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What Genre?

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What Genre?. Black Star, Bright Dawn. FIC ODE. by Scott O'Dell Bright Dawn must face the challenge of the Iditarod dog sled race alone when her father is injured. Adventure. FIC WAU. Earthborn. by Sylvia Waugh

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What Genre?

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    1. What Genre?

    2. Black Star, Bright Dawn FIC ODE by Scott O'Dell Bright Dawn must face the challenge of the Iditarod dog sled race alone when her father is injured.

    3. Adventure

    4. FIC WAU Earthborn by Sylvia Waugh Upon suddenly learning that her parents are researchers from another planet and they must leave in seven days or risk discovery, twelve-year-old Nesta decides to stay in their York, England, home, whether or not her parents go.[SLJ’s Best Books, 2002]

    5. Science Fiction

    6. FICWOL Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff In order to earn money for college, fourteen-year-old LaVaughn babysits for a teenage mother of two. Written in 66 chapters, with text lines that break at natural speaking phrases.

    7. Realistic Fiction

    8. FICFAR The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy FarmerAfter escaping from the Sea of Trolls, the apprentice bard Jack plunges into a new series of adventures, traveling underground to Elfland and uncovering the truth about his little sister Lucy.

    9. Fantasy

    10. The Aurora County All-Stars FICWIL by Deborah Wiles After the death of the old man to whom 12-year-old star pitcher House Jackson has been secretly reading for a year, House uncovers secrets about the man and the history of baseball in Aurora County.

    11. Realistic Fiction

    12. FICCOO Family Reunion by Caroline B. Cooney At a family reunion, Shelley comes to terms with her parents' divorce, her mother's absence, her new stepmother, and being the "stable" member of her colorful family.

    13. Realistic Fiction

    14. FICPAR Archer’s Quest by Linda Sue Park Twelve-year-old Kevin Kim helps Chu-mong, a legendary king of ancient Korea, return to his own time. He had come to Kevin’s time through a strange adventure, and if he doesn’t get back to his centuries’-old kingdom soon, history will be changed forever.

    15. Fantasy&Humor

    16. FICMCD The Time Capsule by Lurlene McDaniel Reminded of what life was once like by the opening of a first-grade time capsule, seventeen-year-old Alexis now faces the pressures of senior year in high school, her parents' total focus on work, and the recurrence of her twin brother's leukemia.

    17. Realistic Fiction

    18. FIC LOW Truth and Salsa by Linda Lowery Having moved temporarily from Michigan to live with her grandmother in Mexico, twelve-year-old Hayley tries to sort out her feelings about her parents' separation while also helping some townsmen who have run into trouble while working in the United States.

    19. Realistic Fiction

    20. FIC DEN Atticus of Rome by Barry Denenberg In ancient Rome, Atticus, a young slave purchased by a wealthy and powerful lawyer, finds that he is completely invisible to the people from whom he must gather information in order to help foil a plot against the Emperor.

    21. Historical Fiction

    22. The Neddiad: How Neddie Took the Train, Went to Hollywood, and Saved Civilization FICPIN written by Daniel Pinkwater When shoelace heir Neddie Wentworthstein and his family take the train from Chicago to Los Angeles in the 1940s, he winds up in possession of a valuable Indian turtle artifact whose owner is supposed to be able to prevent the impending destruction of the world, but he is not sure exactly how.

    23. Historical Fiction,Humor,Supernatural

    24. FICWRI The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright A dollhouse filled with a ghostly light in the middle of the night and dolls that have moved from where she last left them lead Amy and her developmentally disabled sister to unravel the story surrounding grisly murders that took place years ago.

    25. Mystery

    26. The Wednesday Wars FICSCH by Gary D. Schmidt During the 1967 school year, while the rest of the world worries about Vietnam, on Wednesday afternoons when all his classmates go to either Catechism or Hebrew school, seventh-grader Holling Hoodhood stays in Mrs. Baker's classroom where they read the plays of William Shakespeare and Holling learns much of value about the world he lives in.

    27. Historical Fiction,Realistic Fiction,&Humor

    28. Elephant Run FICSMI by Roland Smith The time is 1941, and bombs are falling on London. In hopes that fourteen-year-old Nick Freestone will be safer, his mother sends him to Burma to live with his father on the family’s teak plantation. His time exploring the jungles there turns out to be more dangerous than his mother could have imagined.

    29. Adventure&Historical Fiction

    30. Orphan of the Sun FIC HAR by Gill Harvey Meryt-Re, a thirteen-year-old orphan living in Set-Maat, Egypt, during the building of the pharaohs' tombs, tries to come to terms with her ability to see the truth in dreams while also attempting to determine who is trying to overthrow the village foreman.

    31. Historical Fiction

    32. Elijah of Buxton FICCUR by Christopher Paul Curtis In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, which is a haven for slaves fleeing the American south, uses his wits and skills to try to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.[SLJ’s Best Books of 2007]

    33. Historical Fiction

    34. FICGRE Leonardo’s Shadow: Or, My Astonishing Life as Leonardo da Vinci’s Servant By Christopher GreyFifteen-year-old Giacomo--servant to Leonardo da Vinci--helps his procrastinating master finish painting "The Last Supper" while also trying to find clues to his parentage and pursue his own career as an artist in late fifteenth-century Milan.

    35. Historical Fiction

    36. FIC ARR Paper Heart By Aileen Arrington Sixth-grader Nadia begins to defy her overprotective mother, hoping to be seen as more than the "poor sick girl" who cannot participate in school activities, form friendships, or even be outside in the cold for fear she has inherited her father's heart trouble.

    37. Realistic Fiction

    38. FIC WIN Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson Eleven-year-old Silver sets out to find the Timekeeper--a clock that controls time--and to protect it from falling into the hands of two people who want to use the device for their own nefarious ends. Subject headings: Space travel Villains Women scientists Good & evil Space flight Quests Time travel Prophecies Alchemists Clocks & watches

    39. Science Fiction

    40. FICFEI Cover-Up by John Feinstein Fledgling fourteen-year-old sports reporters Susan Carol and Stevie investigate suspicious activities at the Super Bowl after Stevie gets fired from his co-anchor job on a ground-breaking teen sports show.

    41. Mystery

    42. FICRYA Paint the Wind by Pam Muñoz Ryan After her overprotective grandmother has a stroke, Maya, an orphan, leaves her extremely restricted life in California to stay with her mother's family on a remote Wyoming ranch, where she discovers a love of horses and encounters a wild mare that her mother once rode.

    43. Realistic Fiction

    44. FIC LAK The Coming of Dragons by A.J. Lake Two eleven-year-olds named Edmund and Elspeth discover that they have been given fantastic gifts to use against the ancient and evil forces that have been awakened by powerful magic during the Dark Ages in Great Britain.

    45. Fantasy

    46. FIC FEI Vanishing Act by John Feinstein Eighth-grade sports reporters Susan Carol and Stevie reunite at the U.S. Open tennis championships where they investigate the unexplained disappearance of a top Russian player.

    47. Mystery

    48. FICSAN Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell In 5th-century Britain, 9 years after the destruction of their home brings her to live with her father and brothers in the military encampments of King Arthur's army, seventeen-year-old Elaine describes her changing perceptions of war and the people around her as she becomes increasingly involved in the bitter struggle against the invading Saxons.

    49. Fantasy[Arthurian legend]

    50. Sunshine Rider: The First Vegetarian Western FICHAR By Ric Lynden Hardman Wylie, a seventeen-year-old assistant cook on a cattle drive, has many adventures during which he turns vegetarian and decides to become a doctor. Includes recipes.