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Reflections and Recommendations

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Reflections and Recommendations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reflections and Recommendations. Jaldi Campaign – 25 GP Pilot. The Campaign Impact

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Reflections and Recommendations

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reflections and recommendations

Reflections and Recommendations

Jaldi Campaign – 25 GP Pilot


The Campaign Impact

When it is delivered as designed, the campaign has a magical impact in a way the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts. However, there are many possibilities to improve the delivery and some to improve the design as well based on the 25 GP Pilots.


An Analysis Before its time

The real impact of the campaign will probably be fully understood in 3-6 months from now – once we know the final count on toilet construction. However, there are many lessons from the pilot that can improve the campaign design even now.

The spirit of this analysis has been to look at how we can improve rather than what went wrong or who is to be blamed for it. In that sense, there are four areas of improvement:

1. How do we improve the impact of the messaging?

2. How do we ensure greater participation of Govt. officials?

3. How do we improve the reach of messaging?

4. How do we increase conversions from ‘intent’ to ‘construction’?


How do we improve the impact of messaging?

It is a difficult thing to decode which messaging has worked and by how much, here are opinions on the same.


Further Researchin 2-3 villages with people with strong intent – to probe and see what messaging, what media format motivated them the most. PAF report might throw in more light on this as well. Also separate GPs where we run only one message can also be a way to test hypothesis on what is a powerful message if that is necessary.


How do we ensure greater participation of Govt. officials?

Wherever the Govt. officials were involved, the response was very good. But, their presence was inconsistent.


How do we improve the reach of messaging?

To people beyond the main event.


How do we increase conversions from ‘intent’ to ‘construction’?

We may get a better sense of this in a couple of months. From the SD feedback, there are certain factors coming in the way of conversion.


Further Research in 2-3 villages – Look at all people with intent (token?) and what is stopping them from acting.

To research with SDs to understand the reasons for dropping out.