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APTA Media Presentation Mini-Hybrid & Power 450

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APTA Media Presentation Mini-Hybrid & Power 450 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APTA Media Presentation Mini-Hybrid & Power 450. Company Overview Established 1981 Current Employment ~500 2007 Sales ~$130M Precision Machining Facility, Escanaba, MI Assembly Facility, Greenfield, IN Engineering, Validation, Assembly Facility, Escanaba, MI

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Presentation Transcript

Company Overview

  • Established 1981
  • Current Employment ~500
  • 2007 Sales ~$130M
  • Precision Machining Facility, Escanaba, MI
  • Assembly Facility, Greenfield, IN
  • Engineering, Validation, Assembly Facility, Escanaba, MI

(Mini-Hybrid Production)

  • TS and Six Sigma certified
  • Current OEM Customers:
    • Caterpillar, International, Sauer Danfoss, John Deere, Cummins, DDC/Freightliner, Volvo/Mack, Eaton, Newflyer, Paccar, Misc.
  • Key Awards:

2001, 03, 04 Design News Award for Electric Pump, Advanced Filter, Electric Thermostat/Valve

2001 Michigan Manufacturer of the Year, 2005 R&D Excellence in Business Award


Going Green, Without Going into the Red

Launching mini-Hybrid cooling system cost effective alternative to full hybrid systems

EMP Collaborates with New Flyer Inc. on Launch of mini-Hybrid Cooling system

Industry leader New Flyer first to offer factory installed mini-Hybrid cooling system

EMP Launches 450 Amp/24 Volt Brushless Alternator for Transit Bus Markets

280 amps at engine idle, “More power were you need it”

APTA Press Releases

October 6, 2008

EMP Announces New Model Applications for mini-Hybrid Cooling Systems

EMP releases 3 kits covering most aftermarket applications and 2007 ISL diesel engine(both factory and aftermarket)

EMP Electric Pump Improves Passenger Comfort

New brushless DC circulation pump for transit market, half the weight & cost while delivering more power

EMP Collaborates with BAE Systems on Next Generation Hybrid Energy Transit buses

EMP provides cooling modules, brushless DC fans and Oil Pump

EMP launches new and approved web site


APTA Press Releases

October 6, 2008


What is in a Mini-hybrid?

  • Components included in Mini-Hybrid Base Kit:
    • (8) EMP F11 24 Volt Pusher Fans
    • (8) EMP C20 Fan Controllers
    • (1) EMP CS20 System Controller
    • (1) Radiator
    • (1) Charge Air Cooler
    • (1) Powder coated Steel Frame & Fan Shroud
    • Jacket Water & Charge Air Temperature Sensors
    • (1) Power 450 Alternator

Optimized Radiator

and CAC

Power 450


System Controller


Electric Fans


Fan Controllers

Mini-Hybrid (MH8) is an electric only fan system that replaces traditional mechanical fan. MH8 is electronically controlled to cool both charged air and engine coolant separately. MH8 is independent of engine speed and control - capable provide full load cooling at engine idle.

How Does It Work?

Charged Air Cooler Fans




Shared Fans




Engine Coolant Fans






Fuel Consumption- MARTA Study -

Fuel Savings

MH8 provides more fuel savings throughout the engine rpm range. Typical fuel economy ranges from 3% to 10% based on duty cycle, climate, and engine type.


Fuel Savings



Power to the Wheels!

Put the power where you need it, at the wheels. MH8 provides up to an additional 50 HP at the wheel. At the second speed setting of (1800 rpm) of the MH8 kit has less parasitic loss than the mechanical fan turned off!

Power Savings

The Mini-Hybrid fans run under 2000 rpm the majority of the time. At this level, the cooling system produces only an additional 2 dBA over fan off mode. With the removal of the hydraulic pump, fluid, fan, etc., MH8 is a 300 lb weight savings over the conventional cooling system.

Noise and Weight Advantages

Curb Side Quite RPM


Fan Speeds and Full Load Cooling

99% of the time, cooling system demand is less than 125 amps

97% of the time, cooling system demand is less than 71 amps

76% of the time, cooling system demand is less than 34 amps

49% of the time, cooling system demand is less than 15 amps


Safety, Maintenance, Diagnostics

Mini-Hybrid reduces thermal events by eliminating the hydraulic fan system. Maintenance is easy with manual reverse feature. Also, MH8 comes with both a diagnostic light and service technician tool.

Reversal Push Button

Diagnostics LED

apta san diego october 2008

Visit EMP at APTA Booth

APTA San Diego, October 2008
  • Booth 7443, 20’ x 30’ display area
  • Featuring Mini-Hybrid (MH8), Power 450, WP29 Recirculation pump
  • Key feature: MH8 full cooling module simulation with diagnostic feedback
  • Stop by the EMP booth for a live demonstration

EMP Video

Click Here

Reduces parasitic loads on engine providing better fuel economy, reduction of green house gases and more power to the wheels.

MH8 operates on over 150 Transit buses in 20+ properties, accumulated 2 million miles the last 2 years.

EMP components have been designed and validated for Military and Off-Highway applications.

Mini-Hybrid all but eliminates hydraulics providing a safer and easier maintainable cooling system.

MH8 payback is less than 18 month, see your EMP Regional Sales Manager for details

Top 5 Facts about Mini-Hybrid