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  1. Zeus! Corina Aquino

  2. Zeus! • Zeus’ Roman name is Jupiter • He is the god of Sky, Weather, Order and Fate • His symbol is the lightning bolt

  3. Zeus • Zeus cheated on his wife a lot of the time. • Zeus is the most important god • He is the youngest of his siblings and the only one not swallowed by Kronos • Zeus means sky or bright

  4. Zeus! • Zeus ruler of Mount Olympus and of the Pantheon of the gods. • Zeus, the youngest of his siblings, was not swallowed by his father. His mother, Rhea, gave Zeus’ father, Kronos, a rock instead to swallow. Zeus grew strong and tricked Kronos to throw up his siblings. • Then Zeus and his siblings united and defeated the Titans. • Zeus became God of the gods and divided up the world with his brothers.

  5. Zeus Brave, powerful, smart, demanding Relative of Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, Hades Lover of Metis, being powerful, the sky Who feels hatred Who needs his wife Who fears being dethroned by his children Who gives the task of creating humans Who would like to see him self dominant Resident of the sky Jupiter

  6. Modern Reference • Gatorade brand • The Gatorade brand has a lightning bolt going through the G and a lightning bolt is Zeus’ symbol.

  7. Poseidon Voshon P.

  8. Poseidon • Roman name is Neptune • God of the sea, rivers, flood, drought, earthquakes and horses. • Symbol is the trident

  9. Poseidon • He is very powerful, decisive and competitive • Has many names such as; Earth-Shake, Rain-God, and Cloud-Gatherer. • Was very honorable • Lord of the seas

  10. Poseidon • Poseidon was very powerful, decisive, competitive, and dignified. It was very important to stay on his “good side” though, because he was also moody, and quick to take offense. He liked to take revenge on those who dishonored him. • His name meant Husband of the Earth. He was the consort for the titan, Great Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth) • He was swallowed by Kronos and was given reign of the sea when he and his two brothers divided up the Earth.

  11. Poseidon Powerful, decisive, competitive, dignified Relative of Kronos, Rhea Hades, Hestia Hera Love of the sea, Pelops his son Who feels pain, strength, mad Who needs his trident, child, water Scared of Zeus, fire, dryness, land Who gives, salt water, spring, horses, water Who would like to see, his sons eyes, his son Resident of the sea Neptune

  12. Modern Reference • Poseidon Seafood is a national brand of seafood products. • They use Poseidon's name and they sell seafood and Poseidon rules the sea.

  13. Hades Dan D.

  14. HAdes • Roman name: Pluto • God of the underworld, death, and the dead • His symbol is the scepter

  15. Hades • His pet Cerberus was a three headed dog • Hades wife only lives with him for a short amount of time. Then she leaves the underworld

  16. Hades! • Hades, when he and his brothers split up the world, he received the underworld. • Hades fell in love with Persephone and wanted to marry her. His brother Zeus agreed to the marriage. He warned Hades that Demeter would never approve of the marriage because she wouldn’t want her daughter in the underworld. So hades kidnapped Persephone to solve the problem.

  17. Modern Reference • Hades was a character in the Percy Jackson series • He can also be considered the modern day devil

  18. Hera Vessi

  19. Hera • Goddess of marriage • Roman name Juno • Symbol is the peacock feather

  20. HEra • Some say that Hera was more beautiful than Aphrodite • Zeus cheated on her a lot • She brought heaven and earth together which created a monster called Typhaon

  21. Hera • Hera, during the fight between Kronos and Zeus, Hera took Zeus’ side. Afterwards they got married. • They had three children; Ares, Eileithya, and Hebe • Zeus had a kid by himself, Athena, which angered Hera. • So she has her own child and ends up basically leaving Zeus

  22. Hera Strong, Powerful, Brave, Beautiful Relative Zeus, Ares, Hebe Lover of Zeus, marriage, beauty Who feels beautiful, powerful, betrayed by zeus Who needs peace Who fear Kronos Who gives maraige Who would like to see Zeus Resident of Olympus Juno

  23. Modern Reference • Marriage people are still getting married today, and it is a serious commitment usually taking place in a church or with a minster • Hera is the goddess of marriage

  24. Demeter Kyra Barton

  25. Demeter • Roman name Ceres • Goddess of fertility and harvest • Symbol is the horn of plenty, corn , and wheat

  26. Demeter • Mother of Persephone who is the wife of Hades • Supposedly created winter through her depression • Demeter had other children but she seemed to love Persephone the most

  27. Demeter • Like other Olympians, Demeter was swallowed by Kronos. • She had a daughter named Persephone who was kidnapped by Hades because he wanted Persephone for his wife. • Depressed by her daughter being taken, Demeter wondered through the world looking for Persephone. Her depression invented winter. • Persephone would only spend part of the year with Hades and the other part with her mother, Demeter.

  28. Demeter Upset, betrayed, kind, angry Relative of Persephone, Rhea, Arion Lover of Poseidon, Zeus, harvest Who feels sadness Who needs her daughter to be free Who fears her daughter’s in danger Who gives harvest Who would like to see her daughter free from Hades Resident of Earth Ceres

  29. Modern Reference • Modern day thanksgiving can be taken as a celebration of Demeter because thanksgiving was originally the celebration of the harvest, and Demeter is the goddess of the harvest • The horn of plenty is a sign for thanks giving as well as the goddess

  30. Hestia Kyra Barton

  31. Hestia! • Roman name Vesta • Goddess of the Hearth and Home • Symbol is the fire

  32. Hestia! • To honor Hestia coals were kept alive and glowing when the home fire dimmed. • She is known for being one of the kindest Olympians • Sacrificing is also part of Hestia’s domain

  33. Hestia! • First born of Kronos and Rhea, Hestia was the first to be swallowed and the last to come out. • When Apollo and Poseidon wanted her hand in marriage, Hestia asked Zeus to grant her, her wish to be an eternal virgin

  34. Hestia Kind, nurturing, gentle, loving Relative of Kronos, Rhea, Athena Lover of family, fire, being pure or chase Who feels love who need her family who fears fights Who gives shelter Who would like to see her family happy Resident of the house Vesta

  35. Modern Reference • Hestia is a registered charity that works to empower vulnerable people across London so that they can make positive changes in their lives • They use Hestia’s name and she is the goddess of family and the home which is where you usually get you report

  36. The End! By: Kyra Corina Voshon Dan D.