winning losing or taking part l.
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Winning, Losing or Taking Part? PowerPoint Presentation
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Winning, Losing or Taking Part?

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Winning, Losing or Taking Part? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning, Losing or Taking Part? Mr R Walden Assistant Headteacher Director of Learning (PE and Sports College)

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Winning, Losing or Taking Part?

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winning losing or taking part
Winning, Losing


Taking Part?

Mr R Walden

Assistant Headteacher

Director of Learning

(PE and Sports College)


“To contribute to building apeaceful and better worldby educating youth throughsport practisedwithout discrimination of any kindand n the Olympic spirit, whichrequiresmutual understandingwith a spiritoffriendship, solidarityandfair play”

The Goal Olympic movement


How many times have you taken part in an activity or competition in your life?

As a result of taking part, how many times have you won?

Do you think that the times that you didn’t win did you harm or were less influential in your personal, social or emotional development?

Is competition the only route to being a winner?



Insert video: top level peformers just “playing and having fun”

Which is more importanto you?

You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down.

Getting up is called winning.

Mary Pickford(Movie Star)

Barcelona, 1992Derek Redmond felt his hamstring tear in his right leg. His father, stunned by what had happened, found himself supporting his son to the finish line. As he crossed the line, the crowd roared out in appreciation. Afterward, a reporter asked the runner why he had not retired from the race, since he had no chance of winning. He seemed confused by the question. Finally, he answered:

"My country did not send me to the Olympics to start the race. They sent me to finish."


Change peoples lives…… Including your own!

17,000 people applied to be volunteers at the Manchester Games………

approximately 10,000 of these were successful

role models
Role Models?

Here’s one……

Kirsty Howard

Music playing in the background to automated slide sequence

Kirsty was born with her heart back to front, so all other organs are misplaced

Kirsty with Jonah Lomu(All blacks Rugby)

Her day to day living is severely restricted

Kirsty's courage inspired the England team, as their mascot she walked hand in hand with David Beckham onto the pitch with her 45lb Oxygen tank trailing behind her
www kirstysappeal co uk13

England Team Mascott (On the far right)


“I Can think of no other little girl that has achieved so much in such a fragile little lifetime”

With David Beckham

www kirstysappeal co uk15

With Peter SchmeichelEx - Manchester utd


Kirsty has already raised over £2.5 million for the Rainbow Family Trust

Kirsty's Appeal for £5 million will help many other very poorly children in the future, and be an everlasting Legacy to her bravery

www kirstysappeal co uk17

Volunteer staff work around the clock to ensure these youngsters cram as much into their short years as possible whilst helping their parents come to terms with the inevitable

www kirstysappeal co uk18

Kirsty is one in 60 million and was given six weeks to live (Feb 1999)

On July 25th Kirsty was chosen to hand the final baton to Her Majesty the Queen, this was to celebrate the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

She received the biggest cheer of the Games


Thanks for taking part in this assembly

“despite being terminally ill she battles on and her inspirational bravery motivates us all”

Is Kirsty a Winner?