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MASS MEDIA. We know print and electronic media Mass Media comprise / include : Television / films Radio Newspapers / magazines / journals The Internet. Mass media. are a source of information – we get the latest news from it are cheap an easily available

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    2. Weknowprint and electronicmedia MassMediacomprise/include: • Television/films • Radio • Newspapers /magazines/ journals • The Internet Massmedia

    3. are a sourceofinformation – we get the latestnewsfromit are cheapaneasilyavailable communicationismostlyoneway theiraimis to attract a largeaudience influnce society and , in turn, are influenced by society characteristicsofmassmedia

    4. informationfunction- provideuswithdifferentkinds ofinformation(on/about the world, politics, business, sports, the latestinventionsetc.) educationalfunction– wecanwidenourgeneralknowledge, widenourhorizons entertainingfunction- a sourceofentertainment Purposesofmassmedia

    5. Howcanweobtain (get) newspapers? - wecanbuythem (at the newsagent´s, kiosk, newsstand) - wecansubscribe to them • and they are delivered to ourhouses by a postman or a newspaper boy(girl) • wecanreadthem on the Internet Newspapers / magazines

    6. newspapers are publisheddaily, atweekends • magazines – once a week or a month There are differentsortsofarticles • on economics, politics, sociallife, sports • editorials (giving the personalopinionofthe editor aboutst) Newspapers / magazines

    7. 1. Seriousnewspapers /broadsheets/ the quality press - articlesthere are written in a seriousmanner, news are objective contain more text thanpictures pay more attention to the government or international affairs - rather than to scandal and showbiz news in Slovakia – Sme, Pravda, Hospodárske noviny in Britain - The Times, The Guardian Typesofnewspapers

    8. 2. The popularpapers / gutter press/ tabloids– • containshockingstories, especiallyaboutpeople´sprivatelives, crime, gossipaboutcelebrities or disasters • tabloids tend to be more slangy in their writing style thanseriouspapers • havelargercirculationthanseriousones • have big headlines to drawreaders´ attention and lotsofpictures Typesofnewspapers

    9. In Slovakia – Nový čas In Britain - The Sun: Owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., The Sun is splashy, and trashynewspaper. Published in the U.K. and Ireland, The Sun has the highest circulation of any English-language daily paper in the world. The DailyMirror Examplesoftabloids

    10. publishedonce a week/month dealwithvariousarticles and stories, international and nationalnews There are differentkindsofmagazinesfordiffferenttargetgroups – e.g. peoplelovinggardening, hunting, fishing, forwomen, menteenagers or children magazines

    11. The most popularsourceofinformation Itbrodcastsdifferentkindsofprogrammessuchascurrentaffairs, breakingnews, TV series, sitcoms, quizes, chatshows, documentaries TV canbedividedintonon-commercial, owned by state or commercialTV, owned by privatecompanies Television

    12. financedfrom a state budget TV stations in Slovakia broadcast mostly in the Slovak language, there are some programmesdedicated to ethnic minorities (always subtitled). Foreign language (with the exception of Czech) movies and shows are dubbed (rarely subtitled). STV 1, 2 State- owned TV channels

    13. There are lotsofcommercialchannels in SVK, e.g. Markiza, JOJ, TA3 etc. are financedmainlywithmoneyobtainedfrombroadcastingcommercials / advertisement. In comparisonwith the state channelstheybroadcastprogrammesof a lowerquality Commercial TV Channels

    14. inceasingviolenceshown on TV, bad language, brain rot( ifyourminddoesn´tdevelop) poor physical health/obesity, addiction, itcandamageyour eyesight. Negativesof TV

    15. 1. I´dprefer to ....... ratherthan ......inf(I wouldprefer) (dával by som prednosť .... radšej ako...) I would prefer to do exercisesratherthansit in front of TV.” I´drather ..... than...... inf ( I wouldrather)(radšej by som) I wouldrather stay at a hotelthangohome. 2. I shouldrather .......inf(radšej by som mal...) Childrenshouldratherreadbooks. I´dbetter ........ than ......inf(I had better)( radšej by som mal.... ako ....) I´dbetterdancethanplaycomputergames. More usefulactivities