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Zeus. By: Abi Lua. Zeus. Greek name —Zeus Roman Name —Jupiter, Jove Parents — Kronos and Rhea Sphere of Influence —Sky, weather, law, order, and fate Attributes —A lightning bolt, eagle, and royal sceptre Birthplace — Diktaion cave Favorite place —Nothing in particular. Zeus (cont.).

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By: AbiLua


Greek name—Zeus

Roman Name—Jupiter, Jove

Parents—Kronos and Rhea

Sphere of Influence—Sky, weather, law, order, and fate

Attributes—A lightning bolt, eagle, and royal sceptre

Birthplace—Diktaion cave

Favorite place—Nothing in particular

Zeus cont
Zeus (cont.)

This painting of Zeus to me shows how majestic he is and how powerful he is. Here, Zeus is placed on his throne carrying his eagle in one hand and his scepter and in the other. This image spoke to me because it’s well painted and the colors seem so subtle. Additionally, I like how the lighting was portrayed here. Therefore, I chose this picture.

Pheidias created this statue was in Olympia in 433 BCE

Zeus cont1
Zeus (cont.)

In this painting of Zeus, the deity is sitting on his throne up in the sky. Like in the picture before, Zeus is holding his Scepter in one hand and his eagle is close by. However, what is different about this picture is that Thetis, the woman in the painting, seems to be asking for something or maybe has taken a liking for the god. Seeing this painting at first shocked me, due to the fact that a women was begging to him and Zeus seems to have a blank, yet stern, expression. However, despite my confusion, I still decided to use this picture because of the colors used and the skill the painter had in fabricating this.

Thetis Appeals to Zeus, 1811, painted by the French painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


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