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Study Guide– Spanish Empire building. Crusades & Crusading Mentality Tainos/Arawaks Bull Treaty of Tordesillas Bull Romanus Pontifex Vacuum Domicillum Encomienda Apalachee & Pope Revolt. Study Guide: Questions .

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Study guide spanish empire building l.jpg
Study Guide– Spanish Empire building

Crusades & Crusading Mentality



Treaty of Tordesillas

Bull Romanus Pontifex

Vacuum Domicillum


Apalachee & Pope Revolt

Study guide questions l.jpg
Study Guide: Questions

  • What Nation’s joined in the colonization of North America? How did they contribute to America’s National Heritage?

  • What were their motives?

  • What were their relations with the indigenous peoples?

  • What role did disease play in re-settlement of North America?

  • What ideologies justified subjugation and murder or first nation peoples?

  • Did nations differ in motives? Institutions of conquest and Ideology?

Crusades crusading mentality l.jpg
Crusades & Crusading Mentality Building in the Americas

  • 1,000’s of years of invasion for commercial interest

  • 711 Moors defeat last Gothic/Christian King

    • Muslim Contributions to Europe – Cordoba, Spain

  • Crusades beginning in 1095 beginning 600-700 years of struggle

    • Crusades – series of military campaigns waged by Christians

    • Land & Labor

    • Crusading Mentality

      • Valued war

      • Valued accumulated wealth

      • Sense of Religious superiority

      • Sense of Religious Mission

Empire building l.jpg
Empire Building Building in the Americas

  • 1452 – Bull Romanus Pontifex

    • Declared war against all non Christians, slavery and exploitation

      • Canary Islands 1400-1490s

      • extermination of Guanches

  • Crusades Mentality

    • Begin to identify expansion with conquest of peoples rather than trade

    • Led exploration over seas

    • formed the rationalization for conquest and invaders assumed an innate and absolute superiority over all other people because of divine endowment

Columbus l.jpg
Columbus Building in the Americas

  • Zinn Chapter 1

  • Loewen Chapter 2

    • Heroification

    • Motives

    • Impact on Taino/Arawak

Bull intercaeteras treaty of tordesillias l.jpg
Bull Intercaeteras & Treaty of Tordesillias Building in the Americas



Western Hemisphere from Mexico South becomes Spanish

“Sphere of Influence”

Motives for exploration l.jpg
Motives for Exploration Building in the Americas

  • Search for Wealth

    • Gold, silver, raw materials

  • Search for All Water Route to Asia

Basis for conquest european legalisms l.jpg
Basis for Conquest: Building in the AmericasEuropean Legalisms

  • Vacuum Domicillum

    • Duty to civilize and convert people and land from “useless wilderness” to “Useful garden” in the name of god, the right to vacant land

  • Right of Conquest/Discovery

    • Right of Christians to take possession of lands not Christian by force of arms

  • Papal Bull

    • Charter, patent, decree by the Pope

Misunderstandings l.jpg
“Misunderstandings” Building in the Americas

  • Sacrifice & ritual Cannibalism Vs. genocide

  • Ambiguous Christian/Moral Messages

  • War & its objectives

  • Gender – Matrilineal vs. Patriarchal

    • Invasion & “conquest” reordered the indigenous world fundamentally

The exchange l.jpg

New World gets: Building in the Americas

Diseases: bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, tuberculosis, small pox, measles, chicken pox, cholera, influenza, typhus

Plants: mainly cultigens (weeds), citrus fruits, grapes, wheat

Animals: pigs, horses, sheep, cattle, goats and rats

New World gives:

Diseases: syphilis (debated)

Plants: corn, beans, squash, potatoes, peanuts, tobacco…

Animals: turkey

The “Exchange”

Demographic impact of contact l.jpg
Demographic Impact of Contact Building in the Americas

  • 1492: 100-300 million people in western hemisphere

  • Epidemic Disease killed 65% - 100% of populations

Institutions of conquest l.jpg
Institutions of Conquest Building in the Americas

  • Enslavement & Exploitation

  • Presidio, pueblo, Missions, Encomiendas

  • Encomienda –

    • Number of Indians entrusted to an encomendero for labor

    • civilization and Christianization

    • uprooted to work and die in the mines, plantations and public works

New world exploits andes l.jpg
New World Exploits: Andes Building in the Americas

  • Inca Empire

    • 8-12 million people of Inca Empire

    • Advanced in city planning, sciences, agriculture, art…

    • Cotton Textiles pre-date fertile crescent

    • 1531 Francisco Pizarro enters Cuzco

    • Disease major factor in down fall

Mayan city pre aztec l.jpg
Mayan City – Pre-Aztec Building in the Americas

New world exploits meso america l.jpg
New World Exploits: Meso-America Building in the Americas

  • Aztec Empire

    • Cortez entered Tenochtitlan in 1519

    • Montezuma held prisoner

    • Disease & Tlaxcalans

Aztec court l.jpg
Aztec Court Building in the Americas

Tenochtitlan l.jpg
Tenochtitlan Building in the Americas

Cortez meets with monteczuma l.jpg
Cortez meets with Monteczuma Building in the Americas

Cortez tlaxcalans l.jpg
Cortez & Tlaxcalans Building in the Americas

New world exploits north america l.jpg
New World Exploits: North America Building in the Americas

  • South East (Today United States)

    • Panfilo de Narvaiz – 1528 – Tampa Bay, Fl

      • Apalachee killed 400 soldiers

      • Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca survived, spread rumors of “golden cities”

New world exploits north america24 l.jpg
New World Exploits: North America Building in the Americas

  • South West (AZ & NM)

  • Francisco Vasquez de Coronado – 1530s-1661

    • Entered Zuni pueblos of Arizona and New Mexico

    • 1661 – Pope Revolt

      • 400 soldiers killed

      • Lived without Spanish interference until 1689

Reading questions l.jpg
Reading Questions Building in the Americas

  • 1. What characterized Indigenous Societies Pre-contact? What generalizations can be reached?

  • 2. When comparing & contrasting European and indigenous values and life ways what problem arises in discussing the issues of “civilization” vs. Barbarism and “progress” vs. primitive or Backward?

Reading questions26 l.jpg
Reading Questions Building in the Americas

  • 3. What developments allowed Europeans to re-settle the Americas?

  • 4. Why is it important to acknowledge these developments?

  • 5. What evidence is there for non-European exploration in the Americas pre-Columbus? Why is this important to acknowledge

French dutch english re settlement l.jpg

French, Dutch & English Building in the AmericasRe-settlement

Challenge to Spain’s Empire Building

Study guide french dutch english l.jpg
Study Guide: French, Dutch & English Building in the Americas

  • Reformation

  • French & Haudenosaunee

  • Dutch West India Co. & William Kieft

  • The Lost Colony

  • Jamestown & Pamunkey Tribe

    • Starving Time

    • Opechancanough & the “Just War”

  • Pilgrims at Patuxet & Wampanoags

  • Puritans & Pequot's

    • Puritan Covenant & Pequot War

    • Reservations

    • King Phillip/Metacom’s War

  • Western europe l.jpg
    Western Europe Building in the Americas

    • 1337-1453 England & France

      • One Hundred Years War

    • 1347-1351

      • The Black Death – Bubonic Plague

        • 1/3 of Europe’s population

    European society l.jpg
    European Society Building in the Americas

    • Rigid Hierarchy

      • Monarchs

      • Aristocrats

      • Gentry

      • Peasants and laborers

    • Large Disparity of wealth = class struggle

    • Abuse of power by the Church

    Protestant reformation l.jpg
    Protestant Reformation Building in the Americas

    • Martin Luther 1517

      • 95 Thesis

        • Sale of indulgences to finance St. Peters in Rome

      • Translated Bible into German

      • Direct Relationship with God

    95 thesis l.jpg
    95 Thesis Building in the Americas

    • Challenged power, wealth and Authority of the church

    • Challenged by emerging commercial class

    French re settlement l.jpg
    French Re-settlement Building in the Americas

    • 1608 1st French settlement Quebec

    • Relations with the Haudenosaunee (1660s) & the Huron

      • Nation-to-nation basis

      • Friendship, cooperation, alliances, marriage and absorption

    Dutch swedish l.jpg
    Dutch & Swedish Building in the Americas

    • Henry Hudson – 1609

      • Claimed New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia for Netherlands

      • Established Dutch West India Co.

        • Mohicans & Pequot's key to expansion and fur trade

    • Friendly relations until no longer useful

      • Director & General William Kieft 1639

        • Advocated extermination of Indians

        • Killed off Many Lenape, Mohicans, Esophus & others

    English re settlement l.jpg
    English Re-settlement Building in the Americas

    • Sir Walter Raleigh – 1584-1587

      • Roanoke Island (The Lost Colony)

    • Royal Charter to Virginia Co. 1606

      • Jamestown & Pamunkey Tribe

    • Pilgrims – 1620

      • Plymouth (Patuxet), Massachusetts & Wampanoags

    • Massachusetts Bay Company & Colony (1630)

      • The Puritans, Massachusetts Bay & Pequot's

    Chief powhatan l.jpg
    Chief Powhatan Building in the Americas

    • 1607 – Chief Powhatan of the Pamunkey

      • 200 towns & villages – Agriculture, seafood, hunted & gathered

    Jamestown virginia l.jpg
    Jamestown, Virginia Building in the Americas

    • Motive – land & wealth

      • Virginia Co. of London

    • Preconceived notions of Savage

    • Indians impediment

      to progress

      • Starving Time – 1607

        • ½ settlers dead

        • Saved by charity of Powhatan

    English response l.jpg
    English Building in the AmericasResponse

    • John Smith – 1608

      • “Indian Problem”

      • Military solution

    • Powhatan

      • Stopped gifts of food

    • Population 60/500

      • survived 2nd “Starving Time”

      • Relief ship 1610 saved colony

    Pocahontas my favorite daughter l.jpg
    Pocahontas “My Favorite Daughter” Building in the Americas

    • 1612 kidnapped Matoaka – Powhatans 17 yr old daughter

      • Married John Rolf – mediator until death

    Resistance effort l.jpg
    Resistance Effort Building in the Americas

    • Opechancanough

      • Powhatan's brother and head of the Indian Confederation in 1618

        • Resisted expansion and Exploitation

    • 1622 - 1/3 of colonists killed

      • John Smith

        • “It will be good for the plantation because now we have just cause to destroy them by all means possible”

    Slide43 l.jpg
    1622 Building in the Americas

    Scorched earth campaign l.jpg
    Scorched Earth Campaign Building in the Americas

    • 1622-1644 – “A Just War”

      • Enslaved

      • Take land

      • Poisoned 200 at a “peace conference”

      • War of extermination

    Genocide removal l.jpg
    Genocide & Removal Building in the Americas

    • “Peace”

      • Established boundaries

      • Indian scouts for Virginia Militia

      • Annual tribute of furs

    • 1715 forced removal of remaining tribes

      • Virginia lost 75% of native population

    Pilgrims of plymouth colony massachusetts bay l.jpg
    Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Bay Building in the Americas

    • 1620 – Plymouth, Massachusetts

    • Mayflower compact

    • Viewed people of Pamet & Nauset – Satan’s children

    Indian relations l.jpg
    Indian relations Building in the Americas

    • Massasoit “Big Chief” of Wampanoags and other tribes

      • Introduced fur trade

        • Major source of capital

      • Squanto – Patuxet Wampanoag

        • Assisted Pilgrims through “starving time”

    • 1621 – “Thanksgiving”

    Puritans of massachusetts bay company colony l.jpg
    Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Company & Colony Building in the Americas

    • Never endured a “Starving time”

      • By 1640 25,000 puritans out numbered Indians in the region

    • Puritan Covenant & “City Upon the Hill”

      • The chosen elect, outsider – insider mentality

      • God’s chosen, right to land = extermination

    Governor & Chief Executive

    John Winthrop

    Pequot war 1637 l.jpg
    “Pequot War” 1637 Building in the Americas

    • “Impediment to Puritan Progress”

      • Pequot's resisted encroachment & killings

    Removal reservations l.jpg
    Removal & Reservations Building in the Americas

    • 1638 – Reservation Campaign

      • 14 plantations, 1200 acres among Quinnipiac Tribe, New Haven, CT.

      • Prohibited tribal government & religion

        • Foreshadowed 19th century reservation system of United States established by the Office of Indian Affairs