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WELCOME. Presented by------------. English 1 st Paper. Class-ix. Unit-3,Lesson-6. Time-45 min. Date-04.6.2014. Nur Islam( Shazu ). Asst.Teacher . Thetrai Girls’High School. Ulipur,Kurigram . Mobile-01728-425865. Look at the pictures and guess. Pohela Boishakh. Learning Out Come.

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presented by
Presented by------------

English 1st Paper.



Time-45 min.


  • Nur Islam(Shazu).
  • Asst.Teacher.
  • ThetraiGirls’High School.
  • Ulipur,Kurigram.
  • Mobile-01728-425865.
learning out come

Learning Out Come

Talk about the Festivalitional

By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to-

Learn about the traditional Food.

Talk about activities of PahelaBaishakh.

individual work

Individual Work

Look and guess about the picture then answer the following questions

a what is the picture about

a)What is the picture about?

b)Where are the people now?

c)What are the people doing?






Ful of different colour


Put on show

a what do you do on pahela boishakh

a)What do you do on PahelaBoishakh?

b)What kind of food you eat on PahelaBoishakh in the morning?

c)How do you dress up yourself on PahelaBoishakh?

look at the picture and answer the following questions1

Look at the picture and answer the following questions.

a)Make a list of the activities on PahelaBoishakh.


a)When does the program start?

b)What does people open on PahelaBoishakh?

c)How should we celebrate PahelaBoishakh?

home task
Home task

Write a short composition How you have observed PahelaBoishakh this year.