide11 l.jpg

7. Law on local public administration

8. Educational Law

9. Labor Code

10. Penal Code

11.Law on preparation of citizens for defense of the country

Note. The detailed presentation can be found in annex.

Investigations studies l.jpg
Investigations, studies

2010 CA made 3 studies :

  • Children in detention

  • Children in residential institutions

  • Welfare given by state to poor families – useful for children’s or an interest for adults.

    Note. The detailed presentation of studies results can be found in annex.

Communication and promotion l.jpg
Communication and promotion

  • 2009 - 97 media releases (Radio, TV, interviews, articles in press).

  • 2010 - 77 media releases.

    CA participated 2 times a month to the radio-show ”Avocatul copilului” at Radio Moldova.

    The increase of media interest on child’s advocate activity is very important, while in 2008, many authorities and the population didn’t even know about the institution of parliamentary advocates.

20 years since adoption of international convention on human rights l.jpg
20 years since Adoption of International Convention on human rights

  • Press conference, in partnership with UNICEF Moldova

  • Teaching lessons in different school about this convention

  • Taking part in some NGO’s activities on field of children’s rights

  • Monitoring implementation of UN Convention provisions by officials

  • Promotion of UN Convention on children’s rights.

What we succeeded in 2010 l.jpg
What we succeeded in 2010 rights

  • Teaching religion in schools. The advocate contributed through press releases, public declaration, public debates on radio and TV and notice to Ministry of Education to final decition. The advocate recommended this form to be included in national curricula, considering the children’s opinion.

  • The Boarding school from Solonet for children with “behavior deviation” was closed. Now this children have the possibility to live in real families and the money are used more efficient.

Miscellaneous l.jpg
Miscellaneous rights

  • Hotline ”Child’s phone” - 080011116

  • Creation of forum for discussions for children on different topics with Children’s Advocate and other members of CCalC –

  • Creation of Google Group for internal and public discussions to find out children’s opinion on some topics -

  • Formation in every district (total 36) Regional Children’s Advisory Boards. It helps the advocate to communicate directly to children and find out and solve their problems (including perfection of laws).

  • Implementation of project, sponsored by UNICEF: “Strengthening Advocate’s efforts on monitoring of human rights observance in RM”

  • Monitoring the implementation of CRC recommendations from Geneva and attract attention of officials on this process till the next report.

  • Palanca’s problem. Referral of the Commissioner for Human Right from Council of Europe - Thomas Hammarberg.

  • Provide help for children from Transnistria.

Problems l.jpg
Problems rights

  • Growing of the number of delinquents children

  • Migration of parents aboard - negative impact on children’s growth

  • Obstruction of communication between parents and children after divorce.

  • Illegal removal of children aboard

  • The big number of institutionalized children (about 17 % are orphans)

  • Gypsy’s schooling - their resocialization

  • Violation of the right for free education and the right for rest

  • Parental neglect to children

  • Absence of a database on children’s situation in Republic of Moldova

Strategic objectives for 2010 l.jpg
Strategic objectives for 2010 rights

  • Creating a efficient partnership in order to protect the children’s right

  • Consolidation of current efforts of Children’s advocate (poate fi doar asta ori continuarea) to monitor the implementation of UN Convention on children’s rights

  • Make the children’s rights a national priority in order to prevent the violation of these

  • Harmonize the legal framework on children’s right

Children s advocate s priorities l.jpg
Children’s Advocate’s priorities rights

  • Non discrimination

  • Right for education

  • Ensure that children are in safe in the face of abuse, exploitation and violence

  • Children affected by parents migration

  • Children who have trouble with the law

  • Guarantee that in Transnistria, children’s rights are respected