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Empowerment and Self-Confidence Process by Helene Goldnadel PowerPoint Presentation
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Empowerment and Self-Confidence Process by Helene Goldnadel

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Empowerment and Self-Confidence Process by Helene Goldnadel
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Empowerment and Self-Confidence Process by Helene Goldnadel

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  1. Self-Confidence and Empowerment Process by Helene Goldnadel Of International Creative Artists Helene Goldnadel Speaks of Self-Confidence and Empowerment--She Is the Owner of International Creative Artists, the Only Orange County Acting School Licensed in the State of California. Nobody has to be shy, laid back. Not being noticed, acknowledged, looked at, considered, admired, looked up to, and does not have to be anybody's every day situation. At International Creative Artists, the Post-secondary acting school licensed in California, we don't only teach children and talent how to book work in the film, TV industry. We also empower them toward being whom they need to be to have things turn out, says Helene Goldnadel. Recently our graduates have worked the following jobs: Connor G. 2 national Kodak commercials and a print job. Wyatt Y. Two co-star appearance on Judging Amy etc… Patrick D.R. a promo with Comedy Central’s Reno 911 Magdalena a Mac Donalds commercial, a guest star appearance with "Two and a Half Men" and two guest star appearances on Reno 911.

  2. Elijah T. a Baby Einstein commercial. Jolene C. a Wachovia National commercial. Jackie H. a Disney national commercial. It is a totally incredible feeling when a child who came in a few months ago, would not speak a lot, would not look at us or the camera, would almost hide behind mom and dad at the time. Then he/she becomes a powerful, expressive individual. This whole process that children go through within our programs allows them to learn how not to be afraid of anything. I love it when I do presentations at our school says Helene Goldnadel, and children come up to me, grab my microphone and start announcing their latest achievements in front of eighty people! Take Patrick D.R. for instance, he is with one of the top Talent agencies in LA. Every Saturday we have between one and three top talent agents that come in to audition our graduates as per our placement program. Well says Helene Goldnadel, Patrick comes up, grabs the mike, steps forward in front of the audience mind you, then he goes: "Hi I'm Patrick and I booked a promo with Reno 911 of Comedy Central. It was a lot of fun, and I even got paid." Then our little Jackie I. steps up and goes: “Hey can I have that?"(grabbing that microphone) then she says: "Yeah not bad. Well I booked a Disney national commercial, and that was my first audition. "Did I mention that these are pre-teen kids?” Says Helene Goldnadel ecstatic It's all about using one's sensitivity towards expression, she ads, so you have it as a tool instead of "it" having you. This press release is not geared towards advertising International Creative Artists and/or Helene Goldnadel as a motivational speaker and/or the owner of the Institution. Should the reader wish to inquire about the life transforming programs that International Creative Artists has to offer, they may call the school for an evaluation.

  3. Inquiring about International Creative Artists Programs does not guarantee acceptance into any of International Creative Artists programs. For more please visit http://www.rina-aiuchi.tv/