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Chinese Tea Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese Tea Culture

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Chinese Tea Culture

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  1. Chinese Tea Culture • 活动分工: • 讨论:思政6班217宿舍全体成员 • 资料收集:李丹、雪莲、妃妙 • PPt制作:李丹、林燕、虹燕 • 演讲:虹燕、康莲

  2. 猜字谜 茶 人在草木中

  3. 中国茶文化 Chinese Tea Culture I. The History of Chinese Tea II. The Importance III. The Drinking Way of Chinese tea IV. Famous Teas in China

  4. The History of Chinese Tea JanpanKorea India Central Asia Arabian Peninsula This book tells the origin , the history of tea as well as the customs of drinking tea and drinking vessels …etc. In this book readers can read many interesting stories about Chinese tea and tea culture.

  5. The Importance Tea is always offered to a guest immediately upon entering a Chinese home . Serving a cup of tea is more than a matter of mere politeness. It is a symbol of togetherness, a sharing of something enjoyable , and a way of showing respect to visitors.

  6. The Way to Drink Tea People have high requirements for the quality of the prepared tea leaf ,the water and the wares . The Chinese emphasize water quality and water taste . Fine water must be pure ,sweet ,cool ,clean ,and flowing .Water from good spring is always considered best.

  7. Some Famous Teas In China 1. Longjing tea (龙井茶) “Tea in the United States and the number of Longjing tea.” Longjing tea is known as “color Tsui,(香郁,味醇)。2. Biluochun (碧螺春 )“Dongting Biluochun, Barry tea drunk.” (洞庭碧螺春,巴里茶醉了)Biluochun water produced in the Jiangsu Wuxian matched, Taihu Lake Dongting Hill, it smells fruity fragrance.

  8. 3. Qimen black tea (祁门红茶) Qimen black tea produced in the mountains of Anhui Qimen Country, get hold in the 1915 World Expo in Panama 4. Liuan(六安瓜片 )It produced in the Anhui region Liuan Qi Yun and other places, is a shape like melon seeds, green color, aroma GAO, Pamela味鲜-chip-shaped tea. Welcome To Here !

  9. Do you want to have a cup of tea ? 5. Wuyi(武夷岩茶)Produced in northern Fujian Wuyi岩茶“show a south-east” of the Wuyi Mountain, grew up in the chimney (狭缝)of tea. Wuyi岩茶with the scent of green tea, black tea of the glycol (乙二醇)is in the best tea in China. 6. Tieguanyin (铁观音)It is produced in southern Fujian Anxi County, the first appearance of finished tea may dragonflies(蜻蜓), tadpoles(蝌蚪) may end. Bubbles (泡沫)in the cup "red rimmed green" is the top grade tea.

  10. Have a cup of tea with you! Don,t forget to keep the appointment

  11. The end • Thank you for • listening!