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2003 Fall TM1 Midwest User Group Meeting Southfield MI. WELCOME. Agenda.

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Presentation Transcript

2003 Fall TM1 Midwest

User Group Meeting

Southfield MI



1:00 Welcome address by Decision Systems & Applix1:30 TM1 Version 8.2 demo2:00 TM1 Developer Q&A2:30 TM1 Web Demo3:00 Break / Refreshments3:15 TM1 User Case Study – Lamb Technicon3:45 TM1 User Case Study – Motorola4:15 Open Discussion / Networking5:00 MP3 Player Drawing!

Fred Sullivan

Vice President – Sales & OperationsPhone 1-800 827-7549 extension xxxEmail [email protected] www.applix.com

Reid Karabush

President – Decision Systems Inc. Applix Business Partner since 1995Phone 1-877-447-8766 extension 101Email [email protected] www.decisionsystems.com

Tm1 8 2

Business Intelligence:

Insight On Demand

TM1 8.2

Tm1 v8 major new functionality
TM1 v8: Major new functionality

  • Administration

  • Dynamic Subset & Views

  • Replication Views and Subsets

  • Engine Overhaul

  • New Dimension Editor

  • Rules Tracer

  • Deferred Updates

  • Drill Through

  • TI Improvements

  • Security Revamp including cell-level UI

  • 64 bit Solaris and 64 bit Windows (8.1.1)

Tm1 v8 major new functionality continued
TM1 v8: Major new functionality continued…

  • Re-designed Installation

  • Integrated Login / LDAP Support

  • Consolidation Holds

  • Dimension Order Optimization

  • Continue, ISLEAF Functions plus Subsets in Rules

  • TM1 Web

  • Data Spreading

Tm1 8 administration
TM1 8: Administration

Objective: Provide a series of utilities to improve the management and administration of an application

  • Simple messaging & disconnect Clients

  • Browse Change Log; back out changes

  • Browse Message Log

  • Performance Statistics

  • Optimize Dimension Order

Tm1 8 dynamic subsets and views
TM1 8: Dynamic Subsets and Views

Objective: Provide advanced user functionality in working with TM1

  • Dimension subsets defined as an MDX expression, rather than a fixed list

  • MDX recorder to help in definitions

  • Dimension based subsets (children of Europe)

  • Value based subsets based on views (top 10 etc.)

  • Available in cube viewer and ISB

Tm1 8 replication improvements
TM1 8: Replication Improvements

Objective: Improve replication and synchronization to include more of the objects on the servers

  • Support of Views and Subsets

  • UI improvements

Tm1 8 engine overhaul
TM1 8: Engine Overhaul

Objective: minimize the server RAM requirements

  • Currently the activation of feeders takes 8 bytes per cell on loading the server

  • Now feeders will take 1 bit per cell on server loading

    – a 64 fold reduction in RAM

  • Memory will grow to 8 bytes per cell for every calculated cell actually used

Tm1 8 new dimension editor
TM1 8: New Dimension Editor

Objective: Improve ability to work with large dimensions

  • Subset editor navigation & selection

  • Element Order control

Tm1 8 rules tracer
TM1 8: Rules Tracer

Objective: To ease rule building and improve user understanding

  • Facility to display how a cell is calculated:

    • Rule formula that applies

    • cells that are used in the calculation

  • Rule developers can check the application and validity of rule formulas

  • Users can understand how a value was arrived at

  • Additional feeder tracers help in developing and validating feeder rules.

Tm1 8 deferred updates
TM1 8: Deferred Updates

Objective: Significantly improves concurrent read/write performance

  • Collects updates in RAM at the server prior to commitment

  • Perspectives automatically defers DBSends

  • Turbo Integrator can batch updates and apply in”one shot”

Tm1 8 drill through
TM1 8: Drill Through

Objective: Provide the ability to navigate straight from a cube cell to another cube view or to a relational table

  • Controlled and managed by the server

  • Extensions to TI

  • Relational grid in ISB, Cube Viewer display results

Tm1 8 turbo integrator improvements
TM1 8: Turbo Integrator Improvements

Objective: Provide even better data acquisition and management capabilities for enterprise integration

  • Processes now can be assigned Read access to non-Admin users

  • Processes may be reordered inside of chores

  • The same process can be used multiple times in a chore

  • TI process now displays a view of the data being processed

  • Users can now save incomplete processes

  • Better error handling; minor errors are skipped and put in a log

  • New functions include: DimensionElementPrincipalName NumberToString StringToNumber CellsUpdateable CellPutProportionalSpread OnMinorErrorDoItemSkip

  • New DNLEV worksheet function

Security revamp
Security Revamp

  • Rationalize Security Organization

  • Security Refresh

  • Cell Level Security

Tm1 64 bit
TM1 64 bit

Objective: Effectively tackle much larger applications; “out-ROLAP the ROLAPs”

  • Removes the current 3MB (NT) 4MB (Unix) hard memory limit

  • Theoretically unlimited memory

  • Only limited by the amount of RAM

  • HPUX 11, Solaris and Windows 64 supported (8.1.1)

  • Itanium chip based as required

Re designed installation
Re-designed Installation

Objective: Re-designed for ease of use and reduced in size for faster downloads.

  • Standard and custom installation options

  • Installation program help

  • Help system is available in printed form on web site

Integrated login ldap support
Integrated Login / LDAP Support

Objective: Allows an Applix administrator to use Windows network authentication to control access to Applix TM1

  • Move user and group info from LDAP server to TM1

  • ETLDAP utility supplied

  • Once you log in using one Applix product, no further challenges are to the user are issued.

Consolidation holds
Consolidation Holds

Objective: The ability to hold consolidations while adjusting underlying numbers.

  • Described in the TM1 Client guide in detail.

  • Extends TM1 data entry flexibility

Dimension order optimization
Dimension Order Optimization

Objective: Improve memory utilization by re-ordering TM1 dimensions after cubes are built

  • Improves memory utilization

  • Eliminates dimension ordering guesses before cubes are built

  • Eliminates requirement to revise TM1 rules and TM1 Excel reports

Continue isleaf functions plus subsets in rules
Continue, ISLEAF Functions plus Subsets in Rules

Objective: Enhances TM1 rule capabilities

  • Continue Function allows subsequent rule with the same Area definition to be executed.

  • ISLEAF Function returns 1 or 0 if a specified cell is a leaf cell.

  • Subsets in Rules facilitates single Area definition.

Tm1 web
TM1 Web

Objective: Enables TM1 administrators to publish sliced data to the web for viewing and editing by other TM1 users.

  • Details in forthcoming product demonstration by Greg Wilson – TM1 product manager.

Data spreading
Data Spreading

Objective: Enables you to enter or edit numeric data in a cube view using one of several predefined distribution methods.

  • Details in forthcoming product demonstration by Greg Wilson – TM1 product manager.