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PE Higher Nab

PE Higher Nab. How to answer the questions. Important info to note down.

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PE Higher Nab

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  1. PE Higher Nab How to answer the questions

  2. Important info to note down • The following info will be bullet points that are essential for you to answer the questions correctly. However, the bullet points are only a guide and not enough for you to get marks. You must expand on your answers with clear and concise info! • “Fail to prepare, prepare to Fail!”

  3. Question 1 • Methods used – video, scattergrams, observations schedules for mechanical and movement analysis. • Describe in detail how they were used, designed, why they were used, example!

  4. Question 2 • A) Strengths and weaknesses Always refer to the methods you used eg – The obs schedule showed me…. Give me specific examples about the s/w eg PAR/subroutines within the shots. Whole performance Isolated performance B) Development needs – what needs improved and why? Examples…benefits…

  5. Question 3 • The first key concept I have studied is The concept of skill and skilled performance. • And is from the area of Skills and Techniques • The related key feature I have studied is • An understanding of how a skilled performance can be used to enhance and develop performance, for example: • ♦ effective, consistent and economic movement • ♦ ability to vary and adapt by using a range of skills and techniques • ♦ ability to select the correct options to cope with various performance demands.

  6. Question 4 The second key concept I have studied is The development of skill and the refinement of technique in terms of: Stages of Learning, Methods of practice, Principles of effective practice and motivation, concentration and feedback • The analysis area of Skills and Techniques • The related key feature I have studied is • Key feature • Skills and/or techniques are learned in different stages. This should include understanding about the following stages: • ♦ preparation/cognitive • ♦ practice/associative • ♦ automatic/autonomous • or other terminology used to describe these stages. • At each stage of learning, when developing skills or techniques, select the most relevant methods of practice from the following: • ♦ solo/shadow/partner/group • ♦ opposed/unopposed • ♦ gradual build up/whole part whole • ♦ drills/repetition practices • ♦ massed/distributed • ♦ conditioned games/small sided games/coached games. • The method of practice selected should show an understanding of the following principles of effective practice: • ♦ setting clear objectives • ♦ consideration of strengths and weaknesses • ♦ awareness of model performer • ♦ achievable progressive stages • ♦ effect of boredom and fatigue • ♦ intensity of practice • ♦ work to rest ratio. • An understanding of the influential factors that affect performance: • ♦ motivation • ♦ concentration • ♦ feedback. • Key feature • How skills are learned and require refinement of technique through practice.

  7. Question 5 • You must demonstrate how you used your key concept info to enable you to design relevant development prog which aims to improve the weaknesses identified in Q2b. • Should give relevant examples to support answer. • Eg – For example, by studying, I have learned that…

  8. Question 6 • Programme of work description • 6 sessions • Clear detailed description about prog/design • Full details about programme – sessions, principles of effective practice, methods of practice, stages of learning, methods of learning. • Specific examples.

  9. Question 7 • Adaptations/changes. • Why were there adaptations/changes eg practice too easy/too difficult, no success, negative mindset… • What were the changes…

  10. Question 8 • What methods were used to monitor progress: • Same methods as at start – video, obs schedule, feedback, scatter graph. • Why was this important…targets etc/progression.

  11. Question 9 • The effectiveness of your programme: • Give a detailed description of your programme of work • Describe fully what is better about your performance • Include details about the specific improvements and what changed- eg PAR subroutines, stage of learning.

  12. Question 10 • Future development needs: • Give a clear description/explanation of what you would do in the future. • Consider further developing/refining or maintaining your performance or may need to improve something new eg serve • Should give full and clear details of your next steps/intent!

  13. Additional info • This will hopefully be placed on blig • Use info/guidance in NAB • Anything you think might be relevant – put it down in a concise manner. • Be clear on what you are trying to say! • Don’t waffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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