world war ii
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World War II

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World War II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War II. Overview of WWII 1939-1945. Who was on whose side?. Leaders of Countries. Causes of WWII. Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler Appeasement Failure of the League of Nations. Treaty of Versailles. Basically blamed Germany for WWI

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world war ii

World War II

Overview of WWII


causes of wwii
Causes of WWII
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Appeasement
  • Failure of the League of Nations
treaty of versailles
Treaty of Versailles
  • Basically blamed Germany for WWI
  • By signing the treaty, Germany had to admit responsibility for the war and it’s damages
  • Germany had to pay for the damages
  • Property was taken away from Germany
after treaty of versailles
After Treaty of Versailles

adolf hitler
Adolf Hitler
  • In 1924, Adolf Hitler was already letting his intentions be known though his writing in Mein Kampf which stated his plans
    • Destroy the Treaty of Versailles
    • Create a powerful German Army and unite German people
    • Conquer Eastern Europe land for Germany
adolf hitler cont
Adolf Hitler Cont.
  • In 1933, Hitler started to put his plan into action
    • He left the League of Nations
    • Gradually he started to increase the size of the military
    • He tested to see if France and Britain would stop Germany from using their military
    • 1939 he invades Czechoslovakia and Poland
  • France and Britain underestimated Germany’s power
  • Hitler refused to listen to any request for peace

league of nations
League of Nations
  • Failed at keeping peace
    • Had no military to back it up
    • All the countries in League of Nations did not agree at how to keep the peace
    • United States was not a member
maps of where wwii took place
Maps of Where WWII TookPlace

maps cont
Maps Cont.

maps cont1
Maps Cont.

main battles of wwii
Main Battles of WWII
  • D-Day Invasion-June 6, 1944
    • Also known as Battle of Normandy
    • 160,000 Allied troops landed on the beach on the coast of France
  • Battle of the Bulge
    • Began December 1944
    • Last major battle for the Germans on the Western Front
    • Largest Battle for US Army has ever fought to date
main battles of wwii1
Main Battles of WWII
  • Pearl Harbor Attack
    • December 7, 1941
    • Negotiations were taking place between Japanese and American Diplomats when attack took place
    • 2,300 Americans were killed
    • December 8, 1941 FDR declared war on Japan
  • Battle for Midway
    • June 4, 1942
    • US was ready and nothing really happened
main battles of wwii2
Main Battles of WWII
  • Dropping the atomic bomb
    • Hiroshima
      • August 6, 1945
      • 92,000 people ended up missing or dead
    • Nagasaki
      • August 9, 1945
      • 40,000 people were killed

**August 14, 1945 Japan accepted surrender agreement. September 2, 1945 signed surrender agreement.

atomic bomb pics
Atomic Bomb Pics

main battles of wwii3
Main Battles of WWII

main battles of wwii4
Main Battles of WWII

main battles of wwii5
Main Battles of WWII

lend lease act
Lend-Lease Act
  • Program outlined by Neutrality Acts
  • Allowed US to provide Allied Powers with defense supplies without actually going to war against Axis Powers

works cited
Works Cited