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Mass Media

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Mass Media

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  1. Mass Media radio television tabloid newspapers internet

  2. messages mass Information broadcast communication receive phone important media mobile corporation means of news commercial TV channels newspaper articles

  3. headline, producer, horoscope, soap opera, documentary, articles, page, advertisement, prices, celebrities, show, current affairs, audience Match the words into 3 groups newspapers TV Programmes Tabloids

  4. Websites are collections of web pages. A serious programme with information about current affairs. Newspapers usually with gossip about celebrities A competition or quiz in which audience take part. Match Mass Media and Information Chat show Internet Popular press Documentary film Tabloids

  5. Popular Press in Britain

  6. British Press • 1. National serious newspapers express a political opinion. • 2. The Times is the biggest selling newspaper. • 3. Tabloids have detailed articles. • 4. Daily papers are published every day. • 5. Many people disapprove of Sunday papers. • 6. Some local papers are free.

  7. Russian Media: Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs and Websites • We find the best way to learn about the country is to read the local newspapers, magazines, and blogs. You'll get a good idea about what's going on in the country if you use any of them. • Russian Newspapers • Among the quality newspapers are Vedomosti Kommersantand Izvestia newspapers. Kommersant has a version in English on the • The most popular ones are the nationwide tabloid-like dailyKomsomolskaya Pravda (, Moskovsky Komsomolets (, and Argumenty i Fakty ( Most of the articles in these newspapers are entertainment, there's much advertising and PR articles as well.

  8. Current affairs Sport Celebrity Biography Fairy-tale Love story There lived a king. And he had 3 sons. But the last was a fool. Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21April 1926. She is the Head of the Commonwealth. Hi, Lena. It’s good you are enjoying Russian winter. Britney spears is one of the world’s princesses. She has a big house in Beverly Hills and recorded her third album. The international community has banned together to condemn a terrorist attack as 35 people were killed in a bombing inside Moscow’s Domodedovo airport What is the Article about?

  9. Magazines for Teens • 1. Girls' Life Magazine is a perfect magazine for girls ages 10 and up. Friends, fashion, quizzes, celebrity interviews and self-esteem. • 2. American Cheerleader is the must read magazine for cheerleaders. Whether you've already made the squad or are dreaming of your first tryout, you will find everything that you need • 3. Justineis for teen girls. It presents today's style, fashions and beauty in a realistic & useful way. Justine captures real world of teens with a focus on a healthy lifestyle. 1 2 3

  10. Презентация по УМК М. З. Биболетовой • 8 кл. 3 четверть тема “Mass Media” • МОУ « школа № 22» • Л. Г. Кислицына – учитель английского языка • (Использованы ресурсы Интернета)