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Winning Attention Maximizing Advantages from Contests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winning Attention Maximizing Advantages from Contests. The Team. (demo). Why us?. Not to be cocky. How can your game win awards?. =. Toblo tries to be… Unique + Simple + Polished. Of course, so do some other games:. Development, Development,Development. Unique, physics-based gameplay.

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Winning attention maximizing advantages from contests l.jpg
Winning AttentionMaximizing Advantages from Contests

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How can your game win awards?

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Toblo tries to be…

Unique + Simple + Polished

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One minute to learn.

Five-ten minutes to beat.

(Or, maybe, experience the full game in five-ten minutes.)

Slide28 l.jpg

Have a real beta, to polish things.

We had a Summer. We added things like spinning text.

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(Alpha demo)

First time destruction was fun!

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# ^^ for every x m/s that the player is moving, 1 m/s is added the jump velocity.


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Now that you have a good game:

Enter all the competitions you can find.

There s the big one l.jpg
There’s the big one…

Independent Games Festival

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Slide45 l.jpg

Intel Game Demo

Slide46 l.jpg

Microsoft Imagine Cup

Slide47 l.jpg


Slide48 l.jpg

Indie Game Showcase

Slide49 l.jpg

Northwest Games Festival

Slide50 l.jpg

Toronto Game Jam

And they have a sweet website.

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Any other contests that you know about?

(Audience input requested.)

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So now you’ve won.

Or have been nominated.

Or at least you’ve made a good game.

Step two l.jpg
Step Two

Dealing with fame.

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Never turn down an interview with the media.

Never turn down the chance to write an article.

Never turn down the opportunity to present at E for All!

Slide65 l.jpg

We got interviewed on Gamasutra!

And wrote two articles.

Slide68 l.jpg

Another odd way to achieve publicity:

  • Propose to your girlfriend in front of thousands of people while accepting an IGF award.

Slide74 l.jpg

27,000 from our site.

4,000 from doesn’t track its downloads.

(But probably a lot.)

And all the other mirrors on the net.

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For students:

A huge advantage.

Professors might recommend you.

Slide78 l.jpg

For everyone:

Great for a resume.

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Steve works at 5TH Cell and shipped Drawn to Life for the Nintendo DS last month. He started in May 2006.

Slide80 l.jpg

Ben, Brad, Zach, and John work at Snowblind Studios. Nintendo DS last month. He started in May 2006.

They started in 2007 and are working on unannounced Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title(s).

Slide81 l.jpg
Q&A Nintendo DS last month. He started in May 2006.

Slide82 l.jpg Nintendo DS last month. He started in May 2006.