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Rites of passage

Rites of passage. Bujor Andrada Bianca Clasa a IX-a C.

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Rites of passage

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  1. Rites of passage BujorAndrada Bianca Clasa a IX-a C

  2. BujorAndradaBianca,student in IXth class at the National College’’TudorArghezi’’invites you to take a peek while among the most frightening monsters of Philippine mythology and among the worst of the burial rites of world civilizations.

  3. Hello!I am Winnetou,head of the press tribe of the Rio Pecos river.What would you say if we make a journey through time among the most frightening monsters of Philippine mythology and among the most bizzare and grim burial techniques?It will be very scary.

  4. Are you scary???This is Aswang…it is the most famous of the monsters from Philipinemythology.Aswang changes its shape,on their human form,and at night turns into dog,pig,cat,snake.According to regional believes,they steal the bodies of recently deceased or they enter in people’s homes to drink their blood and they can turn men into Aswanges if they cheat on the first buy to them.It is also thought that the Aswanges prefer human fetuses,so the locals organize patrols to monitor the homes of pregnant women.

  5. Matruculan is another creature that attack pregnant women.This violates a virgin woman that lives pregnant,thenattack again and kills the woman to eat her fetus.To protect the mother,the husband have to shake a butterfly knife over the woman’s abdomen while she is in labor.

  6. Kapri are giants with bright eyes and a big cigar in the mounth.They are in the top of the tree and scare naught children who stay out late at night.Some legends said that in fact Kapri are very friendly giants,whichcan satisfy your desires if you find their white magic stone.

  7. Tiyanak is a creature similar sirens in Greek mythology, which attract prey with voice.Victims hear a child crying in the forest and follow the sound to save the child.Some legends say that people wonder in search of the child and disssapear. Others argue that the victim found a child in woods,but when theytake into theirarms,he transforms into a monster with big teeth and sharp,and eats his benefactor,and then turns into a child who is waiting for his next victim.

  8. Duwende are small creatures that resemble the people who live below ground.There are two types of Duwende:DuwendePuti,which are good and bring good luck and DuwendeItim,which are bad and like to make jokes to the people. These creatures interact with people only when they bother housing.The best way to avoid them is to speak it aloud Tabia-Tabia-po,when they enter to a territory where it could live Duwende.


  10. Now we get into the mysteries of this phenomenon which has rised many questions for all the civilizations.However,beforeunderstanding,the people on the world faced with a problem more stringent ,namely,what is fautewith a men once he had pass into nonexistence.

  11. Towers of Silence of zoroastriens

  12. Zoroaster was a prophet of Iranian origin,who founded the yoroastrism,a religion that has lasted over 2500 years and has followers even today.Thezoroastriens thinks that deadsare impure and should not polutte the earth by burial. Instead,the death of this followers were part of a ceremony called the tower of silence,which usually takes place on a montainplateau.Dead bodies are left the animal will and vagaries of nature.When the bones were cleaned,they are collected and dissolved in a solution of lime.

  13. TREE BURIAL Tribes in many parts of the world have discovered that the best way to store theirdeads is rather above than ground.Indigenouspeople in Australia,south-west of United States and Siberia practice tree burial,which consisted of wrapping the dead in cloth and hanging of a tree,where it is left to decay.

  14. Viking burials in boats

  15. Medieval Vikings lived and died in large.Afterdeath,wealthier Vikings were put on a pot,alongwith food,weapons, jewelry and even servants and animals sometimes.Boats were buried in the ground,burnt or sent to sea.Destination of deads Vikings was Valhala.

  16. Tibetans and sky burial In Tibet,thedeadsfly.Rather than bury them,some Tibetans leaves their deads on top of a mountain to be eaten by vultures.Corpses are even smeared with flour and milk,to ensure that birds will cary them to heaven.


  18. Ancien Egyptian mummies are still the most beautiful dead bodies in the world.Mummification ritual began with extracting the nostrils with an iron bent a apart of the brain,and the other was liquefied with certain drugs.

  19. Then the body was emptied of intestines,cleaned and purified,and the place emptied was filled with smyrna pissed and sewn again.Body was then soaked with a special solution and placed in a hidden place for 70 days.Then he was wrapped from head to legs in strips of cloth and put on his face a mask of in,which kept the similarity with dead’sfigure.Relatives were sure to stick immediately after embalming a corpse in a special wooden box,built in the form of man and has two round windows in the direction of eyes for the dead can see the san.

  20. And now it is time to say goodbye

  21. THE END

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