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  1. By Div 8. (Jared Horvath, Alec Kobetitch, Anthony Liao, Kyle Caouette) Islam

  2. How do they practice their religion? • Must pray 5 times a day • Word for prayer "salat“ • Prayer beads consists of either 33 beads or 99 beads. • Ritual washing is called wudu. • When you do the ritual washing you clean your hands arms to the elbows, rinsing mouth nose ears wiping hair and washing feet. • Muhammad taught followers fasting is important because sign they submitted to Allah. • Reading Qur'an at home is part of everyday life. • Muslims believe all food comes from god. • They cannot eat haram but they can eat fish, poultry, goat, and camels. • During ramadan girls like to decorate their hands • Muslim families prey prayat home the same way as if they were at masjid. • some phrases, bismillah: the name of allahalhamdolillah: praise to be Allah. • On id-ul-fitr everyone wears their best clothes. • Id-ul-fitr is the festival that ends Ramadan. By Jared Horvath

  3. Who are their God/Gods/religious leaders? • Who is their gods God(s)? • Allah his power of god almighty over good and evil • Allah: one true god in Arabic language • Allah's angels • Iman only to know salaat, nothing "special" • Muhamadd talked to angle Jibril who told him about Allah • Allah revealed Koran • Koran: divine book revealed to MuhamaddMohammed – God’s messenger • Who are their religious leaders? • Iman of the mosque gives lessons to teach children about Islam leader of mosque • Iman only to know salaat, nothing "special“ • Who were the Kafias? • First four Khafifas: Abu, Umar, Uthman, Ali • Is there a lot of Muslims in North America? • Millions of Muslims live in North America • About 1 billion in the world Alec Kobetitch

  4. Who are their God/Gods/religious leaders? • Who is Muhamadd?(Muhammad) • Muhamadd talked to angle Jibril who told him about Allah • Muhamadd had a mission in Mecca for 12 years • Will go straight to Allah if died in what they believe • Muhammad createdstartedIslam • Muhammad preached that there was only one god • Muhamadd lived in the Arabi desert • Millions of Muslims live in US Alec Kobetitch

  5. How did this religion start? • Muhammad is the men who founded Islam • At the age 40, Muhammad received a message from godfrom an angel called Angel Gabriel • Angel told Muhammad to tell the people in Mecca to stop workshipping idols and believe in one god, Allah • Muhammad started telling people; people dislike being told what to do & forced Muhammad out of Mecca • Muhammad came back with 10 thousand men army and conquered Mecca. • Muhammad forgive his enemies & citizens became Muslims • Muslims must believe there is only one god, Allah and Muhammad is his true messenger By Anthony Liao

  6. What are some religious symbols, artifacts, and statues of Islam? • Koran is the most important scripture in Islam • Muslims recite it everyday • Koran tells Muslims how to live • Calligraphy or Omamental writing is important in Islam because it carries the messages from god • It is read and written from right to left • Calligraphy is also used to decorate all kinds of objects • Calligraphers sometimes draw pictures using the letter of alphabetor prayers • The prophet Muhammad preached against the workship of idols made of wood or stone; no statues or pictures seen in a mosque • Muslims came up with their own religious art by using mathematical patterns and plant shapes. By Anthony Liao

  7. Islam Question #1What religious text do Muslims follow? • Koran tells Muslims how Allah wants them to live • Koran is divided into 114 suras (like chapters) • Koran must be treated with respect • Muslims must wash hands before reading Koran • Koran is usually put on special table/stand wrapped in cloth • Not allowed to eat while reading Koran • While not being read Koran stored safely • Longest sura in Koran is #2 (286 verses) • Shortest sura in Koran is #103 (3 verses) • Koran contains words of Allah • All suras (except 9) start with "In the name of Allah the gracious, the merciful By Kyle Caouette

  8. Islam Question #2Why is Mecca so important to the Muslims? • Mecca is holiest city of Islam • Mecca is in western Saudi Arabia • Mecca is birthplace of Muhammad • Only Muslims may enter Mecca • Mecca is holy city • Muslims face Mecca when they pray • Muslims must make hajj (journey) to Mecca once in lifetime • Great mosque in middle of Mecca • Great mosque is center of worship for all Muslims By Kyle Caouette