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Korea. By: Cynthia Figueroa, Latesha Gray, Kaitlyn Lewis. P olitical Aspects of early korea :. Korea was split to three different areas: Silla , Korguryo , and Paekche In Korguryo they tried to make their bureaucracy similar to China

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By: Cynthia Figueroa,

Latesha Gray, Kaitlyn Lewis

P olitical aspects of early korea
Political Aspects of early korea:

  • Korea was split to three different areas:

  • Silla, Korguryo, and Paekche

  • In Korguryo they tried to make their bureaucracy similar to China

  • Koguryo established an independent sate in the northern half of the peninsula

  • Played a role in dynastic struggles In northern China


    People who moved into the Korean peninsula had begun to acquire sedentary farming and metalworking techniques

E conomic aspects of korea
Economic aspects of korea

Members of the royal family financed the arts and pushed back mercantile expeditions which limited the activities of artisans and trade

Latter was so weak it didn’t form a distinct class

Aristocrats were most valued in Korean society

Tang paid regional tribute payments to the Silla

109B.C.E.____________________________________earliest Korean kingdom, Chosen was conquered by the Han emperor Wudi


Buddhism supplied key links between korea and the han dynasty

Korean rulers patronized buddhist artists and financed buildings of monasteries and pagodas

Korean scholars traveled to china

Confucian influence
Confucian Influence

Chinese writing was introduced

Korean youths struggled to master Confucian classics

  • Kung Fu-Tzu “confucious”

Korean culture
Korean Culture

In Korea, a house should be built against a hill, facing south to receive the most sunlight.

The traditional dress is hanbok. The hanbok consists of a shirt (jeogon) and a skirt (baji).

Rice is the staple food of korea

  • Hanbok

Geographic aspects of early korea
Geographic aspects of early Korea:

  • Korea was an peninsula Korea was split into 3 sections Koguryo , Paekche, silla

  • Korea was in southeast Asia

  • Koguryo had to pay their tribute to the Chinese they taught them art and how to manufacture goods

Intellectual and arts of early korea
Intellectual and arts of early korea:

  • The Koreans wrote down the latest fashion such as court dress and etiquette

  • Aristocrats studied in Chinese schools

  • Korean royal families endowed and patronized religious art

  • Korean artwork and monastic desgin produced a lot of work that sometimes chinese connoisseurs admired them

  • They also liked to print they used metal like things to help print.