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The Aeneid Book 1

Book I of Vergil's ancient epic poem, The Aeneid. This is a pictorial presentation.

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The Aeneid Book 1

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  1. Vergil’s Epic Poem The Aeneid: Book 1, A Pictorial Journey Title

  2. “The Judgment of Paris” by Paul Cezanne • First reason for Juno’s vendetta against all things Troy • Example of Juno’s “unforgetting anger” referred to in the prologue

  3. “Die DreiGottinnen” by Franz Stuck • The entire Trojan war reminds Juno of her husband’s infidelity • Juno, Venus, and Minerva

  4. Carthage founded in 814 BCE • Trading colony in modern-day Lebanon • Carthage destined to be defeated by Rome in the Punic Wars • Juno loved it more than Samos, her homeland

  5. "The Rape of Ganymede" by Girolamo da Carpi • Juno is also angry that Ganymede, a young Trojan, was named cupbearer instead of her daughter • She doesn’t have a very nice husband "The Rape of Ganymede" by Michelangelo Buonarroti

  6. Cassandra, daughter of Priam spurned Apollo’s advances • Hid out in Minerva’s temple, where she was raped by Ajax • Ajax killed by Neptune by order of Minerva "Ajax and Cassandra” by Solomon Joseph Solomon

  7. "Aeolus and Juno" by LucioMassari • Juno tries to strike a bargain with Aeolus, wind God • Aeolus owes the power of the scepter to her, and releases the winds without hesitation

  8. The waters were so strong that one could sometimes see the earth beneath the waves "terram inter fluctus" • Aeneas wishes he could die an honorable death on the Trojan battlefield

  9. "Neptune's Horses" by Walter Crane • Neptune, ruler of the sea and patron saint of horses in Roman mythology • Famous scene where Neptune rides his chariot over the sea after deciding the winds’ punishment

  10. “Venus as Huntress Appears to Aeneas” by Pietro da Cortona • Aeneas and Achates greeted by Venus in disguise • Note cupid and the other cherubim surrounding her

  11. “The Meeting of Dido and Aeneas” by Johann Heinrich The Elder Tischbein • Aeneas and Achates’ “invisibility mist” clears • Queen Dido declares this day a feast day; falls for • Aeneas

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