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Zeus. By Will DeTeso. Zeus’s beginning.

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By Will DeTeso

zeus s beginning
Zeus’s beginning

Zeus’s mother and father were named Cronus and Rhea. Crosus was lord of the universe and Rhea was his wife. Crosus had a problem though, he knew one of his children would over power him just as he did to his father. To avoid this happening to him he tried to eat all of his children but Rhea wanted a child, so she and mother earth decided to trick Cronus instead of Rhea giving Zeus she gave a rock. Cronus ate the rock thinking it was Zeus. Later Rhea gave an magic herb that made him through back up Zeus’s siblings. Crosus saw that he had no chance of defeating Zeus and his siblings so he surrendered his powers and fled. Zeus was now the lord of the universe. He then freed his monstrous brothers from Tartarus and the Cyclopeses made a powerful trident for Poseidon, a invisibility cloak for Hades, and for the most powerful of all, they made lighting bolts that way nothing could defeat Zeus and his powerful lighting bolts!

zeus as a god
Zeus as a God

Zeus was immortal just like the 12 other gods. He shared his powers with his brothers, sisters, and his children. When Zeus became lord of the universe and beat Cronus he angered the Titans the fought Zeus and lost. Zeus sent them to Tartarus. Mother Earth was fuming with Zeus, so she sent to terrible monstrous against Zeus. So frightening that the gods fled! But Zeus soon regained his confidence and with the help of the gods he defeated one monster as the other fled to raise other monstrous. Zeus let them live so future heroes would have a challenge. Zeus chose Hera as his main wife. Hera was a very jealous wife for Zeus was a ladies man. He often went down to earth, got married and had children. Which was good for the earth because more demy gods is better. Even with his flaws he is more powerful than all the other gods combined! Zeus is and always will be the most powerful of the Greek Gods!