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Higher/ Int 2 PE

Higher/ Int 2 PE. Prep of Body Exam question 2008. QUESTION 3a. Describe the Physical, Skill related and Mental fitness requirements for effective performance within your activities. (6 marks). QUESTION 3a.

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Higher/ Int 2 PE

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  1. Higher/Int 2 PE Prep of Body Exam question 2008

  2. QUESTION 3a • Describe the Physical, Skill related and Mental fitness requirements for effective performance within your activities. (6 marks)

  3. QUESTION 3a • Select the most appropriate type or more than one aspect within that type to show relevant KU to support answer. • Physical Fitness – CVE, Speed, Muscular Endurance, strength, Power, • Skill Related Fitness – Agility, Movement anticipation, Reaction time, • Mental Fitness – Motivation, Concentration, Determination, Anxiety, Visualisation

  4. QUESTION 3a • Physical Fitness – high CV and Speed allowed tracking back and help defend and support attacks throughout game . Strength as a defender to jump high to win headers from clearances and crosses and win tackles • Skill Related – Agility as a winger to beat opponent whilst controlling the ball. Change direction with ball or to loose my marker inside the box when a cross played in. GK to make saves when closing down an attacker • Mental Fitness – Playmaker in midfield can control emotions of high pressure situations from opponents (when closed down)/crowd. Make correct decisions (pass), rehearse action (free kick)

  5. QUESTION 3b • From the fitness requirements described in Part A, select ONE aspect. Explain how you gathered info about it within the activity (4 marks)

  6. QUESTION 3b • Select appropriate aspect • Give description • Explain as to how they gathered info on it within game

  7. QUESTION 3b • Gathering Data • Description of method • Diagram (observation schedule showing info relevant to aspects selected (eg) SPEED and CVE • Reference to the process used to gather data • Account of what was done and why? • Methods • Video • Match Analysis sheets • Performance profile • Reliability and validility of method apparent • Standardised Test are out with activity remember

  8. QUESTION 3c • There are 3 phases of training; • Perpetration (pre season) • Competition (during the season) • Transition (off season) Discuss why your training might differ between each of the phases. Give examples to support your answer ( 6 marks)

  9. QUESTION 3c • Candidate demonstrates acquired and applied knowledge and understanding in relation to each phase of training. • Description of what happened In each phase to explain what each phase mean sand to give examples of training covered

  10. Question 3c • Prep Phase • Refer to general fitness work being developed eg endurance • General running, circuit training particular drills • Comp Phase • Work on specific fitness/skill for comp. Fitness for specific strategies • Speed for quick counter attacks • Transition phase • Body recovery • Maintain general fitness (alternative activities eg swimming)

  11. Question 3d • Describe one method of training you used to develop your fitness. Explain why this method was appropriate? (4 marks)

  12. Question 3d • Select an appropriate method • Describe what you did • Provide examples and explanation as to why it was important. • Dependent on activity and fitness selected • One session or a block of time describing what they did • KU shown regarding training did and to its appropriateness • Out of activity, within activity or combined • Fartlek, continuous, conditioning, interval, rehearsal

  13. Question 3d • Give me an example • Appropriateness??????????????????? • Activity specific movements • Develop both skills and fitness • Simulate pressure demands of game • Fun and motivating • Easy to carry out • Little or no equipment needed • Develop specific fitness/ muscles

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