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Welcome. To West Deptford High School. WDHS Administration. Dr. Gismondi, Principal Ms. Saia, Asst. Principal for C/I Mr. Cammarota, Asst. Principal for D/A Mr. Morrell, Asst. Principal for Athletics. MISSION STATEMENT.

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West Deptford

High School

wdhs administration
WDHS Administration

Dr. Gismondi, Principal

Ms. Saia, Asst. Principal for C/I

Mr. Cammarota, Asst. Principal for D/A

Mr. Morrell, Asst. Principal for Athletics

mission statement

The mission of the West Deptford Public Schools, valuing our tradition of excellence, is to develop well-rounded, motivated, 21st century thinkers. As a result, learners will transition from competent students to productive and responsible citizens.

insider nj report public school rank
INSIDER NJ Report public School Rank

Schools that had higher than average test scores earned A’s and B’s, schools with B’s were the ones that showed the most improvement in the last 4 years. Schools with below average scores earned C’s and D’s, but the C schools showed growth in the last year, sometimes very rapid.”

A - Above average scores, below average growth

B - ****Above average scores, above average growth*****

C - Below average scores, above average growth

D - Below average scores, below average growth







high school a time of change
High School - A Time of Change
  • Pay attention to studies
  • Schoolwork will be more demanding
    • Tests will be more rigorous and demanding.
    • You will be assigned more homework.
    • You will have to complete more long term projects on your own.
  • Organization makes a big difference
goals 9 th grade
GOALS – 9th Grade
  • Start your high school education in the right direction by earning the best grades possible.
  • Join a club, sport, or activity.
  • Make sure that you have a four year high school plan that includes all of the recommended classes. (You will find this in your curriculum guide.)
  • Talk to your guidance counselor and parents about your plan.
course choices
Course Choices

It’s okay if incoming 9th graders don’t know EXACTLY what they want to do after high school – but it is important to make good school choices NOW!

Ms. Saia will discuss Course of Study in a few moments.

9 th grade activities
9th Grade Activities

First Pep Rally

Join Clubs/Sports

Homecoming Dance

Class Activities/Fundraising – Money maintained in a private activity fund.

Build up resume if interested in applying for the National Honor Society – 11th grade (Service/Character/Leadership)


…A Freshman


goals 10 th grade
GOALS – 10th Grade

Continue taking appropriate classes, get the highest grades possible, and continue to be involved in activities.

Keep in touch with guidance to keep on track with your plan

10 th grade activities
10th grade Activities


Class Ring

Fundraising Continues

Build up resume if interested in applying for the National Honor Society – 11th grade (Service/Character/Leadership)

goals 11 th grade
GOALS – 11th Grade

Take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT)

Start gathering information for college and visiting college campuses.

Think about the future outside of WDHS.

Stay involved with activities.

Create great study habits.

11 th grade activities
11th grade Activities

At the beginning of this school year, if you are academically eligible from last school year, you will be able to apply to become a member in the National Honor Society


Junior /Senior Prom

Fundraising with Class

Senior Pictures – JUNE (Last week)

goals 12 th grade
GOALS – 12th Grade
  • Take the SAT
  • Discuss college plans with counselor.
    • In December attend our financial aide session.
    • Fill out College admissions.
  • Graduate WDHS to make a difference in our society!!!
12 th grade activities
12th grade Activities


Junior/Senior Prom

Senior Trip

Senior Announcements/Invitations

Senior Picnic

Senior Breakfast


high school a time of change1
High School- A Time of Change
  • ATTENDANCE – Your attendance daily paves the way towards successful graduation!
  • Excused Absences
  • Unexcused Absences
  • Credit Completion – Required for Credits
  • No Credit Status – Based on Absences
  • Lateness – Progress toward Discipline Pts.
student responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
  • Student Handbook – Discipline Code
  • Discipline Points
    • Based on Suspensions/Referrals
  • The point system can effect sports, clubs, proms, graduations, participation in night events and even graduation.
  • Creation of School Climate involves


how do i earn a high school diploma at wdhs
How Do I Earn A High School Diploma at WDHS ???
  • COURSE requirements & CREDITS – 120 total
  • ATTENDANCE – 8/16 loss of credit
course requirements all students
Course Requirements – ALL Students
  • English 4 years 20 Credits
  • Math* 3 years 15 Credits
  • Science* 3 years 15 Credits
  • Social Studies 3 years 15 Credits
  • World Language 1 year 5 Credits
  • Health/PE 4 years 16 Credits
  • Vis. & Perf. Arts 1 year 5 Credits
  • Practical Arts 1 year 5 Credits
  • Fin., Econ., * ½ year 2.5 Credits

Bus. Literacy


16 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Honors track

College Prep

In Class Resource

*Weighted GPA Scale

AP – 115% (1.15) CP – 105% (1.05)

Honors – 110% (1.1) SE – 100% (1.0)

course requirements 4 year college students
Course Requirements – 4-YEAR COLLEGE Students

4 Years of English

3-4 Years of Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)

2-3 Years of Science (lab science a MUST)

3 Years of Social Studies

2-4 Years of Foreign Language

Electives (depending on major)

course requirements 2 year college students
Course Requirements – 2-YEAR COLLEGE Students

4 Years of English

3 Years of Math (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II)

2-3 Years of Science (lab science a MUST)

3 Years of Social Studies

1-2 Years of Foreign Language

Electives (depending on major)

course requirements prospective ncaa athletes
Course Requirements – Prospective NCAA Athletes

Division I Athletes – 16 Core Courses

4 Years of English

2 (DII) - 3 (DI) Years of Math (Algebra I and higher)

2-3 Years of Science (1 lab science)

2 Years of Social Studies

4 (DII and DI) Years of extra core courses (foreign languages, etc)


midterms and final exams
Midterms and Final Exams

Exams will be administered to ALL students; averaged separately on Report Cards

Midterms – conclusion of 1st semester (end of January)

Finals – last week(s) of school (80-min exam period)

Please keep these dates in mind when scheduling any vacations, etc.

Exams cannot be taken in advance, and all students must take the exam to earn credit for the course

opportunities to get involved
Opportunities to Get Involved



High School Musical

Concert Choir/Concert Band, plus ensembles


DECA – 4 years running, qualifier for STATE competition

FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)


Student Council

Key Club

Friends of Rachel

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

PAAC (Pride and Awareness of All Cultures)


West Deptford High SchoolAthletics

“Pursuing Excellence”


  • HOW:
  • Fall ‘14 Athletes Middle School Meeting - Late May ‘14
  • Winter/Spring Athletes ‘14-15 Meetings at WDHS during Fall ‘14

All athletes need a current physical submitted on the mandated NJSIAA sport physical form.

Available at WDHS Athletic Office, WDHS Main Office or online on the Athletic Home Page after May 25th.

2 Options:

Obtain physical this summer at family doctor, if insurance permits

Take NJSIAA form to family doctor to utilize prior exam (still acceptable for one year) Note: Doctor may charge a fee to transcribe – copies not accepted

Sign Off Dates:

WDHS doctor will sign off every Wednesday prior to the start of the season.

Once the season begins the doctor will sign off the 2nd and 4th weeks of the season, whcich will be the final sign off dates.

**Subsequently interim forms due each season

participation requirements
Participation Requirements

NJSIAA Eligibility

Freshmen must meet guideline of passing 15.0 credits at the end of the 1st semester in order to be eligible for Spring Sports for 2015. For subsequent years these students must pass 30.0 credits each year in order to be eligible for Fall/Winter sports, and 15.0 for Spring Sports.

Board of Education policy requires that all students who desire to participate in Athletics and/or extra-curricular activities must be entered into the Random Drug Testing pool. These students are subject to be tested throughout the year, and they remain in the testing pool for the entire year unless a withdraw form is submitted.

NJSIAA transfer rules mandate that any student who transfers schools without a residence change after September 1 of their sophomore year shall be ineligible to participate for a period of 30 calendar days in any sport in which they previously participated in their original school.

WDHS Activity Fee (currently $50) required to participate in designated Clubs or all Athletics. Form in summer mailing and must be paid prior to participation 2014-2015.

thank you for coming
Thank you for coming!

Student Tours

Lead by WDHS

Student Leaders