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The passage of enlightment

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The passage of enlightment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The passage of enlightment. Gilberto Matamoros Michelle D avis . Short statement .

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The passage of enlightment

Gilberto Matamoros

Michelle Davis

short statement
Short statement

Welcome to my gallery , as you enter the mystical world of these enlighten artist you will allow you to become in tune with your mind, sprit and soul. Every artist will allow you to enter another realm of your mind.

You will view several artist that will allow your mind to think beyond the normal world we live in. You will experience how daily normal things can become enchanted and turn into a unique galaxies and become alive right in front of you. You will be able to interact with several challenging the mind to view things in all perspectives. By the end of the gallery you will

feel more aligned with your anatomical system. Be able to in vision life more valuable and understand a little more of the super abilities a human has


My gallery will be divided into several different rooms and it will be a two story building with lots of space, so each artist can have it’s ambiance

The moment you walk into the door you will begin to see paintings of Fred Thomasselli.

He will have his own room so you can experience his amazing energy of beautiful collage work and paintings .

Then you will proceed into the second room now this room will be a little larger because MattewRitchie will have several installation and also very large size paintings he will also have his own large room which be full of of energy.

The viewer will then proceed into the third room where Alex Grey work will be displayed he will also have his own room and fill with spiritual and immaculate paintings.

You will then proceed to the second floor where you will encounter several installation of Sara Sze, as the viewer continues it will lead to a room with some windows where one of her installation will be placed, the room will also have other pieces of her work.

The last few room will be filled with many large installations ,OlafurElliasson rooms. He will actually have several rooms it will began with “The one way color tunnel” and that alone will be in its own room then you proceed to the next room ,where you will encounter

The round rainbow room, the next few rooms will is where i will display your sound galaxy and then to make thing come the last two rooms will be yellow vs purple and then slow color motion and all these installation are all created by OlafurEliasson.


Fred thomaselli

Thomasseli, works with many different media, such as pills, mushroom, and insect painting and many material an set them almost like collage


American, b. 1956). Big Raven, 2008. Acrylic, photo collage, and resin on wood panel, 84 x 72 in. (213.4 x 182.9 cm).

Avian serpent flower, photo collage, resin on wood panel



Ritchie , works with installation as well as painting.he begins by creating layers of image he create and then proceeds on by editing it with computer progam and then paints them.

Top left :where I'm coming from 2003

Bottom right:The stars are not made out of fire painting


Self portrait in 2064 oil on canvas

Weep in lights 2004 80x 90 oil and marker on canvas


Alex grey

Grey's unique series the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining, in detail, the body, mind, and spirit. The Sacred Mirrors, present the physical and subtle anatomy of an individual in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution


Dying oil on canvas 44x66

Progress of the soul


Sara sze was part of the throw away movement using every day materials, and turning them into a whole world of it own she work mostly with installation and normally works on the project want she has her gallery space.

Sara sze

Hidden relief 2001


The art of loosing installation 2004

Still life with flowers 2001 installation



Elliasson focuses on manipulating light,shape,space and the environment to give the viewers an experience. He works mostly with large scale installation.

On way colour tunnel 2007 installation


Your sound galaxy/ installation

Round rainbow/ installation, manipulation of light