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Welcome. I trust you to know where you need to sit, so choose wisely and have a seat. When the bell rings you should be seated and ready to begin. Agenda. Warm-up Housekeeping Learner Poll and Reflection Who Are We? Goals. August 26. Warm-up: Looking Back

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I trust you to know where you need to sit, so choose wisely and have a seat.

When the bell rings you should be seated and ready to begin.


  • Warm-up

  • Housekeeping

  • Learner Poll and Reflection

  • Who Are We?

  • Goals

August 26
August 26

Warm-up: Looking Back

Where were you at this time last year? Describe yourself and how you have changed since last year. (Think deeper than…well, I used to have long hair, but now it’s short.)

Make sure to write a full paragraph.


Warm-up continued:

Looking Forward

Where will you be at this time next year? Describe how you think your life will be different. If you don’t think it will be different, explain why.

Make sure to write a full paragraph.

What type of learner are you

What Type of Learner are You?





Are you a visual learner
Are you a Visual Learner?

  • They tend to be fast talkers.

  • They exhibit impatience and have a tendency to interrupt.

  • They use words and phrases that evoke visual images.

  • They learn by seeing and visualizing.

Are you an auditory learner
Are you an auditory learner?

  • They speak slowly and tend to be natural listeners.

  • They think in a linear manner.

  • They prefer to have things explained to them verbally rather than to read written information.

  • They learn by listening and verbalizing.

Are you a read write learner
Are You a read-write learner?

  • They prefer for information to be displayed in writing, such as lists of ideas.

  • They emphasize text-based input and output.

  • They enjoy reading and writing in all forms.

Are you a kinesthetic learner
Are you a kinesthetic Learner?

  • They tend to be the slowest talkers of all.

  • They tend to be slow to make decisions.

  • They use all their senses to engage in learning.

  • They learn by doing and solving real-life problems.

  • They like hands-on approaches to things and learn through trial and error.


How do you know what type of learner you are? What is your evidence? What does this mean for you in the classroom? What does this mean for your teacher? Knowing this information about yourself, what do you need to do to be successful in this class?

Body bio
Body Bio

  • Heart: Who or what do you hold near and dear to your heart?

  • Spine: What is your goal? What drives you…your thoughts…your actions?

  • Feet: Where are you going? What journey are you on?

  • Mirror: How do people see you? Is this how you see yourself?

  • Color: What color is a symbol of you and why?


  • Write at least 3 goals for this class and a to do list of how to accomplish them.

August 27
August 27

Warm-up: Freedom

What is freedom? What does it mean to be free? What can be some obstacles to freedom?


  • Academic Vocabulary

  • Poe’s background

  • Fall of the House of Usher

  • Finding Unity of Effect

  • Theme Analysis

  • Reflection

  • HW

    • Quiz Friday

    • Info sheet due Friday

    • AA form due Aug 30

Academic vocabulary
Academic Vocabulary

  • Unity of effect – When all the elements of a story – plot, character, setting, imagery, and other literary devices – work together to create a single effect

  • Mood – the feeling or atmosphere that a writer creates for the reader. The writer’s use of connotation, imagery, figurative language, sound and rhythm, and descriptive details all contribute to the mood.

Poe pg 410
Poe – Pg 410

  • Read assigned section.

  • Write down interesting facts.

  • Share one with class.

  • Responsible to keep info shared in day book.


  • Explain the obstacles to freedom found in The Fall of the House of Usher.

August 28
August 28

Warm-up: How do people handle loss?

At some point in our lives, we all face loss—of someone we love, our favorite pet, or even a cherished dream. But even though the experience of loss is universal, people can choose many different ways to cope with the sadness and grief they feel. What do people need to do to face their grief and move on?


  • Unity of Effect Analysis of House of Usher

  • Academic Vocab

  • Read The Raven – pg 436

  • Finding sound devices in The Raven

  • Theme Reflection

  • HW: Modern Day Raven

Unity of effect
Unity of Effect

  • Setting

  • Character Traits

  • Plot Development

  • Imagery

Academic vocabulary1
Academic Vocabulary

  • Rhyme

  • Repetition

  • Alliteration

  • Onomatopoeia

  • Stanza

  • Rhyme scheme

Hw modern day
HW: Modern Day

  • On a dark, foggy, creepy night around midnight, I laid in depression thinking about curious books about legends that have been long forgotten. While I was almost asleep, I started to doze, suddenly I heard a knock, a very light knocking at my bedroom door. This was strange but I thought to myself, “Must be some visitor knocking so late at my bedroom door. Yes, this is what it is and nothing else.

August 29
August 29

Warm-up: Describe the obstacles to freedom in The Raven.


  • Sound Devices in The Raven

  • Think, Pair, Share – Price of Freedom – pg 573

  • Hyeonseo Lee’s Obstacle to Freedom

  • Academic Vocabulary

Academic vocabulary2
Academic Vocabulary

  • Internal conflict

  • External conflict

  • Suspense

  • Characterization

  • Tone

  • Figurative language

  • Dialogue

  • Author’s purpose

August 30
August 30

-Take out a sheet of paper (can be a half sheet).

-Name and Date.

-Clear your desk.


  • Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl – pg 572

  • Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass – pg 558

  • Text Analysis

  • Venn Diagram

  • Reflection

Text analysis harriet jacobs
Text Analysis Harriet Jacobs

  • T-Chart Conflicts

Text analysis frederick douglass
Text Analysis Frederick Douglass

  • Find at least two examples of: tone, figurative language, and dialogue.

  • Be sure to find specific quotes and give page numbers.


Can you set yourself free?

September 3
September 3


What does friendship mean to you?


  • Visitor from King’s College

  • Vocab words – HW due Wednesday; Quiz Friday

  • Preposition Quiz Friday September 6

  • Day Books due Friday September 6

Vocab words
Vocab Words

  • Sub – below, under

  • Trans – across, over

  • Subconscious

  • Subdue

  • Subjugate

  • Subsidize

  • Subterranean

  • Transcribe

  • Transfer

  • Transform

  • Translucent

  • transplant

September 4
September 4

Warm-up: What dreams do you have? How can they fail? How can they succeed?


  • Vocab words – HW due Thursday; Quiz Friday

  • Prepositions

  • Of Mice and Menvocab

  • Read Section One Of Mice and Men

  • Complete Reading Questions

  • Preposition Quiz Friday September 6

  • Day Books due Friday September 6

Pre position s

  • Position in time and place

    • The book is on the table.

  • Describe a relationship between other words in a sentence

  • Links nouns, pronouns, and phrases to other words in a sentence

  • Object of the preposition is the word of phrase the preposition introduces.

    • The book is on the table.

  • Prepositional phrase is made up of the preposition, its object and any associated adjectives or adverbs.

    • The book is on the table.

Acad vocab

  • Antagonist – main character in opposition with protagonist

  • Protagonist – hero or one the audience identifies with

  • Modernism – modernists saw mass society as threat to individual. Features: nontraditional subject matter and themes; focus on alienated individuals rather than heroes; use of understatement and irony to reveal emotions and ideas; use of symbols and images to suggest meaning; experimentation with style and language

  • Personification – object, animal, or idea is given human characteristics

  • Simile – compares two things that have something in common with like or as

Reading questions
Reading Questions

  • Identify two passages that are particularly descriptive.

  • Find an example of personification and simile. For example, “Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving [personification] among the leaves.  The shade climbed up the hills [personification] toward the top. On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little gray, sculptured statues [simile]”

  • Describe (citing specific examples) what type of relationship George and Lennie have (parent/child, brothers, best friends, and so on). What is the source of George’s frustration with Lennie?

  • Identify (citing specific examples) how Steinbeck describes the characters of George and Lennie. For example animal imagery is used to describe Lennie). “Lennie dabbled his big paw in the water and wiggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes…”

  • Identify the “dream” and why it is so important to Lennie and George.

September 5
September 5

Warm-up: How important is it to have a place where you belong?


  • Review Vocab

  • Review Day Book entries

  • Read Photo Essay: The Grapes of Wrath pg 1026

  • Analyze photos and text.

  • Preposition Practice

  • Reflection

Vocab sub below under trans across over
Vocab: Sub – below, under; trans – across, over

  • Subconscious – n: the part of the mind’s function of which you are not aware

  • Subdue – v: to conquer or bring under control

  • Subjugate – v: to conquer or bring under control by force

  • Subsidize – v: to furnish money or to assist with the payment of money

  • Subterranean – adj: beneath the earth’s surface

  • Transcribe – v: to make a written copy

  • Transfer – v: to carry or send from one person or place to another

  • Transform – v: to change in form or appearance

  • Translucent – adj: permitting some light to pass through but giving an unclear image

  • Transplant – v: to plant in another place

Preposition practice
Preposition Practice

  • Dean thinks that he is smarter than everyone in the class.

  • Will you put these cookies on the tray?

  • His doctor read through his chart and looked down his throat.

  • His idea will not work after sunrise.

  • She peered slowly around the doorway before crossing the threshold.

  • The champion will compete against other dogs from the club.

  • At a minimum, you will spend three hours on each assignment.

  • During the debates, Alfred was feeding his turtle in the yard.








Reflection phrase?

What does the mouse in the first section tell you about Lennie? Think about why Lennie insists on carrying it around with him.

September 6
September 6 phrase?

-No warm-up.

-You have 5 minutes to review your vocab and prepositions.

-The handout on the stool has common prepositions for your review before the quiz.

-If you are loud, you will lose your 5 minutes.

Agenda phrase?

  • Vocab Quiz

  • Preposition Quiz

  • Great Depression Background

  • Of Mice and Men Compare/Contrast

  • Return Work

  • Grade Tracking

  • Turn in Day Books

KWL phrase?

What do you know about The Great Depression?

What do you have questions about?

September 9 warm up

*Write agree/disagree for each. Then, pick one & explain why?

September 9: Warm-up

People that are poor should rely on their friends, family, or church for help, not the government.

A true friend will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it.

The n-word is more offensive than other racial slurs because of the history of hate behind it.

Women today are more often treated by men as equals rather than objects.

When people are a victim of a crime, they should be able to take the law into their own hands.

States with the death penalty have lower murder rates.

The best place for justice to be determined is in a court of law.

Being rich is more important than having close friends.

Sometimes a person has to break the law to make sure justice is served.

Life today is more difficult than it was in the 1930’s

Agenda why?

  • Return Work

  • Start Grade Tracker

  • Review Vocab Quiz

  • Review Preposition Quiz

  • Write down new vocabulary – HW due Wed

  • Obstacle of Freedom Connections

  • Read Section Two Of Mice and Men – Pg 17

Hyper above over more super supr sur above over more
Hyper – above, over, more why? super, supr, sur – above, over, more

  • Hyperbole

  • Hypercritical

  • Hypertension

  • Hyperthermia

  • Superimpose

  • Superlative

  • Supernatural

  • Supervise

  • Surcharge

  • Surplus

September 10
September 10 why?

Write the sentence. Underline preposition. Circle object.

1. Both of the trolls lived under the bridge.

2. Some of the elves refused to help Santa make the toys.

3.One of the dragon's eggs cracked!

4.Two of the baby dragon's claws stuck through the shell.

5. Many of the ogres had blood dribbling down their chins.

Agenda why?

  • OMM Quiz Section 2

  • Citations Research – Purdue OWL

  • Topic Research

September 11
September 11 why?

Underline the preposition. Circle the object.

I’ve loved animals since I was small.

After the movie we went to McDonalds for some burgers.

Without sugar the blueberries were too sour for the dinner guests.

Sally worked from midnight to noon on her science project.

He ate three boxes of popcorn with butter during the movie.

Agenda why?

  • Turn in Vocab HW

  • Write down vocabdefinintions

  • Media Center for Ms. Stokes presentation

  • Complete Research Focus Assignment

Vocab why?

  • Hyperbole – n; an intentional statement of exaggeration

  • Hypercritical – adj; excessively critical

  • Hypertension – n; extreme tension; high blood pressure

  • Hyperthermia – n; high temperature

  • Superimpose – v; lay one item atop another

  • Superlative – adj; of the highest order; best; greatest

  • Supernatural – adj; beyond the laws of nature

  • Supervise – v; oversee

  • Surcharge – n; additional charge or tax

  • Surplus – n; more than what is needed

September 12
September 12 why?

Good morning!

Grab a prepositions worksheet from the stool and begin working.

Omm brochures
OMM Brochures why?

Grading for

  • _____/25 Content: Have you thoroughly covered the information? Have you provided enough detail? Can we gain an understanding of the topic from your brochure?

  • _____/25 Appeal: Does it look nice? Is it neat? Do you have pictures?

  • _____/25 Organization: Does your brochure have a logical progression? Is the material easy to follow? Are similar topics grouped together?

  • _____/25 Grammar and Mechanics: Have you checked your spelling and punctuation? Have you written in complete sentences?

September 13
September 13 why?


Discuss OMM Projects – Due Wed

Schoology - QRQD3-VFTS3

Review Prepositions/Vocab

Take Vocab/Preposition Quiz

Read Sections 3 and 4 of OMM

Complete Reading Questions

Begin Writing Circle Prompts

Must read sections 3-4 by Monday, September 16

OMM Test Monday, September 23

September 16
September 16 why?

Fill in the blank with the correct verb.

-To find – Everyone in the class ______the video to be entertaining.

-To be – Each of the options _______unacceptable.

-To feel – All of the people at the party, with the exception of Tiffany, _______it is a good idea.

-To need – Everyone, including the people of conservation-conscious California, _____to do more to recycle.

-To reward – Success ______hard work.

-To be – Three-fourths of the cake ____gone.

-To be – The team _____going to play on Saturday.

-To pass – Time ______quickly.

-To make – Enough time and enough money _______ a great vacation.

-To know – Jenny or Audrey _______ where to find him.

Agenda why?

  • Lottery Drawing

  • Vocab List 3

  • Discuss Obstacles to Freedom among different texts – Raven, Usher, Jacobs, Douglass, Lee, and OMM

  • OMM Review Sections 1-3

  • Continue Questions for 3-4; Finish Writing Prompt

  • HW – Schoology due Wed night; Vocab due Wed; read through section 4 OMM; OMM Final Project

Fore before toward pre before toward post after behind
Fore – before, toward why? pre – before, towardpost – after, behind

  • Forecast

  • Forethought

  • Forewarn

  • Posterior

  • Posthumous

  • Postpone

  • Preamble

  • Precaution

  • Premature

  • Premier

Character list
Character List why?

  • Lennie

  • George

  • Candy

  • Curley

  • Curley’s wife

  • Crooks

  • Slim

Section 1
Section 1 why?

  • What are Lennie and George doing as the novel opens? Where are they going? Where are they coming from?

  • Why did they have to leave?

  • What happened to the mouse?

  • What does George say his life would be like without Lennie?

  • What is the dream Lennie and George share?

  • What instructions does George give Lennie in the clearing in the woods?

Section 2
Section 2 why?

  • What is wrong with Candy?

  • Why does George speak for Lennie when speaking to the boss?

  • Curley wears a vaseline filled glove on one hand and high-heeled boots. What does this say about him?

  • Why does Curley like beating up big guys?

Section 3
Section 3 why?

  • In his story to Slim, what is George ashamed about?

  • What is Candy regretting in the section and why?

  • How does the dream change in this section?

  • Why does Curley attack Lennie?

  • What happens to Curley?

  • What is Slim’s response to Curley?

September 17
September 17 why?

Write the sentence with the correct verb.

-In her spare time, the art student (restore/restores) old paintings.

-The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Civil Rights Memorial (was/were) designed by Maya Lin.

-The short stories in this anthology (is/are) by various contemporary American Indian writers.

-The people across the hall, as well as the man in the next apartment, (has/have) lived in the building since the mid-1980s.

-Either of these videos (is/are) suitable for a four-year-old.

-Each of the boys (do/does) his own cooking.

-Several of the students (has/have) transferred.

-All of the exercises (seem/seems) simple.

Agenda why?

  • Section 3-4 Reading questions due

  • OMM Review Section 4

  • Editorial – acadvocab - argument, counterargument, claim, tone, and theme

  • HW – Schoology due Wed night; Vocab due Wed; read through section 5 OMM; OMM Quiz tomorrow

Section 4
Section 4 why?

  • Why won’t Crooks let Lennie in his bunk?

  • What does Curley’s wife start talking to the men about?

  • What is the story the men tell about Curley’s hand?

  • How is she rude to the men? She says something derogatory to all of them and to Crooks.

September 18
September 18 why?

Write the sentence with the correct verb.

-More of the Senate (was/were) in favor of the highway funding bill than (was/were) against it.

-A jacket or a sweater (is/are) warm enough for tonight.

-Either the singer or the musicians (is/are) off-key.

-Here (is/are) the books you reserved.

-When (is/are) your finals?

-The team (has/have) won the semifinals.

-Twenty-seven dollars (is/are) all we have raised so far.

-Eight hours (was/were) set aside for that week-long miniseries about the Civil War.

Agenda why?

  • Vocab HW due today; Schoology due today

  • OMM Quiz – Section 3-4

  • OMM Review Section 5

  • AcadVocab Visuals – partner work – define, give example, and create visuals

Section 5
Section 5 why?

  • What happens to Lennie’s puppy?

  • What happens to Curley’s wife?

  • Where does Lennie go?

  • What is Curley’s reaction?

September 19
September 19 why?

Write sentence with correct verb.

-Ninety miles (is/are) the distance between Florida and Cuba.

-Who said, “Politics (is/are) the art of the possible”?

-The Boy Scouts (was/were) founded in 1908 in England.

-Many a runner (finish/finishes) a marathon long after the winner.

-I know some people who (own/owns) a Christmas-tree farm.

Agenda why?

  • OMM Review Section 6

  • OMM Film Guide

Section 6
Section 6 why?

  • What visions does Lennie have?

  • What transpires between Lennie and George?

  • What is Slim’s response?

September 20
September 20 why?

Write sentence with correct verb.

-To illustrate books for young readers require/requires a vivid imagination.

-One junior, as well as four seniors, has/have been invited to attend the Milford Youth Council next month.

-Each one of these computers is/are on sale.

-A few in my class help/helps the coach set up the bleachers.

-None of the people in the theater was/were sitting in the first two rows.

-Public relations and advertising is/are exciting but often stressful work.

Agenda why?

  • Vocab Quiz

  • OMM Study Guide

  • OMM Trial

September 23
September 23 why?

Write the sentence with the correct verb.

-Neither Charlotte nor Tyrone answer/answers the telephone on Saturdays.

-Either my brother or my sisters has/have my Ipod.

-Where there’s/there are people and excitement, you’re sure to find Kazua and Yori.

-The newspaper staff has/have turned in all their stories for the next edition.

-Ever since he dismantled a toaster in third grade, electronics have/has fascinated him.

-That was one of those jokes that offends/offend everyone.

September 24
September 24 why?

Write sentence with correct verb.

-Usher’s songs was/were the best part of the show.

-Many a student think/thinks they do not have to study.

-Egypt is one of the nations that border/borders the Red Sea.

-The dead trees and peeling paint, along with the broken windows and flapping shutters, (make/makes) everyone believe that evil spirits haunt the deserted Sinclair house.

-Where (is/are) the earrings that I left by the bathroom sink?

-Neither of those sharks circling your boogie board (look/looks) hungry enough to bite.

September 25
September 25 why?

Write sentence with correct verb

-One hundred and fifty gallons (is/are) the amount of liquid the average living room rug can absorb.

-Agnes never loses a single possession. Everyone knows what belongs to her, for each pen, pencil, and paperclip (has/have) a tiny flag attached with Agnes’ full name on it.

-Asteroids and comets slamming into the Earth (worry/worries) Marge; she tried to remain under the protective cover of her roof as much as possible.

-Someone-perhaps Emmanuel or Paul – (know/knows) the right wine to serve with earthworm lasagna.

-These scissors (is/are) so dull that I’m not sure you could slice butter with them!