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Zeus. Meg Wark Spring 09. OMEX. “Odyssey Marine Exploration has pioneered a new branch of archaeology, which we call “commercial marine archaeology,” defined as the pursuit of deep-ocean archaeological research and exploration as a “for profit” venture”.

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Meg Wark Spring 09


“Odyssey Marine Exploration has pioneered a new branch of archaeology, which we call “commercial marine archaeology,” defined as the pursuit of deep-ocean archaeological research and exploration as a “for profit” venture”


Odyssey's archaeological excavation and recovery operations combine high-tech robotics including Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with sophisticated positioning systems, cameras and specialized computer hardware and software to carefully record the location of artifacts in situ and to document the entire archaeological process as the artifacts are recovered from a shipwreck site.


Dimensions: Height: 9.5′ Length: 10.5′ Width: 10.5′

  • Weight in Air: 8 Tons
  • Operating Depth: 2,500 meters (8,200 ft.)
  • Power & Propulsion: 150KW/200 HP 8 thrusters
  • Speed: 3 Kts
  • Manipulators: 2x Schilling 7 Function Conan spatial correspondent manipulators
  • Handling System: Knuckle-boom Crane Launch/Recovery
  • Track Modules: Can be installed for stable sterile area operations w/proportional controls
  • 3 Main Types of Navigation GPS, USBL, & LBL
  • 8 Electro-hydraulic valves control thrust
    • 4 in the vertical, 4 in the horizontal.
    • Reversible
  • Can run up to 7 days before needing to resurface
robotic manipulators
Robotic Manipulators
  • 2 Schilling seven-function Conan Force- Feedback Manipulators
  • 120 degree working radius
  • 175kg lift capacity
  • Kongsberg SimradMesotech 6000m Digital Sonar on Zeus
  • A pair of Edgetech DF1000 sidescan sonar's
  • Win Frog
photography videography
  • 24/7 Live streaming feed
  • Control Room
  • Offline Room
  • DataLog™
  • HMI Lights
  • Photomosaics
  • Micro SeaCam 2002
  • Sediment Removal and Filtration System or SeRF™
    • Turbine pumps divert water
    • Suction without use of moving parts
    • Lift 45kg or more
  • Venturi Hose
    • Separate compartments for sediment
    • Vacuum sealed underwater
    • Items as small as a button or seed
  • As they conduct robotic archaeological operations at sites hundreds -and sometimes thousands -of feet below the ocean surface, Odyssey's ROV pilots are directed by marine archaeologists aboard the recovery vessel.

The Odyssey Marine Exploration Corporation has accepted charters from several scientific groups to use their technology to aid the scientific community.

Mineral exploration

Sea Floor Mapping

Species Identification and Retrievel

Wreck Retrieval

Archeological exploration

Sediment Analysis

Reef Construction




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