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All India Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition – www.jayavidya.com

<br> All India Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition – 2016<br> <br>Rules and Regulations <br> <br>1. Objectives<br>The Competition aims in its efforts to fulfill the following<br>i) Give chance for each student to compete at the National level<br>ii) Promote and advocate the learning of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic<br>iii) Elevate the standard of performance of learners of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic<br>iv) Foster a closer relationship between the Course Instructors and students of various centers<br>v) Certify ones capability in Abacus or Mental Arithmetic<br> <br>2. Administrative Details<br>Venue: A K R MAHAL & BALAMBAL MAHAL(SRI KANNAIH REDDIYAR TOWERS), 156/28A KALIAMAN KOIL STREET VIRUGAMBAKK, CHENNAI- 600 092<br> <br>Competition Time: 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM<br>Prize Distribution: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM<br><br><br>Co Competition Fee:Rs.600/- per student. Last date for receipt of competition fee along with application should reach us on or before 15/12/2015. The total amount should be sent in the form of Demand Draft in favor of Jayavidya Education & Learning Systems Pvt Ltd, payable at Chennai<br><br><br>3. Validation and Disqualification<br>i) Student Level certificate Xerox issued within the last 3 months should be attached with each application form and will be taken for validation to find out the correct term for each and every student<br>ii) In case a student is found to be admitted into lower category of competition than actual completed level,<br>• Student will not be issued hall ticket<br>• The Franchise / Centre concerned shall be notified in letter of warning and will be automatically disqualified for future competitions<br> <br>4. Entry & Exit procedure for Students<br>i) Students of any batch should report half an hour before the scheduled time of competition at the entry gate/s of the hall or as indicated in the hall ticket<br>ii) Entry will not be permitted through the gate other than that specified in the Hall ticket<br>iii) Students will enter into the hall after getting the hall ticket checked by personnel on duty<br> <br>5. Judging<br>i) Question and answer sheets are the property of Jayavidya Education & Learning Systems Pvt Ltd. and shall not be circulated after the exam even on request<br>ii) There will be a panel of judges from the participating centers<br>iii) In the event of a tie amongst the participants, the jury will rank the participants based on accuracy rate vis-à-vis the attempted sums and / or the highest score in addition / subtraction<br>iv) In case a tie persists, the lower age student will be declared winner<br>v) If a tie still persists, all will be declared as winners<br>vi) The decision of the jury is final and no further correspondences shall be entertained<br>vii) <br> <br>6. Marks for all Levels<br>i) Each sum in Addition/ Subtraction = 2marks<br>ii) Each sum in Multiplication/Division = 1 mark<br> <br>7. Prizes<br>i) Trophies will be awarded to Champion, I Runner up, II Runner up, III Runner up, IV Runner up, V Runner up in each group, by the chief guest on the stage itself<br>ii) Consolation prizes for each category will be determined after isolating Champion to V Runner up prizes. 25% of the total participating students in each group will get the consolation prizes. These prizes will be delivered/dispatched at/from the Corp. office to the participating centers after a week from the date of competition separately but not on the stage<br>iii) “Certificate of participation” for the rest of participants will be given at a later date through the centers<br> <br>8. General Rules<br>i) All applications received after the deadlines will be rejected<br>ii) All incomplete/incorrect applications even though received in time will be rejected<br>iii) Students must bring their own ABACUS<br>iv) All students must bring the Hall ticket and pencil/s to the competition hall<br>v) All students should report at the designated time on the day of the competition<br> <br>Contact us:<br>JAYAVIDYA EDUCATION & LEARNING SYSTEMS PVT LTD<br>#1310, 2nd Floor, 33rd Street,<br>7th Sector, K.K.Nagar,<br>Chennai- 600078.<br>Email: info@jayavidya.com <br>Website: www.jayavidya.com<br>Phone : 044 - 4217 0183<br>Tele Fax: 044 - 4217 0183<br>Cell: 072 99 23 23 23/ 098418 23115<br> <br> <br> <br>

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All India Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition – www.jayavidya.com

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  1. All India Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition

  2. Contact us: JAYAVIDYA EDUCATION & LEARNING SYSTEMS PVT LTD#1310, 2nd Floor, 33rd Street,7th Sector, K.K.Nagar,Chennai- 600078.Email: info@jayavidya.com Website: www.jayavidya.com Phone : 044 - 4217 0183Tele Fax: 044 - 4217 0183Cell: 072 99 23 23 23/ 098418 23115

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