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Religion. Sixth Grade. We Live Our Faith. Eighth Grade. Seventh Grade. We Live Our Faith. 6 th Grade. 6 th Grade. Strengthened by the Spirit. The Sacrament of Confirmation Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Reaching out to others in Christian service. We Live Our Faith.

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  1. Religion

  2. Sixth Grade We Live Our Faith Eighth Grade Seventh Grade

  3. We Live Our Faith 6th Grade 6th Grade Strengthened by the Spirit • The Sacrament of Confirmation • Using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit • Reaching out to others in Christian • service

  4. We Live Our Faith 7th Grade 7th Grade As Disciples of Jesus • Empowered by Scripture – life of Christ • Living the Beatitudes • Reaching out to others in Christian service

  5. We Live Our Faith 8th Grade 8th Grade As Members of the Church • Keeping faith in a changing world • We make moral choices • Witnessing to our relationship to Christ

  6. Independence and Responsibility

  7. Gradual release of responsibility from parents/teachers to student = successful independence 6th grade • Lockers/rotation of teachers in some classes • Increase of responsibility in school work 7th grade • Rotating amongst 4 or 5 teachers • Accordion file 8th grade • Working towards complete independence by fostering responsibility

  8. Strategies to foster responsibility • Assignment notebook • E-mail • Accordion file • Teacher web • Test folders up to 7th grade • RVS gradebook

  9. Academic The curriculum of the middle school grades can be found on the Archdiocesan website. We work to integrate writing and technology into the curriculum whenever possible. Also, we are able to extend our students’ learning by adding additional concepts and experiences to the given curriculum.

  10. Science • Grade 6: Physical, Earth, and Life Science. • Grade 7: Life Science • Grade 8: Earth Science • Concepts are introduced and reinforced through the scientific method, science fair, and projects.

  11. Social Studies • Grade 6: Eastern Hemisphere-Five Themes of Geography • Grade 7: American History beginning with early civilization through the pre Civil War era • Grade 8: American History beginning with the Civil War through the 1950s Projects may include PowerPoints, Glogs, Publisher travel brochures, compare/contrast essays

  12. Math

  13. Math • Grade 6: • Grade 7: • Grade 8: Simple Solutions nightly homework and quizzes are used to maintain and extend students’ skills. Assistance in planning and teaching lessons is provided by Mrs. Thompson from the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

  14. Components of the Integrated Language Arts Program

  15. Reading • Creating lifelong readers • Critical Thinking and inference skills • Exploring various literary genres • Vocabulary development

  16. Writing • Writing for different purposes. • Applying skills across the curriculum. • Continuity in writing throughout the middle school. • Grammar

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