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  1. Zeus Jamus Mulholland

  2. The Father of Gods and Men • Zeus is known as the Father of Gods and Men. • This title is more for his position of power and authority over the rest of the gods, rather than the Gods being his actual offspring, which some are.

  3. God of the Sky • Zeus is known as the God of the Sky. • This is because he ruled things like lighting and thunder.

  4. The Birth • Zeus is the sixth and final child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Cronus knew that his fate was to be overthrown by one of his children, so he ate all of them. • By the sixth child, Rhea was so heartbroken, she tricked Cronus by feeding him a rock wrapped in a blanket rather than Zeus.

  5. Uprising • Rhea had sent baby Zeus to the island of Cretes to be raised by nymphs. • As Zeus grew he started to plan his return. He befriended Metis, who made a potion to make Cronus throw up his children. • After drinking the potion, Cronus threw up Zeus’ five siblings, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon and Hera.

  6. The War • Zeus had an army of 300 armed giants and the help of the Cyclopes to assist him in winning a ten year war. • After winning the war against the Titans, Zeus banished all but one of the Titans to Tartarus, a deep pit in the underworld. • He only allowed one Titan, Atlas, to stay. This was because Atlas had not fought him.

  7. The Thunderbolt • During the war against the Titans, Zeus enlisted the help of the one-eyed monsters known as the Cyclopes. • They forged him a thunderbolt to use as a weapon for the war. He is now often seen holding the thunderbolt in pictures.

  8. Love and Marriage • The stories of Zeus’ marriages are variant in the number of times, and with who. • Metis, a nymph or Titaness, is most commonly referred to as Zeus’ first wife. When she became pregnant, Zeus learned their child would one day over take him, so he ate Metis, but then their child, Athena came out of Zeus’ head fully-grown.

  9. Love and Marriage • His next wife was Themis, with whom he had two sets of daughters, known as the Fates and the Furies. • An ocean nymph, Eurynome, bore him the Graces. • Next, he and Demeter had a Goddess, Persephone. • After Demeter, Zeus married a Titaness named Mnemosyne, who birthed the nine Goddesses, the Muses.

  10. Love and Marriage • Zeus then had twins with Leto, Apollo and Artemis. • After Leto, Maia, who was the daughter of Atlas, gave him Hermes. • Finally, he married his sister, Hera, who birthed him Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus. This was his final marriage, yet he continued affairs with many other women.

  11. Love and Marriage • After marrying Hera, Zeus began having affairs with mortal women. He would often visit these women in disguise. • He would go disguised as things like a white bull, a shower of gold, or even disguised as the woman’s husband. Other times he would not disguise himself and more or less just rape the women.

  12. Love and Marriage • Zeus had many offspring from these affairs, including Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, the brothers Castor and Pollux, but the most famous of the children was Hercules.