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R12 New Features in QTC Track NCOAUG 22-Feb-08 Ravi Sagaram PowerPoint Presentation
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R12 New Features in QTC Track NCOAUG 22-Feb-08 Ravi Sagaram

R12 New Features in QTC Track NCOAUG 22-Feb-08 Ravi Sagaram

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R12 New Features in QTC Track NCOAUG 22-Feb-08 Ravi Sagaram

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  1. R12 New Features in QTC Track NCOAUG 22-Feb-08 Ravi Sagaram

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Discuss Key New Features • Questions and Answers

  3. Key Features • Cascading Attributes from Header to Lines • Customer Acceptance • Deferred COGS and Revenue • Exception Management • Multi Org Access • Sales Agreements • Actual Ship Date • Parallel Pick Release

  4. Cascading Attributes Overview Cascade Modified Attributes from Order Header to Lines Advantages • Reduces Manual Update of Multiple Lines • Reduces Multiple Key Strokes • Increases Productivity • Increases Accuracy

  5. Cascading Attributes Usage

  6. Cascading Attributes Setups • Setup the Profile Option ‘OM: Sales Order Form: Cascade Header Changes to Line’

  7. Cascading Attributes Setups Enable the Cascading Attributes. Setup  Quick Codes  Order Management  Type – ‘OM_HEADER_TO_LINE_CASCADE’

  8. Customer Acceptance Overview • In high tech industries like Telecom, the order process may not end with the shipping of the goods and services to the customer. • In many cases, the goods that are shipped might have to be installed, tested, and accepted before invoicing and revenue recognition. • There is no feature in R11 to record Customer Acceptance.

  9. Customer Acceptance Overview • R12 Provides a new feature ‘Revenue Contingency’ which can be used for pre billing or post billing customer acceptance. • In Pre-billing acceptance, the line gets invoiced, closed and revenue recognized after the acceptance. • In post Billing acceptance, the line gets closed and revenue recognized after the acceptance.

  10. Customer Acceptance Overview Process diagram

  11. Customer Acceptance Overview Invoice Pending Acceptance is New in R12 – Can be used as Pre billing Acceptance

  12. Customer Acceptance Close Line – Pending Acceptance is the new feature in R12– Can be used as Post Billing Acceptance

  13. Customer Acceptance Setups • Enable OM System Parameter ‘Enable Fulfillment Acceptance’ Setup  System Parameters  Define  ENABLE_FULFILLMENT_ACCEPTANCE

  14. Customer Acceptance Setups (Contd..) • Define a Deferral reason ‘Customer Acceptance’ in the Revenue Management . Specify the removal event. There are 5 removal events • Define an assignment rule to assign the deferral reason to a parameter like receivables transaction type, customer, customer site, item etc. • Enable the folder fields for Customer Acceptance in Order Lines.

  15. Customer Acceptance Setups (Contd..)

  16. Customer Acceptance Usage • Customer Acceptance is recorded by user in the OM in the order header or order lines. • It is not possible to record acceptance for partial quantity. Either accept or reject full qty. • The acceptance can be recorded explicitly by the user or implicitly by time out feature (like 30 days from shipping etc.) • Once the acceptance is recorded, the line will progress to invoicing and close in the case of pre-billing or just close after post billing.

  17. Customer Acceptance Usage A sales order with pre-billing customer acceptance

  18. Customer Acceptance Usage

  19. Customer Acceptance Usage • Use Additional Line Information or Order Information to record customer Acceptance

  20. Customer Acceptance Usage

  21. Deferred COGS Overview • Accounting Standards stipulate that COGS and Revenue are recognized in the same accounting period. • In R12, a new feature was provided to invoke deferred COGS instead of COGS upon shipment. • When revenue is recognized upon customer acceptance or a deferral reason, then an accounting transaction is created to hit the COGS account. • COGS will be recognized to the same percentage as the revenue.

  22. Deferred COGS Setups Setup deferred COGS account in inventory organization Setup  Organizations  Inventory  Other Accounts tab

  23. Deferred COGS Application • Enter, Book and Ship an Order in OM • Accounting transactions are generated against deferred COGS. • Invoice and close the line removing the revenue contingency. The transactions will reverse form DCOGS to COGS. • If it is a ship only line, reversal from DCOGS to COGS will take place upon closing of the line.

  24. Exception Management Overview • R12 provides a concurrent Program to preview and retry stuck transactions (due to errors in workflow) • In the Preview mode, a log is generated to give the reasons for the errors. • In the execution mode, the error WFs are retried • A concurrent Program was provided to retry these error WFS. The Program name is ‘Retry Errored Workflow Activities’ • Schedule to run this program – probably once in a day.

  25. Exception Management Usage

  26. Multi Org Access Overview • Multi Org Access feature in R12 provides access to data from multiple operating units without switching responsibilities. • Using this feature, users can • View and create orders, BSAs, quotes etc. • Do setups for different operating units from the same responsibility. • Run reports for multiple OUs.

  27. Multi Org Access Setups • Create a security profile using HR responsibility • Assign different OUs to the security Profile. • Assign the Security profile to the system profile ‘MO: Security Profile’ at the responsibility level.

  28. Multi Org Access Usage • Enable the Operating Unit field on the forms for BSA, Order Header, Quote Etc. This can be done using the Folder Tools. • Enter the value for OU before entering the other data. This will enable the other fields on the form. • When running reports, enter OU as the optional parameter.

  29. Sales Agreements Overview • BSAs are renamed as Sales Agreements in R12 • Sales Agreements have been enhanced to handle PTOs

  30. Actual Ship Date Overview • R12 Provided a new feature to enter Actual Departure Date (It can be even a future date) on the following. • Pick Release Concurrent Program • Pick Release from the form • Ship Confirm Concurrent Program

  31. Actual Ship Date Usage Shipping Release Sales Orders  Release Sales Orders SRS

  32. Actual Ship Date Usage Shipping Release Sales Orders  Release Sales Orders Select Ship Confirm Rule to enable the actual departure date Actual Dep date

  33. Actual Ship Date Usage Shipping Release Sales Orders  Ship Confirm Deliveries SRS

  34. Actual Ship Date Setups Setup  Shipping  Global Parameters Enable Allow Future Ship Date

  35. Parallel Pick Release Overview • R12 Provides a new feature to launch Parallel Pick Release • This feature launches multiple workers for the pick release. • This will improve the performance of the pick release.

  36. Parallel Pick Release Usage

  37. Parallel Pick Release Setups • Set up the profile option ‘WSH: Number of Pick Release Child Processes’ to the N child processes (N> 2)

  38. Questions

  39. Thank You 630-849-9888