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Religion. It is a sense of belonging to a religious group.

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It is a sense of belonging to a religious group.

We will be presenting from the point-of-view of the majority religion: Christianity.

religions of the world 2007
Religions of the World (2007)


Religions of the United States (2007)

acceptance within a majority religion
Acceptance Within a Majority Religion

The learning, identifying, and receiving of religious inequities in society

With religious identity there is no conscience identification and Christians are unaware of other religions


Example of Acceptance

  • Christians and society as a whole are used to automatically having holidays off of work, school, stores closed, etc…
  • Such as Christmas and Easter.
  • However, for the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, people must ask for the day off of work since this is required of the holiday.
  • Unless people have a Jewish co-worker, they are most likely unaware of the holiday.
no communication

Within this stage of acceptance, the majority group, Christians, will end up being patronizing or avoid communication altogether.

resistance within a majority religion
Resistance Within a Majority Religion
  • Resistance: a major shift from blaming the minority to blaming the social system as the source of the problem.
  • During this stage individuals may feel ashamed of their own religion, avoiding or minimizing interactions with people of the same belief and seeking out interactions with people of minority religions.
example of resistance
Example of Resistance
  • Sarah moved to college a year ago.
  • She made many Muslim friends.
  • She has seen her friends treated poorly because they are associated with terrorists.
  • Sarah blames the Christian influence on the media.
  • Now, she stays away from her Christian friends and spends most of her time with her Muslim friends.
another example
Another Example
  • Colleen R LaRose a.k.a. JihadJane
  • She did not like the mistreatment of Muslims by fellow Christian Americans.
  • She began aiding a radical online Muslim group, which was training people to fight Christian Americans.
religions affect on culture
Religions affect on culture
  • Cultural group Histories are the history of each cultural group within a nation that includes the history of where the group originated, why the people migrated, and how they came to develop and maintain their cultural traits.
  • Religious beliefs are central to culture.
  • People in all cultures have a set of beliefs that go beyond both the self and the natural world.
    • Explains human existence, guide personal relationships, and behavior.
cultures affect on communication
Cultures affect on Communication
  • Creates many problems between religions.
    • Suicide bombers and altruistic suicide
  • Historical events are important to religion and culture.
    • Crusades
    • Holocaust
    • Mormon Trek
family histories
Family Histories
  • Definition
    • Occur at the same time as other histories
    • On a more personal level
    • Passed down orally
  • Family tradition
    • Identifies whether or not the family actually participated in religious histories
family histories1
Family Histories
  • How do Family Histories affect religion?
    • Family is the first source of religion
    • Parent’s religion is child’s religion
      • Once the child grows up and becomes more educated in his or her religion, then he or she may decide to continue with that religion or find another
    • Difficulty in going against parent’s religion
      • Parental disappointment
family histories2
Family Histories
  • Example
    • Mennonite Amish
      • Joseph Fisher
      • Born Amish, raised Amish, no electricity
      • Period of Rumspringa
        • Went to public high school
        • Wore average clothes
      • Decided he didn’t want to be Amish
        • Shunned
identity and communication
Identity and Communication
  • Communication: a symbolic process in which the symbolic meaning is shared. It is also receiver oriented and unintentional.
influence of identity on communication
Influence of Identity on Communication
  • Classroom Activities
    • Observing non-Christian/non-Western holidays
    • Grouping
      • Conformity
        • Downplaying minority status or what ‘goes against the grain’
      • Assumptions based on physical features
    • Textbook bias
      • One perspective
religions on campus

Religions on Campus

we talked about
We talked about…
  • The description of a majority religious identity
    • Acceptance Stage
    • Resistance Stage
  • The support behind religious identity
    • Religious Histories
  • The influence of religious identity on communication