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MBA Track – Environmental Management PowerPoint Presentation
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MBA Track – Environmental Management

MBA Track – Environmental Management

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MBA Track – Environmental Management

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  1. MBA Track – Environmental Management

  2. Overall Goals Prepare interested students for careers in environmental management Meet demand for professionals able to integrate environmental concerns into the more traditional models of business operations Managers need to be able to speak the language of sustainability and the environment

  3. Core Classes Environmental Economics Economic theory of environmental policies Supply Chain Environmental Management Managing environmental aspects of business through effective management of the supply-chain Courses are designed to complement each other to allow for students to integrate the information smoothly

  4. Environmental Economics Course Objectives: Understand theoretical basis for environmental policy How much pollution should there be? What is the best way to achieve that level? Basic understanding of existing policies Explore the idea of a “Green Revolution” in business practice

  5. Environmental Economics Course Format: Discussion-driven lectures Extensive readings on applications Independent research project appraising an environmental problem, possible policy solutions, and the impact on business

  6. Supply Chain Environmental Management Course Objectives Familiarize students with the tools of environmental management Examine challenges and opportunities in adopting and implementing environmental management practices Explore the implications of environmental policy/orientation on key supply chain activities

  7. Supply Chain Environmental Management Course Format Discussion and Lecture CASE STUDIES 8-10 Case Studies which are focal points Term project studying a chosen topic in Environmental Management, possibly integrated with other course project

  8. Topics Covered Cost-benefit Analysis Policy-level Firm-level Corporate Environmental Responsibility Various Environmental Policies Tradeable Permits, Taxes, Subsidies, Liability Firm Responses: Environmental Reporting and Liability/Risk Management Total Quality Environmental Management Environment and International Trade

  9. Electives Financial Tools for Business Development and Risk management Developing and Managing Technology Strategic Project Management Negotiations and Relationship Management Students choose two

  10. Career Focus Environmental Management track is focused on building marketable skills: Environmental Policy Analysis Basics of Cost-Benefit Analysis Strategic Environmental Management Also provides a point of differentiation Train managers who can provide new insight to environmental issues in business

  11. Career Focus Available Careers: Environmental Project Managers Environmental Compliance Managers Environmental Consultants Environmental Policy Analysts Remanufacturing and Reverse logistics manager Sustainable Operations Manager/ Manager-RoHS Market will only grow over time

  12. Who Benefits Most? Students coming to the MBA program with a background in environmental studies It translates their existing interests into a marketable professional career Students interested in advocacy or policy/government consulting Advocates need to know the language of business to affect change