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Shoot NO 3 - -fed plant. Amino acids. NBPT. NO 2 -. Peroxisome. Carbon. NiR. Protein synthesis Amino acid synthesis. Chloroplast. NO 3 -. NH 4 +. NR. Mitochondrion. Mitochondrion. Fd-GOGAT. NO 3 -. GS2. Photorespiration ???. Photosynthesis. NO 3 -. GDH. NH 4 +. NH 4 +.

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  1. Shoot NO3--fed plant Amino acids NBPT NO2- Peroxisome Carbon NiR Protein synthesis Amino acid synthesis Chloroplast NO3- NH4+ NR Mitochondrion Mitochondrion Fd-GOGAT NO3- GS2 Photorespiration ??? Photosynthesis NO3- GDH NH4+ NH4+ GDH 2-OG 2-OG NO3- 2Glu Glu Carbon P5CDH P5CDH Polyamines δOAT δOAT NO3- TCA Cycle TCA Cycle NO3- Orn Orn Urea Urea PEPc PEPc Glycolysis Glycolysis NO3- Arg Arg PEP Glu Amino acids Urease Urease GS1 NADPH-GOGAT Root NO3--fed plant 2NH3 2Gln NH3 Gln Urea Urea Protein turnover Protein degradation GS1 Phe Tyr Trp NBPT NO3- NBPT NO2- NO3- NO3- NBPT NO3- NBPT NO3- NO3- NO3-

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