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Notes to LMS’s: PowerPoint Presentation
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Notes to LMS’s:

Notes to LMS’s:

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Notes to LMS’s:

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  1. Notes to LMS’s: This ppt is not meant to be shown all at once. Instead, use it as part of a booktalk. Introduce a genre, then talk about additional books found in your library. This ppt is not completed; rather it is a work in progress. This is meant for grades 4-5. Feel free to change this ppt in any way to make it more appropriate for your students.


  3. Review • What are nonfiction books? • What’s your favorite nonfiction book?

  4. Nonfiction • Who came up with a plan on how to divide the books into groups? • Why did he do this? born in 1851

  5. What do we call his plan? • THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM

  6. DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM • How many main groups did he divide the books into? • What are they?

  7. Mr. Dewey used the Dewey Decimal System to help him classify the books in the nonfiction section.

  8. FICTION • If nonfiction books are factual, what are fiction books? • What’s your favorite fiction book?

  9. There are 2 main types of literature: FICTION NONFICTION

  10. Within the fiction section there are lots of books that we can group together because they have something in common. FICTION

  11. Within the nonfiction section there are also lots of books we can group together because they have something in common. NONFICTION

  12. These groups have a name. GENRE

  13. According to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, genre means… • “1 a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content 2 kind. sort.”

  14. What are some genres in nonfiction? FICTION NONFICTION

  15. What are some genres in fiction? FICTION NONFICTION

  16. biographies adventure stories mystery fantasy Picture books Fairy tales horror Did we miss any genres? myths poetry romance Science fiction Realistic fiction fables Historical fiction

  17. This year we’ll find out what makes some genres special and read some books from various genres.



  20. What famous science fiction writer was born in Syracuse, N.Y.?

  21. Bruce Coville born in Syracuse, New York, on May 16, 1950

  22. He writes lots of different series such as: • Sixth Grade Alien Series • Space Brat Series • Rod Albright Alien Adventures • Bruce Coville's Books of... • My Teacher Is an Alien Series

  23. ALIENS STOLE MY BODY • Can you imagine what you would be like if your brain was empty?! That’s what happens to Rod. He has to figure out a way to get his mind and his body back together again!

  24. Most science fiction books have characters with strange names. Try reading some of the names in this book: • Selima Khan • Snout • Elspeth • Madam Pong • Grakker • Ah-Rit

  25. What will you do if you can’t pronounce a word?

  26. What does the word SETTING mean? • The setting of science fiction books can be - • in the future • in space • in a different world • in a different universe. • This book takes place on the planet Kryndamar.

  27. Science fiction books are based on science theories that could be partly true. Why?

  28. K. A. Applegate:Animorph series • There are 54 books in the ANIMORPH series. • The kids in these books can “morph” into an animal! • How? They touch something that’s alive and aborb DNA into their own bodies. That gives them the power to morph.

  29. Animorph series What makes these books science fiction?

  30. Franny K. SteinMad Scientist • Kissypie! What kind of middle name is that?! • How can a name like that turn this book into a science fiction book? THE FRAN THAT TIME FORGOT

  31. Franny K. SteinMad Scientist • Franny invents a time-warp machine. • She goes back in time to when she’s a baby. THE FRAN THAT TIME FORGOT

  32. Tell us about these books. Are they science fiction?

  33. If you like science fiction, you’ll probably like FANTASY

  34. Some authors write both science fiction AND fantasy books. Who am I?

  35. THE MONSTER’S RING(fantasy) • In the Monster’s Ring, Russell goes into a magic shop and ends up buying a “monster’s ring.” • He doesn’t really believe it’s magic, but when he puts it on his finger, twists it once, then says the magic words, he turns into a monster!

  36. THE MONSTER’S RING(fantasy) • What’s going to happen when he twists the ring two times, or even worse, three times?!

  37. What kind of struggle might happen in The Monster’s Ring? • A fantasy book is not true; therefore it is ___________. • The plot will usually involve a big struggle between good and evil.

  38. FANTASY • Talking animals • Magical powers • Time travel • Imaginary beings from other planets This toad has an attitude!

  39. Harry Potter books by • Many fantasy books are very long. Have you ever read an entire Harry Potter book?

  40. What’s the advantage to a book having so many pages?

  41. What do you see in this picture?

  42. Can you imagine being shipwrecked and waking up in a land of Lilliputians?

  43. The country was ruled by horses!! • Lilliputians were only about 6” tall! Gulliver in Lilliput / retold by Margaret Hodges from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift

  44. While there, Gulliver got caught up in a war between 2 nations. • The war started because the 2 nations couldn’t agree over which end of a boiled egg one should open.

  45. What would you do if you were Gulliver?

  46. JON SCIESZKA • You might know Jon Scieszka as the author of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. • But have you read the fantasy…

  47. The Not-So-Jolly Roger • Through magic, 3 boys end up in a coconut tree in a desert.

  48. The Not-So-Jolly Roger • The pirate Blackbeard comes to the desert to bury his treasure. He sees the boys and captures them! He takes them to his pirate ship.

  49. The Not-So-Jolly Roger • This is just one of the Time Warp Trio series.