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Dude … Whats Yi? PowerPoint Presentation
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Dude … Whats Yi?

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Dude … Whats Yi?
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Dude … Whats Yi?

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  1. Dude … Whats Yi?

  2. Yi stands for Young Indians and it is an integral part of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

  3. CII? … Nice !!

  4. 1500+ Yi members (Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Civil Servants, Artists, people from different walks of life)

  5. 10,000+ Students from over 110 Colleges

  6. Across 33 cities in India

  7. Work together towards Yi’s Objectives

  8. Yi’s Objectives?

  9. Yes … we have 2 objectives

  10. One. Be the voice of Young Indians globally … We represent India & work with counterparts @ • G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit • CAAYE(Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs) • And other International missions to make this world a better place.

  11. Two. Undertake Nation Building activities to make India the country of our dreams through various Projects, Events, White Papers, e-Activism etc.

  12. Hmm … What’s Yuva?

  13. Yuva is • A vertical in Yi • Engages students in Nation Building • Help students with their Career

  14. What activities?

  15. Yuva @ Chapter Security SHE++ “A Session on Women Safety”, Chandigarh UMANG 2013, Bhubaneswar Yi Running Marathon, Chandigarh

  16. Yuva @ Chapter E Waste Awareness, Chennai Independence Day Celebration, Coimbatore My Idea , My Business , Erode

  17. Yuva @ Chapter Students @ Business, Kochi Mission Blackboard, Indore Action in Auction, Bhopal

  18. Yuva @ Chapter World Environment Day, Patna Road safety Week , Trichy No Honking Day Campaign, Kochi

  19. Yuva Brand Rural Immersion Programme UN Parliament Simulation India Parliament Simulation Road2Ideas

  20. Yuva Brand India in 96 hrs

  21. Yuva Brand India in 96 hrs

  22. Yuva Summit

  23. The YUVA Awards 2013-14 3rd Position Bhavan's Rajaji Vidyashram Chennai 1st Position Kongu Engineering College Erode 2nd Position Millennium School Chandigarh Best Yuva Project Mission Blackboard Acropolis,Indore Special Recognition XLRI,Jamshedpur Best Yuva Event Anti Corruption Rally Gnanamani Education Trust, Erode

  24. What else?

  25. We are introducing 360o Leadership 2 years Program for undergraduates

  26. 25 Cities x 4 Colleges x 100 students = 10,000 students in 2014-15

  27. 360o Leadership …sounds fancy 

  28. Leadership traditionally has been linear … However due to increase in complexity and global connect – Leadership is multi dimensional, multi faceted and individualistic … hence 360o Leadership

  29. Wow … so what’s in the Program?

  30. 360o Leadership Program has various Modules to help you understand and develop traits of Leadership as you indulge in nation building. Simultaneously, you build your resume’

  31. Talking Heads Series Eminent inspirational speakers will visit your city and take you through their 360° Leadership experiences Civic Quotient Project Have you ever filed an RTI? Civic Quotient is an initiative for increased civic involvement and awareness among the Yi YUVA. It will also focus on the role of local government and have hands on experience. Proposed 360° Leadership Modules-Year I

  32. Field Visit Visit an Industry, a NGO, a Community centre , a Govt. office or Police HQ for experiential learning Ethics and Leadership Workshop – Part 1 An intensive case study based module on Ethics and Leadership for a day Proposed 360° Leadership Modules-Year I

  33. Leadership Camp A weekend Leadership camp where select students from colleges across India participate at an exotic location and study various facets of Leadership Road2Ideas An innovative run to celebrate the grassroots innovators based on C. K. Prahalad’s sand box constraint. Proposed 360° Leadership Modules-Year I

  34. Yuva Student Exchange Travel to a different corner of India | stay with Yi families | study the culture | visit the heritage | contribute to the Yi work | 5 days program Online Internship & Mentor Market Tap into CII’s member companies by posting your resume and applying for Summer Internship or simply request mentoring Proposed 360° Leadership Modules-Year I

  35. National Volunteering Week Community service is an important habit which we want Indians to imbibe. Let’s volunteer from Jan 12 (National Volunteering Day) to Jan 18 Online webinars with Innovation Gurus Participate in Business Plan Contests And More (like Certificates, Awards etc) Proposed 360° Leadership Modules-Year I

  36. Phew! What if I skip or miss out on few modules?

  37. You all are adults and can decide on the modules which you would like to attend However, this program is Credit based

  38. So that’s the catch. What’s the credit for?

  39. Would you like to: • Go to G20 YES in Turkey (all expense paid) • Shadow a top CEO for a day • Talk @ Yi National Summit And More Get as many Credits as you can !!

  40. Why is Yi interested in my Career?

  41. If each one of you perform to your potential then our country will automatically progress Meets Yi’s objectives 

  42. Noble thoughts … Ok, how much is this 360o Leadership Program gonna Cost me?

  43. Nothing … if you are a Yi Yuva member

  44. And How do I become a Yuva Member?

  45. Simple! • Pay the membership fees of Rs 500 p.a. to your Chaupal Coordinator • Register on www.yiyuva.com You will soon receive a Welcome Kit with lots of goodies

  46. Chaupal … what?

  47. Oh … we have a structure with fancy names

  48. Yi YuvaChaupal Chaupal has traditionally been a public place in rural India where people would exchange information, ideas, news over a cup of tea. Your College = Yi Yuva <College name> Chaupal

  49. Yi YuvaChaupal Member Students who sign up with Yi Yuva