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Artists’ Backgrounds PowerPoint Presentation
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Artists’ Backgrounds

Artists’ Backgrounds

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Artists’ Backgrounds

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  1. Teri Hylton Birth place: London (UK) has lived in: Florence (Italy)- 1 year Current residence: NW London Art training: London Meera Chauda Birth place: Crawley (UK) Has lived in: Mombasa (Kenya) - holidays Current resident: SW London Art training: London Jennifer Lewis Birth place : London (UK) Current residence : NE London Art training: London Fatima Djabri Birth place : Paris (France) has lived in : Paris Current residence : SW London Art training: London Misako Okuyama Birth place : Tokyo (Japan) has lived in : Paris (France)- 1 year and half, Montreal (Canada) – 3 years Current residence: SW London Art training: Tokyo & Paris Artists’ Backgrounds Thurle Wright: Birth place :Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) has lived in :, Sydney & Tasmania (Australia), (Germany), (Denmark), France and UK Current residence: SW London Art training: London

  2. Artworks Jennifer Lewis Subject matterAfro Caribbean people and nature Media: Painting, Jewellery, Pottery and Sculpture Fatima Djabri Subject matterTatoos, Hena and Fabrics Media: Textiles, Collage Misako Okuyama Subject matter: Snake & Letters Media: Japanese mineral painting, calligraphy, collage and craft • Teri Hylton • Subject matter: Female figures Media: Photography, Printing, Painting • Meera Chauda • Subject matter Female figures (Kali & English girls Media: Collage with photo copied images • Thurle Wright • Subject matter Abstract (Form & Language) Media: Origami sculpture

  3. Analysis of Meera and Teri’s Artworks Artists’ Statements Imagery Cultural Sources Symbolism Interpretation

  4. Imagery: Cultural Sources Japanese & cosmopolitan cultures Female snake Venus’ body: combination of Japanese letters Symbolism of the Snake in Japanese culture one of the seven gods of good luck / love / beauty symbolic equivalence to Venus in European culture There are many traditional stories about snakes from different parts of Japan, and often involve women changing into snakes to accomplish a wish. Misako Okuyama’s Cultural Identity Venus RW (Myself) Media: Japanese Calligraphy Methods: combination of letters & images using Japanese art techniques

  5. Imagery: Cultural Sources Indian (Hindu) & British Head Kali the destroyer Body Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (English) Meera Chauda’s Cultural Identity (Asian British) • Artist’s Statement Questions of identity and place Where are they going? Many child stories in which girls embark upon journeys and return home Kali Media: Collage Methods: Enlarging & reducing images