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Aeneid 1 and 2

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Jim Lohmar - Tur. 3302 (Tues) 1:30-4:45. Aeneid 1 and 2. Virgil the Man. October 15, 70 BCE near Mantua In the retinue of Augustus (after 38-39 BCE) ‏ Horace, Livy, Maecenas Dies in Naples in 19 BCE. Virgil the Poet. Eclogues (38-39 BCE) pastoral poetry; dialogues

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virgil the man
Virgil the Man

October 15, 70 BCE near Mantua

In the retinue of Augustus (after 38-39 BCE)‏

Horace, Livy, Maecenas

Dies in Naples in 19 BCE

virgil the poet
Virgil the Poet

Eclogues (38-39 BCE) pastoral poetry; dialogues

Earned him a spot in Augustus' retinue

Georgics (20's BCE) more pastoral poetry; more didactic in nature on farming.

virgil and his aeneid
Virgil and his Aeneid

Augustus commissions a Roman Epic -20’s BCE

(Allegedly) Horace asked first-turns it down

Virgil begins work

Books 2, 4, and 6 recited to Augustus before completion

Incomplete epic?

Legend has it Virgil wanted it burned

the aeneid s legacy
Dante tours Inferno and Purgatorio with Virgil

Meets Ovid, Homer, and Statius!

Numerous works of art inspired by Virgil's poem

Statius' final words:

“Do not try to replace the Aeneid, merely follow at a distance.

The Aeneid's Legacy
the aeneid
Literally, “the story of Aeneas”

Pius Aeneas the 'hero'

cf: Thebaid, Iliad

Twelve books (libri); all about 700-800 lines

First half: Odyssey-type story

Second half: Iliad-like story

Numerous innovations


Tragic Elements

The Aeneid
aeneid 1 and 2
Aeneid 1 and 2

Book 1 begins in medias res with Aeneas and crew slammed by storm

Trojans put in at Libyan shore and go to Carthage

Book 2 narrates the Fall of Troy

arma virumque cano
Arma virumque cano, Troiaequi primus ab oris (V.)‏

Bella per Emathios plus quam civilia campos (L.)‏

Fraternas acies alternaque regna profanis (S.)‏

Ordior arma, quibus caelo se gloria tollit / Aeneadum (S.I)‏

Arma virumque cano

These are probably the most important lines in all of Latin literature:

Lucan: Bella per Emathios...

Statius: Fraternas acies...

Homer: Menin aeide thea...

arma virumque continued
ll. 8-11: invocation of the Muse

Poets must invoke the Muse for inspiration on their “journey”

Homer's 3rd word: thea

Also gives background on why Juno is so angry at the Trojans

still angry at the golden apple

knows the future too: Punic Wars

Arma virumque (continued)‏

Virgil lays out his argument:

ll. 1-3: I sing of arms and a man, a fugitive who came from Troy to Italy.

ll. 3-6: battered around the Mediterranean by Juno

ll. 6-7: He gave rise to the ROMANS

in medias res aeneid 1
In Medias Res: Aeneid 1

Latin for “in the middle of things”

Line 34: begin the story of Aeneas

Storm sent by Juno via Aeolus (wind-king)‏

First sighting of Aeneas: weeping for his men and lost friends.

Cf: Odyssey 5

the end of the storm
Neptune feels the quake of the Ocean and calms the storm

citing that the seas are his domain, not the wind's

Exhausted after storm, with only 7 ships remaining, Aeneas and men put in at nearest shore

Happens to be near Carthage

The End of the Storm
in libya
Meanwhile, back at Olympus:

Venus asks Jupiter why her Trojans are doomed to be tormented like this

Jupiter says don't worry:

brief summary of Aeneid and events up to present day (C1 BCE)‏

In Libya

Aeneas first kills 7 deer for each of his remaining ships

Exhorts his men:

fear not, we're bound for Latium and New Troy

We've been through worse than this

Remember that whole Fall of Troy thing?

to carthage
A: Who are you? You look like a Goddess

V: have you seen any of my friends? This is the land of the Carthaginians

Brief history of Dido and how she came to be Queen of Carthage

Venus cloaks Aeneas and Achates in a cloud so as not to be seen in town (mirabile dictu!).

To Carthage

Aeneas unable to sleep; wants to know where in the world they are.

In the morning, takes Faithful Achates to scout out the area

Come across someone dressed as a huntress in the woods.

meanwhile at carthage
Meanwhile at Carthage

Dido in the process of building her city

the simile of the bees

“dux femina facti”

Enter Dido...like an Amazon leader

Gives laws and orders on what to build

Importance of Juno temple in the center of city.

dido meets aeneas
Dido Meets Aeneas

Aeneas, still invisible, enters the city of Carthage

Goes to Juno temple and observes depictions of the Trojan war; weeps

Dido receives other Trojans who were saved by Venus and Jupiter in the storm

Would that Aeneas were here!

dinner at carthage
Dinner at Carthage

After being received, Aeneas and his men dine with the Queen

Venus to Cupid:

we must stop Juno before she can do more

take on the form of Ascanius (Aeneas' son)...breathe onto Dido at dinner

Dinner commences

Dido wants to know what happened at Troy

book 2 the fall of troy
Book 2: The Fall of Troy

Virgil's account by far the most compendious

Entirety of Book 2

In the mouth of Aeneas; 'eyewitness' account

One of the most pathetic scenes in Latin literature.

Numerous depictions in art as well.

Also becomes a topos for imitators later (Lucan)‏

scene one
Scene One

Aeneas recounts:

10 long years of siege

Greeks go to Tenedos

Construct giant wooden horse w/ help of Minerva

Leave at the doorstep with one man behind (Sinon)‏

What are we to do with this? Why is it here?

Suddenly, Laocoön comes running from the arx


Throws a spears and it sticks into the side of the horse; noise within

sinon s deceit and laoco n s death
Sinon's Deceit and Laocoön's Death

After Laocoön's javelin, Sinon enters:

“I fell out of favor with the Greeks; they left”

“This is atonement for despoiling the Palladium”

Suddenly, 2 serpents come from the sea

Track Laocoön into temple where he is sacrificing

Entwine him and both young sons; ultimately go to temple of Minerva.

that night
Trojans bring horse inside city walls

Celebration to commemorate the end of the war

Everybody overcome with wine; very few guards on duty

Sinon unlocks the horse, Greeks begin overtaking the city.

That Night
the sack of troy24
The Sack of Troy

Aeneas asleep; Hector comes to him

Go! Take the penates and lares with you!

Wakes suddenly, hears the tumult of the city

Goes out into city armed; meets up with fellow Trojans

Fight in Greek armor for a while.

the death of king priam
The Death of King Priam

Pyrrhus/Neoptolemos outside royal palace

Break down doors finally

Priam and family huddled around altar in middle of palace

Pyrrhus chases Polites up to this altar

death of priam continued
Priam: “You are worse than your father; in fact, you cannot be his son

Pyrrhus: “Go tell him yourself.”

Pyrrhus drags Priam by the hair up to the altar, stabs him, and cuts off his head

Priam's body left lying on the beach without a head

Death of Priam continued

Aeneas angry at all that has happened

Sees Helen...blames her for sack of the city

Almost kills her, but Venus intervenes

Remember, you have a wife, father, and son to care for; now get out of here.

escape continued
Escape Continued

Aeneas runs to his house to save family

Anchises (father) doesn't want to go at first.

Iulus/Ascanius and the star of Caesar

Anchises assents to go, all leave

What happens to Creusa?

the end of the sack
Aeneas and servants meet at designated place outside of the city

Forgot Creusa!

Aeneas goes back

Creusa appears:

Venus detains me, I will not be going with you

You must go and found your city now, though

Aeneas turns and leaves the city, thus ending book 2

The End of the Sack