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Mass Media

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Mass Media

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  1. Mass Media The History of Media in Politics BREAKING NEWS: The crawl at the bottom of the 24-hour news channels was born on 9/11

  2. What percentage of Americans….. • Are black? • Are white? • Are American Indian? • Are Asian? • Are of Hispanic/Latino origin? • Were born in a foreign country? • Speak a language other than English at home? • Graduated from high school? • Graduated with a BA/BS or higher? • Live below the poverty line?

  3. Yellow Journalism- 1890s • Newspaper battle between Pulitzer and Hearst • “You provide the pictures, I’ll Provide the war.”

  4. FDR’s Fireside Chats- 1930s

  5. Checkers Speech September 23, 1952 • How television and A black and white spotted Dog saved Nixon’s career • “And I don’t care what they say, we’re going to keep him.”

  6. Nixon-Kennedy Debates1960 • First ever Televised debates • People who listened on radio thought Nixon won but people on TV thought Kennedy won.

  7. LBJ

  8. The Great Communicator(s)

  9. The Amazing Shrinking Soundbite

  10. “If you spin….. you will win” • Spin Doctors • Spin Alley • Can you spin it? • “Why does a dog wag -Is the dog public opinion, its tail? Because a dog is and the tail the media? smarter than its tail. If the - Is the dog the media,and tail was smarter, the tail the tail campaign managers? would wag the dog.”- Is the dog the people and the tail the government?

  11. White House Press Secretary • Ari Fleischer, Scott McClellan, Tony Snow, Dana Perino, Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney • “Outer Orbit”

  12. White House Press Conferences? • “We’ve secretly Replaced the White House Press Corps with actual Reporters.” Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes question intended for Bush. To have a good career as a reporter Do you have to drink the Kool- Aid?

  13. Take Out the Trash Day Dump your smelly news on the day that people pay the least attention to the news Which is?

  14. LEAKS

  15. Media Conglomerates • Concentrated ownership of the media • Gannett owns USA Today and controls the biggest daily circulation in the nation + owns 100 additional papers • Rupert Murdoch owns 124 radio stations, New York Post, Weekly Standard, FOX News, and Wall Street Journal

  16. Regulates the content, nature, and existence of radio and television broadcasting. • Need a license to broadcast • Rules - Broadcast TV>Cable>Print • Fines for violations • Control the airways (digital cable switchover)

  17. The Amazing Race How I Met Your Mother Young and the Restless NCIS The Big Bang Theory 60 Minute Person of Interest Conservatives Liberals Teens Adults “old people” Children women Men

  18. NARROWCASTING Conservatives Liberals “Old people” Children Adults Teens Women Men

  19. Essential Question: To what extent does the media influence your political views?

  20. Propaganda Techniques and the Media • Name-calling - use of derogatory language or words carrying a negative connotation; attempt to arouse prejudice • Card-stacking - aka selective omission; only presenting information that is positive to an idea and omitting information contrary to it • Plain Folks - views reflect those of the common person; working for benefit of common person; “one of you”

  21. Transfer - transfer blame or bad feelings from one politician to another • Glittering generalities - words that have different positive meaning for individual subjects, but linked to highly valued concepts; i.e. honor, glory, love of country, freedom • Bandwagon - one side is the winning side; join in because others are doing so as well

  22. testimonial - endorsements, in or out of context, attempting to connect a famous or respectable person with a product or item.

  23. Follow Up: • Which advertising techniques do you think are the most effective, and why? • The least effective, and why?