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Higher PE

Higher PE. Skills & Techniques Badminton / Volleyball. Collecting Information / Data about Your Performance. Possible Methods – Movement Analysis – Observation Checklist- PAR. Match Analysis Sheet. Scatter Diagram.

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Higher PE

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  1. Higher PE Skills & Techniques Badminton / Volleyball

  2. Collecting Information / Data about Your Performance Possible Methods – • Movement Analysis – • Observation Checklist- PAR. • Match Analysis Sheet. • Scatter Diagram. • Video – to compare with Model Performer to identify strengths & weaknesses. • Get help from other reliable people. • Gather data from Game situations against an opponent of similar ability.

  3. Information Processing Decision Making Input Output Feedback Reacting to Stimuli. Brain >Muscles>Initiate Action > Brain identifies action & process starts again. Instantaneous & continuous process. Stimuli – Specific instruction or movement of opponent or their shot. Assimilate & take appropriate decision as to what to do. Practice / Game situation are different. Output – My response. Feedback – How effective has my response been?

  4. 3 Stages of LearningPreparation/Practice/Automatic or Cognitive/Associative/Autonomous Preparation/Planning or Cognitive Stage • Limited understanding – Need to SEE THE SKILL. • Poor level of decision making – picks wrong skill at the wrong time. • Lacks control, consistency & accuracy – Clumsy. Rushed • Inconsistent. Limited range of skills • Needs continuous feedback from Teacher. Practice or Associative Stage • Better understanding as to HOW to perform the skill. • Decision making is a little better. Comfortable • Skill is now more recognisable. • More control & fluency is evident • Still needs external feedback but not as much. Automatic or Autonomous Stage • Clear understanding of HOW. • Fluent, controlled, effortless, lots of time. • High level of decision making throughout performance. • Kinaesthetic feedback /internal / self-correction

  5. The Model Performer – Benefits from Observing / working with • Identify your strengths & weaknesses • Increase your confidence & motivation • Relevant & accurate feedback. • Provides a challenge to you. • Quality feeds to practice certain shots. • Inspire YOU. • Helps YOU set appropriate Targets. • Copy / Imitate is the best form of flatery!! • 1 v 1.

  6. Principles of Effective Practice Depends on YOUR current STAGE of Learning & the Complexity of the Skill you are trying to learn. SThe practice needs to be SPECIFIC to the skill MImprovement needs to be Measureable A Success needs to be Attainable R Targets need to be Realistic T Need to be Time related E Need to beExciting so as to motivate R Practice needs to take place Regularly to achieve best results The above is useful but detailed examples are required

  7. Methods of Practice Must relate to the Stage of Learning & the complexity of the Skill!! Could relate your level of skill to that of the Model Performer. • Shadow Practice ? • Whole Part Whole ? • Gradual Build Up? • Repetition & Drills ? Simple >>>>> Complex(Page 27) • Conditioned Games ? • Pressure Drills ?

  8. Badminton Low Service XCourt Drop Shot Smash Backhand Shots Volleyball Overhead Service Reverse Volley Blocking Spiking Complex Skills In Badminton / Volleyball Complex because there are many bits or sub-routines that need to be mastered. Execution phase can prove very demanding as the element of disguise may also be necessary to achieve a successful outcome.

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