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Chinese Culture Classes

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Chinese Culture Classes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Culture Classes. The Unit Plan Assignment CI 350-202 Xinyu Cao. Objective of the Course.

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chinese culture classes

Chinese Culture Classes

The Unit Plan Assignment

CI 350-202

Xinyu Cao

objective of the course
Objective of the Course
  • The class is going to use Power Points, videos, pictures, posters, online discussion board, real delicious food and handmade materials to study the Chinese Culture, and encourage students to explore the Cultural differences between their native countries and China.
  • It is hoped that students from 5th to 9th grade will acquire with a basic knowledge of China ( such as flag, national emblem, population, language, geography, ethnic groups), and with some understandings of the multifaceted aspects of the Chinese culture, which include the festivals, customs, arts, cuisines and cultural events.
  • Each class is comprised by three different periods: discussion, lecture and in-class activity. If students want to past this course, they have to achieve 75% of the course requirements. If students want to get an excellent grade, they need to attend all of those five classes, and achieve 93% of the course requirements.
  • Grading: attendance 35%, discussion 15% , activities: 15%, group assignment and individual writing assignment: 35%
day by day class plan
Day by Day Class Plan
  • 1st Day: Introduction to China
  • 2nd Day: Chinese Festivals and Events
  • 3rd Day: Chinese Visual Art
  • 4th Day: Introduction to Chinese Cuisine
  • 5th Day: Chinese Music and Dance Appreciation
media and material 1 st day
Media and Material (1st Day)
  • Introduction to China (PRC)

* Flag, National Emblem, Population

* Map, Climate, Landscape, Biodiversity

* Brief of History, Official Languages, Religions

  • Media and Material

* Power Points (Include Pictures)

* Short Video about the Modern China

* Handouts (Use for In-class Assignment)

* Online Discussion Board (For Home Writing Assignment)

media and material 2 nd day
Media and Material (2nd Day)
  • Chinese Festivals and Events

* New Year’s Eve, The Spring Festival

* Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival

* Mid-autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival

  • Media and Material

* Power Points (Include Pictures)

* Handmade Materials (For In-class Activity)

* Facebook, blog, or Online Discussion Board

(For Home Writing Assignment )

media and material 3 rd day
Media and Material (3rd Day)
  • Chinese Visual Art

*Chinese Penmanship

*Chinese Painting and Sculpture

*Chinese Traditional Handicraft

  • Media and Material

*Power Points (Include Picture)

*Real Traditional Chinese Artworks

*The Materials use for Writing and Drawing

(In-class activity: Write simple Chinese words or draw pictures)

media and material 4 th day
Media and Material (4th Day)
  • Introduction to Chinese Cuisine

*Eight Culinary Traditions of China

*Regional Cuisines

*Staple Food, Beverages

  • Media and Material

*Power Point (Include Pictures)

*Video (to Introduce Chinese Food)

*Real delicious Chinese Snacks and Food

*Cooking Materials

(For In-class Activity to make Dumplings and Spring Rolls)

media and material 5 th day
Media and Material (5th Day)
  • Chinese Music and Dance Appreciation

*Traditional Chinese Instruments

*Chinese Opera and Folk Music

*Legend, Dragon Dance, and Yangge

  • Media and Material

*Power Point (Include Pictures)

*Video (About Chinese Music and Dance)

*Online Discussion Bored (For Writing Assignment)

*Handouts(Use for In-class Activity and Group Assignment)

thank you

Thank You!

The Unit Plan

Chinese Culture Classes