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Colony: Quick info!. Georgia – Southern Colony. Founder : James Oglethorpe Reason Founded : Social & Political

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georgia southern colony
Georgia – Southern Colony

Founder: James Oglethorpe

Reason Founded: Social & Political

Background: Georgia is known as the debtor colony. People who were jailed in England for not paying their debts would have the opportunity to settle in Georgia. Also known as the buffer colonybecause it was between the Spanish Florida and the rich South Carolina

the carolinas southern colonies
The Carolinas - Southern Colonies

Founder: 8 Lord Proprietors

Reason Founded: Economic

Background: Developed close ties to the West Indies. Cash Crops were rice, indigo, and tobacco. Used slaves from West Indies because they knew how to grow the rice.

virginia southern colony
Virginia – Southern Colony
  • Founder: Virginia Company - 1607 (Captain John Smith)
  • Reason Founded: Economic
  • Background: Founded by the Virginia Company by which was a joint-stock company. The main cash crop was Tobacco.
maryland southern colony
Maryland: Southern Colony
  • Founder: Lord Baltimore
  • Reason: Religious freedom
  • Background: A safe haven for Catholics who had been persecuted
new york middle colony
New York: Middle Colony
  • Founder: Duke of York
  • Reason Founded: Political Reasons
  • Background: First called New Netherland, founded by the Dutch for trade and profit. When the English came in they told the Dutch to leave and the Duke of York took control of the area.
pennsylvania middle colony
Pennsylvania: Middle Colony
  • Founder: William Penn (wrote its first constitution)
  • Reason Founded: Religious Freedom
  • Background: Quakers lived in Pennsylvania. They were known for its tolerance of other religions. Quakers had liberal land policies, bought land from the natives, and had a good relationship with the natives. There were no restrictions on immigration, and slavery was not allowed in the colony
new jersey middle colony
New Jersey: Middle Colony
  • Founders: Lord John Berkley and Sir George Carteret
  • Reason Founded: Economic
  • Background:
  • 1674  West NJ sold to Quakers.
  • East NJ eventually acquired by Quakers.
  • Then in 1702  E & W NJ combined into NJ and created one colony.
delaware middle colony
Delaware: Middle Colony
  • Founder: Lord De La Warr
  • Reason Founded: Economic
  • Background: 1703  granted its own Legislative assembly. Remained under the control of Pennsylvania until the American Revolution. In 1704 formed its own legislature.
massachusetts new england colony
Massachusetts: New England Colony
  • Founder: William Bradford - 1620
  • Reasons Founded: Religious Freedom
  • Background: The Pilgrims landed in Plymouth. Before they got off the ship they signed the Mayflower Compact which was a self-governing document where all agreed to obey the laws of the colony. The Puritans landed in Massachusetts Bay Colony.
rhode island new england colony
Rhode Island: New England Colony
  • Founder: Roger Williams
  • Reason Founded: Religious freedom
  • Background: Roger Williams was kicked out of Massachusetts for going against the Puritan church. He set up Rhode Island as a colony for religious freedom. Rhode Island becomes known as the “Sewer” because it was seen by the Puritans as a dumping ground for unbelievers and religious dissenters
connecticut new england colony
Connecticut: New England Colony
  • Founder: Thomas Hooker
  • Reason Founded: Economic
  • Background: Hooker wanted profit from trade religious and political freedom. Adopted the plan of government called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This was the first written constitution in the colonies. It described the organization of representative government in detail.
new hampshire new england colony
New Hampshire: New England Colony
  • Founder: John Wheelright
  • Reason founded: Economic
  • Background: The main reason for settling here was profit from fur trade and fishing