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  1. Spain King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella I Click here to begin

  2. Ferdinand II • Ferdinand was born in 1452, and died in 1516 • King of Aragon and Castile in joint rule with Isabella I • Ferdinand’s father, John II of Aragon ensured that Ferdinand had a good education based on learning from experience • Ferdinand’s personality consisted of integrity, sagacity, courage • Formed the Holy League Previous Next

  3. Isabella I • “One king, one law, one faith.” • Princess of Castile • Married Ferdinand II in Valladolid in 1469 • Led the last battle of the crusades to capture Granada • The crusading spirit linked religion to Spanish nationalism Previous Next

  4. Government • Ferdinand became king of Sicily in 1468 • Political marriage between Ferdinand and Isabella of Castile in 1469, Valladolid • Enemy was France • Signed treaties with English monarchs, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilan I, and the Hapsburg family powerful Europeans, to bolster forces Previous Next

  5. Religion • Muslims on Iberian Peninsula for 700+ years • The crown pursued Muslim Spain in a 10 year war • Destroyed the last Muslim stronghold 1492 • Christianity was the official religion of Spain, and anyone else would be exiled • 1478, Spanish inquisition, they enforced religious uniformity and exiled or forced conversion of non-Catholics. Previous Next

  6. Economics and Trade • After Christianity became the official and enforced religion of Spain, Muslims and Jews left • Banishing Jews and Muslims, who were leaders in trade hurt the economy Previous Next

  7. Technology • Exploration Pioneers • Claimed the three biggest Canary Islands forcing out natives • Isabella sponsored Columbus’s voyages • Visited Caribbean and various areas of the Americas Previous Next

  8. Important Events • 1469, Ferdinand and Isabella were married • 1482, set out to conquer Granada • 1492, Granada fell • 1492, first Columbus voyage • 1496, Pope Alexander the 6th gave him the title of The Catholic Previous Next

  9. Notable People • Christopher Columbus – famous explorer • Holy Roman Emperor Maximilan I • Germaine de Foix – Ferdinand’s 2nd wife • Henry VIII – Married daughter Catherine of Aragon • Charles V – Ferdinand’s heir Christopher Columbus Charles V Previous Next

  10. Country borders and Geography • Ferdinand seized Navarre in 1516 • Modern borders • Iberian Peninsula by the Atlantic Ocean • Castile and Aragon made up the neck and midsection of the peninsula Previous Next

  11. Decline of rule • At age 50 his heir as well as eldest daughter died, and the early signs of insanity appeared in one of his other daughters. • In 1504, Isabella died, and Ferdinand remarried to secure his Castilian position. • In 1513 Ferdinand’s health began to decline, however he was still able to direct international policy. He later died in 1516 on a trip to Granada. A few of Ferdinand’s children, from left to right: Joanna, Catherine, John Previous Next

  12. Legacies • The Spanish conquest of Granada allowed support for Christopher Columbus’ voyages, and Ferdinand was present during planning of colonies • Ferdinand united Spanish kingdoms into a nation which would act as a basis for modern Spain Previous Next

  13. Vocab • Holy League – An alliance formed against the French after Ferdinand became suspicious of them after a series of battles in Italy • Spanish Inquisition – Roman Catholicism became the official religion of Spain, and non-Catholics were given the choice to convert or be exiled. • Nationalism – A successful political system common through the 19th century, however dating back earlier. It is based on what would overall benefit a nation, and also included ideas of patriotism and loyalty. • Reconquista – Effort by the Christians to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasted through 1100’s to 1492. • Moors – Muslims who invaded and settled in Spain during the 8th century, however were later driven away in the late 15th century. Previous Next

  14. Spanish monarchycollapse The scandals revolving the once renowned monarchy Previous Next

  15. Current Event The Spanish monarchy is losing great power and support from public and media. Princess Cristina was charged with involvement with fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and embezzlement. She is the first monarch to be charged with a serious crime in centuries. She has shamed the monarchy. She was working with her husband, Duke of Palma Iñaki Urdangarin who was charged with the same horrible crimes. There conduct has embarrassed the prestige that comes with calling yourself a Spanish princess and embarrassed the hard work founding the monarchy done by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Previous Next

  16. Current Event Spain has been left baffled about how to handle the princess's behavior. As the princess is being tried Spain's unemployment is rising and their economy is shrinking. The culmination of this has led to the worst political crisis in Spain since 1978. Spanish citizens are beginning to doubt the once loved royal family. Just last year the King of Spain was seen on a elephant hunting trip. The secret event was made public when the king broke his hip, he was forced to make a public apology. According to a poll by the Center for Sociological Research says: “41% of Spaniards no longer support the monarchy.” Previous Next

  17. Current Event The Spanish monarchy is full of holes, it seems that it is going from scandal to scandal to scandal. The once revered family has become a disaster in a few short years, they have gone from heroes to villains. The system that has worked for Spain for centuries has been brought to shambles. Most recently, Princess Christina and her husband’s crimes have caused Spaniards to question the royal family but past incident and a crashing economy have left people want a solution. Julian Casanova, professor of contemporary history at the University of Zaragoza says, “With a dying system and the lack of an alternative, there will only be one crisis after another.” Previous Next

  18. Theme • Peace and Security • Politics • The works of Isabella and Ferdinand being disgraces • Could reshape the Spanish government • Corruption led to a vulnerable state Previous Next

  19. Current Event • Corruption in Rome • Greed and crime in the government • Lead to Rome’s demise • Angered the Equestrian class • Today angers Spanish citizens • Hurt both economies Previous Next

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